Piggy Duke 96.2

96) Knight Nation Daris (2)

The Wind Prodigy, Slow Dening

Cardinal Maldini somehow managed to keep the words went from the throat.

That name… was the name that Princess Karina said, and it was the name of the person who was once said to be the one who will bear the future of Daris.

Cardinal Maldini struck the desk with both hands.

“ーーーMorozov- dono! Why didn’t you stop him!? He’s a hero you know! A dragon slayer born in the south! And that was the Wind Prodigy! There’s a story about fallen Slow Dening, but the revival of a young hero will bring vitality to the country! In addition, it’s perfect for the lineage to be Princess Karina’s Guardian! Just what are you thinking about!?”

“…Cardinal. He as a Guardian? He’s a man who will be the pillar of our Dening. There’s no way I can hand him over readily.”

However, it was the oldest person among the three. Principal Morozov was the one who felt uninterested and stopped the talk. Brushing his white beard, he looks at Cardinal Maldini and Duke Dening.

“Stop him!? Why did you think I can stop him?! He saved this school! Without him, everyone would’ve died! Cardinal Maldini, you were hesitating to dispatch the royal knights! You don’t have the right to stop him!”

Principal Morozov watched him from the cathredal roof. That child, not only around the cathedral, but he also repelled the monsters that try to enter from the unreachable place at Kurushu Academy with magic.

What a power, what a wide field of view, what a capacity. He doesn’t know how many times he has been dumbfounded.

And then, he brought his attendant watching the students inside the cathedral and called the principal outside the barrier.

“He said, he can always meet and exchange words with those who are here, but those who are ahead of his path, he can only meet them now! There must be a reason, a reason for him to go!”

Because of that sight, Principal Morozov can’t help but excited.

“Let’s make a festival! About his departure! The fastest to graduate, the one that decorates it as flower graduation is a legend as a dragon slayer! I never thought that I’ll meet a legend during my time here! I, as a principal of Kurushu Magic Academy, have to say my gratitude!!”

Everyone was taken aback by his sudden leave. But it must have a meaning. Principal Morozov believes so and doesn’t doubt it.

He left the academy guided by fate.

“Slow-kun, please do your best for your future!!”

Although the reparation of Wind Prodigy was spread throughout the nationーーーー.

ーーーーSlow Denning and his attendant Charlotte, and then one first grade student from the commoner. A total of three people disappeared from the Kurushu Academy.

In addition, through a man named Silva, Cardinal Maldini and Duke Denning were informed of the return of the cane with the Denning family crest and abandonment of his position as a nobleman. However, Cardinal Maldini tried to cover up the facts about him leaving Daris, and become just disappeared.

Citizens who don’t know the situation just be crazy about the birth of Dragon Slayer.

The Wind Prodigy’s achievements were announced grandly, and the voice of the appointment of him as the guardian knight of the next queen of Knight Nation Daris, Princess Karina, was greatly increased.

The guardian knight selection test will be shelved until the country stabilizes, Cardinal Maldini and Duke Dening have announced that they will give enormous money to those who have information about him that disappeared.

However, one problem occurred. It was said that the Wind Prodigy was slimmer and they didn’t know his face now.

However, it was the Princess of Daris who cooperated with this. Thanks to her, his detailed portrait was printed on magic paper and were distributed in large quantities to all the countries of the Southern Four Great Alliance. His portrait often led to the unexpected problem that the magic paper was brought home by the women.

Also, at the same time, the Water Spirit Council of Sarkista Republic of the Southern Four Great Alliance sent a secret messenger to the Duke Dening’s family that make the head of Duke Dening troubled very much.

The promise that made from childhood time. It was about the marriage between the Wind Prodigy and the second princess of Sarkista is still valid.

The fate goes around and begins to turn around him.

The southern four great nation begin to move to capture him.

Let him do it as he want to do. The next person he looks forward to after shook off hesitation and sorrow is not a human but a monster.

And the wind knight who piled up his future on his dream also starts moving. To the prison that rises in the capital city of Daris.

“Still, young master Slow’s information network is terrifying. I didn’t think that the survivor of the cursed Baron Windle household live through as a mercenary. …For some reason I was from that cursed land too. Mercenary Natalia Windle-san, as a fellow survivors, let’s have fun talking about old tale. “

And the empire also started to move. No one knows that one of the three musketeers of the imperial empire has already entered the south for a secret mission.