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100) Monster!!!

「Slow-sama! You’re an orc! You became an orc in a flash! Your eyes are a bit lumpy and your physique point is high! Ah! Your hair grows on your head! It’s amazing!」

Eh? Hair? Uwa, for real!

When I touched my head, a hair-like object touched my hand.

I look at my body. Flesh-colored brawny arms and legs, and large nose that seems can breathe a lot. I’m unmistakably an orc!

Buhii buhii!! I’m an orc that wearing clothes!

「Slow-sama! What kind of monster did I become? ……Eh? What is this swimsuit-like………! …Kya!」

Charlotte hurriedly hides her body with her both hand.

Charlotte looks like a mystical white-skinned fairy while retaining her human appearance. But she’s a monster that looks deviltic with a few clothes that, cough cough , only hides her important part. If she makes a mischief smile, it’ll be a straight line with the adulty swimsuit idol!

Charlotte is a naughty succubus!

But this is absolutely not my hobby!

After carefully examining various factors that might occur in the Imperial Country, I decided to make Charlotte into a Succubus!

…This is too dangerous. This is bad.

……The two tomatoes that grew moderately………


Charlotte is trembling all over. She glares with teary eyes at me who has become an orc while holding her body with both hands.

「W-w-wh-what with this appearance!? Please explain, Slow-sama! I-I won’t allow such things! It’s too shameless!」

「C-calm down, Charlotte. This is the result of considering many things that might happen in the Imperial――」

「I know about it! The page that Slow-sama creased in the picture book! I also remember the monster on that page!」

「B-buhi!? Creased!? Charlotte, were you checking that much!?」

「This is a succubus, right!? A monster that lives in the north! I remember that Slow-sama was grumbling in the past that it’s regrettable succubus doesn’t appear so much in the south!」

What a memory! Buhibuhibuhhiiiiiiiii!

Still, Charlotte’s grief angry voice is wiped out by a third party’s anger cry! .

「Nyaaaaaaa! It’s Charlotte nyaaa! A fresh Charlotte nyaaaa!」

It glows slightly, and a black cat appears late. It’s today’s leading actor, the Great Wind Spirit!

But it’s not just a black cat! The tail is divided into two! It’s a monster cat, Nekomata!

The Great Spirit that became a cat jumped on Charlotte’s head.

「E-eh, that’s right! This child is the Great Wind Spirit right, Slow-sama! Thank you for always watching over me, Art Ange-sama!」

Charlotte bowed her head vigorously to greet him, and then the Great Spirit fell on the floor and received damage.

I told Charlotte in advance that I would make the invisible Great Wind Spirit become visible. However, it seems that the shock about her appearance is too much that she forgot about Art Ange.

「It’s the grudge of being forgotten nyaaaaaa.」

After that, a tickling attack came at Charlotte from the Great Spirit and it took a lot of time to explain why Charlotte must be a succubus.

Now, Charlotte is sitting embarrassingly on the bed and staring at me with a blanket wrapped around her body. ……Buhii!

And I who splendidly become an orc…….

「…Uh, I feel more tired than before…… I’m certainly not good at darkness magic…」

I feel a lot of fatigue and sink down to the floor.

「Changing both of our figures too is a terribly large magic nyaa. Rather, you’re really something being able to do that nyaa.」

Art Ange said so while riding on Charlotte’s head.

「I think so too. When I think about it calmly, being able to change our appearance is surprising…. Well, a different monster would be nice though… it’s too shameless… I can’t walk out like this…」

「It’s okay. You can just put on your clothes, Charlotte.」

「Uuu…. That’s not the point….」

The flying monsters near the border might be suspicious, but we are also monsters. They might just think about us as eccentric monsters that wear clothes.

「That black button. I can feel Nanaly’s power nyaa. It’s the worst nyaa. You have to throw that away nyaa.」

「I have to properly return it to Mercenary-san later so I can’t.」

「Gee~nyaa. It feels like she’s nearby nyaa.」

The Great Darkness Spirit is hated by other Great Spirits. It’s obvious, because she’s always causing trouble.

「Still, I feel like my magic has been taken in one go.」

「Even that mercenary, changes herself alone is her limit nyaa. Even though you’re an Element Master that has the aptitude for the six major magic, there are different suitabilities nyaa. In your case, you’re most suited in wind magic and dark magic is the most unsuited one nyaa. It’s frightening that you’re done just like that after using darkness magic that is said to consume a lot of magic power nyaa.」

Well, certainly. Even Mercenary-san who is a legitimate heir to the magic tool and familiar with the darkness magic, changes her own figure alone is the best she can do.

In other words, now I’m a Cheat Real Orc!

「But if you use the darkness magic too much, Nanaly will…. oh, that’s the nickname of the Great Darkness Spirit nyaa. She’ll put her eyes on you, so you’d better stop it nyaa」

「What do you mean by that?」

「The Great Darkness Spirit is sensitive to those who have skill with darkness magic nyaa. There’s a time when she scouts them directly in various places in the continent when she feels the signs of an excellent darkness magician nyaa. That’s why her country is getting stronger that much nyaa. Well, she could do it because it’s her that can easily use darkness magic to materialized nyaa.」

Did the Great Darkness Spirit do that too? Come to think of it, she has a habit to collect anything she likes.

「Also, I said before nyaa. Your fat is converted to magic power ever since you started taking that medicine nya. You can’t use the magic you used when the riot at the academy as a standard nyaa. If you want to use the same magic, you have to accumulate fat nyaa.」

I sighed in front of the Great Spirit that emphasizing it to me. Apparently, I have become an orc with an unthinkable constitution. I’ve never heard about converting fat into magic, you know.

「Then, the fatter I get, the more magic I can use… that drug was a ridiculous thing huh.

「That’s right nyaa.」

「…Alright! I’m going to grow fat in the Imperial Country!」

「Eehh!? Why did you say such things, Slow-sama!? That’s ridiculous! We have to go back to Daris to examine that medicine’s ingredients! No, we have to protest against the organizer of that event first! 」

After this, I’m going to intervene in the war that will happen in the Freedom Federation. It’s one of the best battle scenes in the anime called 【Autumn Ghost Festival】. Because it can’t be compared to the fight with Black Dragon, I also need to prepare! I’m going to grow a lot of fat!

Buhii!! Buhibuhiiiiii!!

I put my hand in the bag full of the food I bought.

「Ah! Slow-sama! You can’t! It’s the meal to be brought to the Imperial country! If you eat it now, we won’t know what to eat later!」

I bite the fruits that I take out.

Charlotte trying to stop me in a hurry, but let’s take another one!

Buhii buhihi buhi!! The juice is overflowing! Buhiiiiiiiii!!

Art Ange also charged to the bag, and the food inside was rolled on the floor.

「Nyaa, I’ll eat too nyaaa! Eat till I’m full nyaa!」


「Please stop! Slow-sama! Art Ange-sama! I’ll get angry!」

After that, my round back continued to be beaten by Succubus-san.