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97) Epilogue : The Wind Prodigy is Returning

There was one wagon that keeps going down the slope gently. Inside it, two people sat on the soft platform, casually enjoying the journey while somehow arguing.

“No, absolutely wrong! You must be mistaken!”

“Hey, Shuya! What are you saying! I mean, he said Brady! Look at this!”

A beige-haired girl in a white neat blouse. Her usual vertical roll hairstyle is changed completely to a dropped hair as if saying ‘today is off!’, if you look at her figure it’s somewhat fresh. Smooth hair and thin, slender body.

There is no problem to say that she is a secluded young lady, but the appearance of her scolding like a small kitten has created its own charm. That Sarkista’s Princess took something in her skirt’s pocket and showed it to the red-haired boy that sitting at the front.

“Look! Look at this!”

What placed on her palm were sweets put in the wrapping paper. However, Shuya looked back at the girl without knowing what it was.

“What is this?”

“It’s the latest sweets made by a pastry craftsman who has recently appeared in Sarkista!”

“So what?”

“It’s called Brady! What I’m saying is only me that had eaten it in Daris!”

Alicia emphasized it.

When Shuya about to say ‘So, what about it?’, he suddenly realized something.

“…Eh, no way! I thought Piggy Duke was talking about that attendant. So it was like that!? You mean, he was talking about you!?”

Alicia threw the sweets into her mouth while blushing. She looks somewhat delighted.

“But… Isn’t it just you thinking too much? Is there such hidden meaning?”

“Haa… I’m really troubled… that idiot. I wonder what he’s thinking… even though the engagement has been canceled… really stupid… but, to think he knows my recently favorite sweets. ……Ah, this must be that! A stalker!”

“……Never heard about it.”

“He’s an idiot, idiot, really idiot, kya~”, Sarkista’s Princess murmured so while eating sweets called Brady.

After finishing eating, Alicia entered the delusional space silently.

‘She’s super cute if she doesn’t open her mouth though’, Shuya stared at Alicia with an astonished face.

Such a princess is now staring at a person’s wanted poster that she has taken out from somewhere. Lately, she always does that.

(Well, Alicia and Piggy Duke are former fiances… that’s how it is. Rather, Piggy Duke… he’s now a hero of Daris. It’s said that the water piggy knight was his works, I wanted to thanks him, but… where did he disappear….)

Shuya thought about getting stronger after saw that battle.


He also took something out of his pocket, just like Alicia. A single letter with a cute bear.

“Ushishishi… it seems I’m popular too. Haa, I wonder if the long vacation will end early. Caro-tan, Caro-tan, Caro-ta~n!”

He got a love letter from the maid that he saved.

It seems that a considerable amount of money will be invested to restore the worn-out school, and it seems that the maid who calls herself Caro will remain in the school during the long vacation and doing various work.

‘Then I will also remain! I want to work if money comes out!’ Shuya thought so, but he was caught by Alicia who seems going to play somewhere.

“Still, Alicia. Where are we going?”

“It’s a Freedom Federation’s casino. I’ll be making more money. So Shuya, you’ll be my luggage carrier.”

‘Although I won that gamble too….’, Shuya thinks so while looking at the princes who says, “I have a talent for gambling.”

They won magnificently at gambling that was done secretly at the school.

‘Did the Piggy Duke rehabilitate?’, there’s no need to ask such thing. He is already a hero.

“…Please, just release me already….”

“Let’s see, Shuya’s debt is nowーー.”

“Hii, please stooop,” the burning red-haired boy held his head.

It was a heartwarming journey that you can find anywhere.

● ● ● ●


Deppa’s consciousness was getting out from the deep darkness. Similar to when waking up from asleep for many days due to illness like a long time ago.

“This is unpleasant,” while feeling like about to vomit, the pitch dark field of vision is gradually wrapped with light.

“Keep yourself quiet. Because we’re going to ride for free… more importantly, don’t speak, you’re seriously injured. Unless you want to die.”

“――Eh, cough.

As if hidden in the dark, a long white-haired man with a bluish tint could be seen. Looking this way while leaning against the wall.

He was a man with a fine face like a sculpture, cold eyes, thin body, and pathological beauty. He sat on one leg, looking at himself that wearing a black leather jacket.

“Suddenly, I smelled something strange. It seems that I lose control of myself and trying to kill you.”

“Eh… ugh….”

Deppa was attacked by a burning pain from the center of the body. His body was wrapped by bandages all over.

While feeling the pain, Deppa tried to confirm where he was now. Several square boxes pilled up around the collapsed Deppa. He was in an unnatural gap between a large number of tightly packed boxes.

The earth is shaking. The talking voices and a little light were felt from behind the boxes.

(This is in a cart…? Even now the luggage is still loaded, it means… somewhere in the town? …Why am I in such a place… and the academy… umm, many monsters came…… also, who is this person… ah, this is bad… this… is no good guy….)

“Can you tell me one thing before you die? That place was Kurushu Magic Academy, although reckless, you could injure me. Well, there’s no need to think about who you are.”

The man took off his black jacket and showed a bandage wrapped around his left arm. His cold eyes pierce through. Deppa

‘It’s a ghost-like person with a thin atmosphere,’ Deppa thought so in a fade consciousness.

“You are the fallen Wind Prodigy, Slow Dening, right?”

Deppa spills dry laughter while sweating.

“I’m not,” and he replied so with a small voice.

His height may be close, but he is completely different.

“…What the hell. Then, who are you?”

Trying to name himself, Deppa lost his consciousness again.

Looking at a brown-haired boy sleeping as if died, the man that slipped in darkness sighed.

“Southern humans are weak… still, the fallen Wind Prodigy. I wanted to have a bout with you, who splendidly removed the assassin sent by Emperor, at least once… but I have my job―――.”

There are countless nicknames representing him who sits with his back leaning against the luggage.

Although his name is told along with legends that no one doesn’t know in the north, such as solo traveler, masters of curse magic, heroes of the empire, and walking dead.

After all, only ‘that’ that is appropriate to express his name.

The highest strength of the empire, one of the three musketeers―――.

―――The Rainbow-colored Ghost King(Living Dead).

● ● ● ●

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