OMG! Chapter 18.2

Oh My General (NU Page)

Chapter 18.2: Husband and Wife

T/N: The last half of chapter 18 as promised.

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  1. Michelle

    I’m enjoyed the TV drama of this book and was pleased that some one is translating this book, thank you for your hard work can’t wait to see how the carter’s progress and grow to together and become the greatest couple off all time. Again thank you so much for your hard work. Kind regards Michelle

  2. Michelle

    Hi sorry to ask, would you be able to let me know if this book is available in English. I have looked in amazon but was unable to find it. I love the way that the drama was done and wanted to read the book to see how the story unfolds. I love the work that you have put in to this and would never ask for more chapter’s to be released, as you are probably busy. Thank you for all your hard work. Kind Regards and best wishes from Michelle.

    1. It’s precisely because there is no official English translation of this book that I am translating it. You can, however, search for the Chinese raws and read them yourself (aka mtl). Good luck! The Novel updates forum has some pretty good advice about mtl-ing Chinese stories too.