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96) Knight Nation Daris

There was a bookcase filled with books on the wall. Principal Morozov sits on a chair that makes you feel the season, and in front of the desk is Cardinal Maldini with a shaved head and youthful Duke Dening with black gold hair.

The soldier who reported about what he heard from students, hurriedly retreated from the room. In contrast to the calm Principal Morozov, Cardinal Maldini seemed somewhat annoyed.

“It’s impossible! Morozov-dono, according to your words, are you telling me that only one boy has made a miracle like this!”

After being pestered by Duke Dening, Cardinal Mardini decided to dispatch a dozen of royal knights.

And, while still dark, the advance team arrived at Kurushu Magic Academy.

What Duke Dening who take the lead and royal knights saw, was the corpses of the monster clogged up in front of the large gate, the only entrance to the school, and the current state of the school. The school building was damaged, the trees were pulled out, the figure of the monsters that collapsed everywhere, and the terrible state of trace of magic being used.

They thought they were late. This is because the academy was wrapped in the quietness like there was no living person.

“That’s right, Cardinal Maldini. Cross over the highway and Black Dragon subjugation, although there was one excellent person helping him, you can think it as his achievements.”

“Impossible! It’s not a child’s dream story, Morozov-dono!”

The advance team saw the smell of despair in the drifting scent. In the story of a student who asked for help in the Yolem town, it was a chocking scent, but it seemed to fade over time.

While looking sideways at the large number of monster’s corpses, the advance team go to the inner part of the academy.

Duke Dening wanted to know the name of the person who asked for help, but the royal knights did not know. According to the soldier’s testimony, he disappeared somewhere like the wind after he told the situation.

Probably a group of soldiers will arrive from the town soon. However, it was late. When the royal knights regretted for being late, a monster screamed can be heard from somewhere. They rushed to the sound direction.

“Why did you make the name muddy?! This is a serious situation! We have to talk to that person as soon as possible!”

“Fumu, Cardinal Maldini. There’s a suitable person to tell his name rather than me. Right, Valderoy-kun.”

“…I thought that was probably the case. As expected, it was him, huh”

“Duke Dening! So it’s someone you know! But, who!?”

The plaza in front of the cathedral was even more devastating. Monster corpses and scorch on the ground can be seen here and there as if it was poured by thunder.

However, the advance team finally found it. Peoples that chatting near the barriers that protect the cathedral and the entrance. Principal Morozov, teachers including Locomoco, and Silva.

They have already run out of magic, and Silva who should’ve can’t use magic seems to maintains the barriers and fight a monster that occasionally come.

There were many people in the cathedral. They’re alive.

“Cardinal Maldini, how about calm down a little? Fumu, let’s raise the hint.”

“Morozov-dono, this is the nation’s serious affair! What are you thinking about, telling such riddle!!”

“Princess Karina that you cherish. Cardinal Maldini, it’s a person who you were planning to make him marry with her several years ago.”

Silva had a strong symptom of magic sickness. The royal knight healed him, but it seemed less effective. And those who were in the cathedral woke up by the arrival of the advance team and cheered again.

After that, the royal knights headed to the collapsed research building, the scent was blown away using wind magic.

The work took hours. This is because a large amount of perfume strews the scent even on the rubble and the ground.

“Principal Morozov. It’s the first time I’m hearing that, please let me know. If he’s involved, as a parent I can’t ignore it. Also, if you say this vicious Cardinal is involved, the more I need to know.”

“…Duke Denning as a parent….”

After confirming the safety, the royal knight returned to Yolem town, from there Cardinal Madini also arrived at the academy with many soldiers. They arrived precisely at sunrise.

Dozens of royal knights left in Yolem town to protect Princess Karina. Princess Karina told Cardinal Maldini who waiting for reports from the royal knights of what happened after she woke up.

‘I went out secretly for change of pace and then the building collapsed,’ she said.

And then someone helped her. If that person didn’t show up, she was surely dead. He also did something to help her, but she lost her consciousness there.

The name given by Princess Karina left a catch that Cardinal Maldini somehow felt familiar. But now, Cardinal Maldini remembered who the name Princess Karina gave was.

“Cardinal Maldini, you would have planned behind the scenes to bring that Wind Prodigy to Princess Karina to raise the royal prestige.”

“Morozov-dono, it was an old story… do you meanーー”

Now, the three are in the Principal Morozov’s private room.

Naturally, what they talk about is to confirm what happened here, and to know who has subjugated black dragon and became a dragon slayer.

“I have heard that he has changed but…. Principal Morozov, what happened to Slow?”

“Fumu…. He said about going to save the world, and first love.”

A huge bone found in the square in front of the cathedral. When the royal knights who returned from Kurushu Magic Academy were told that Black Dragon had been subjugated, Cardinal Maldini said it was impossible.

He saw the black dragon close by. He can only feel the sign of death. Defeating it is impossible.

However, it is said that the ruler of the sky has been subjugated. Moreover, everyone at the school gives the exact same testimony.

‘One student used magic and the black dragon fell from the sky.’


“… Saving the world and first love, is it…? There’s part of him trying to act cool from long ago… but there’s no way that’s not the only reason. No, I’d like to ask him directly. Well, Principal Morozov, where is he now?”

“He already left the academy. Declaring graduation by himself, what an amusing student.”

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