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CH-44 Piece of Art

Tang Rong was frozen in space as he saw himself and Duan Wei getting broadcasted on the big screen. Just as he got out of his stupor, he realized that the screen had already changed to something else. Not knowing why, he turned his head to look for Duan Wei’s reaction. 

Duan Wei could feel heat traveling from his ears to his whole body. Nothing helped from the fact that Tang Rong still did not take his hand holding the soft-drink away from his face. Flustered by the looks of the people around him, his eyes traveled to Rong Rong who also coincidentally looked at him at the same time.

He silently urged the other to take the hand away but Tang Rong did not change his expression and lightly patted him on his shoulder as if consoling him. 

“Don’t worry, these are just random things. Ignore them.” 

He wanted to get out of this embarrassment, but he still liked the service of soft drink close to his mouth. Since Tang Rong himself didn’t mind, why should he act like little high-school children?

Duan Wei silently dumped a mouthful of popcorn in his mouth as if trying to dump his embarrassment; he did not even get up when the name of his favorite player was announced. 

‘Cute’, Tang Rong thought and looked at the beautiful race car being displayed on the screen.


Fang Bai ignored the childish provocations of the other drivers as he got into his new race-car that looked proud even in the chaos of the stadium. 

Many people were stumped by this new model of the car released by their company as murmurs suddenly increased in the audience. 

It was time to start the race. Many people were wondering if this new race car released by a reputed company like theirs was just all looks, or did it really have some good features.

The race started. About 10 race cars charged forward angrily in the circuit.

The circuit was unique as it had about 8 fast, and 3 slow turns that really tested their driving skills.

“The winner is… KING!!!” Audience roared with passion as the winner, King, spun the car savagely around the track. The car seemed to be one with his hands as all the actions looked natural and in flow.

The whole race was a roller coaster of events, but the main highlight was King, who ruled the track with his incredibly savage race car that complimented him perfectly.

No matter how many times King wins the race, the enthusiasm of his fans never diminished. They were always there to support him, whether he was in form, or not. 

By this time, Duan Wei had already gotten rid of his embarrassment as he excitedly chattered away with Tang Rong about the beautiful car. He had a hand on the other’s shoulder as they both went back to their home to pack their bags for the trip; something they should have completed earlier.

Fang Bai returned to his changing room after sending his car for service. He had already packed his own portion of luggage for the trip, but he needed to go home and cook for his two friends who had stuffed their tummies with enough junk the whole day. He was already considering if he should ask the cameraman for the meme of their featured pic in the couple camera to make fun of them. 


Fang Junjie and Long You entered the venue of the party. It was one of the luxurious halls of a very famous hotel chain in the city and was expensive as hell. 

They were welcomed at the door by Mr. Bai, who had organized this party for his daughter’s birthday. Along with him was Mr. Zhao who wielded a lot of influence in the field of business.

The things were not pleasant with Junjie and Mr. Zhao, but since it was a business world, they both still had to put up smiles and talk like good friends.

Long You was one of the youngest Major Generals in the country, so he quickly attracted the attention of ministers who had visited the party. He could only apologize to Junjie when he was called by one powerful minister who also exercised a lot of influence in the army. 

He did not care an ounce about any stupid minister or their power struggles, but he had to listen because he did not want to lose any of the power he had so that he could be a good protector for his mate in this human society. 

“Have some drinks Mr. Fang.” Mr. Bai spoke to Junjie as he stopped one of the waitresses whose tray contained different types of drinks.

“I’m sorry Mr. Bai, but I don’t drink alcohol.” 

“I know this dear. Who in this business world doesn’t know that Mr. Fang is just not a vegetarian, he also doesn’t drink any alcoholic drinks?” Mr. Bai spoke casually as he handed one glass of mango juice to Junjie who politely took a sip of it.

Mr. Zhao was quiet throughout this exchange.

“What are you talking about dad?”

A beautiful girl suddenly walked towards them with a glass of champagne in her hands. Her sensual figure swayed in her backless cocktail gown as she intentionally or unintentionally stood very close to Fang Junjie. Junjie had seen many incidents like this as he quietly prepared to slide to the side to create some distance between them. 

But suddenly, he saw Mr. Bai pointing his head towards him.

“Dear, we were just having a casual talk with Mr. Fang. He is such a good man of principles; we oldies are impressed.” Just as Junjie was about to humbly deny this, he heard, “Dear, why don’t you show Mr. Fang around? You said you liked a certain painting and would like appreciate it with Mr. Fang. Why don’t you ask him?”

Like this, Fang Junjie was dragged by an enthusiastic girl to a corridor filled with paintings.

“I specially closed off this place for others, Mr. Fang. I wanted you to be the first person to admire these beautiful paintings.”

Junjie could only awkwardly smile as he waited for Long You to quickly come back and save him from this situation.

“Not just these paintings, I admire you too, Mr. Fang. You might not know this, but you are an incredible piece of artwork. You don’t know for how long I dreamt to see you and have this beautiful treasure for myself. Today I am so happy to have this art for myself.”

Fang Junjie showed a polite smile at first, preparing to divert the attention of this girl who looked like a brainless fan, but soon, he realized that something was missing. 

He turned his head and found the girl creepily staring at his face, next, arms, down to his whole body, as if she was analyzing a non-living thing. He slowly felt the face of the girl warp, and turn unfamiliar. His vision started to spin. 

Realization dawned on him suddenly as he looked for ways to escape, but before he could take any action, he suddenly felt his legs go weak and he fainted.

“Thank you for this incredible birthday gift, dad.” In the quiet corridor, the girl quietly murmured as four bodyguards appeared out of nowhere and nimbly carried Fang Junjie away.

“Handle him with care, not a single hair of the world’s most beautiful art should be missing.”

She smiled sadly, “I wish I could display him in my collection.”

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