Piggy Duke 97.2

97) Epilogue : The Wind Prodigy is Returning (2)

● ● ● ●

Around the border between the Knight Nation Daris and the Empire. The Wind Prodigy was reading a book alone in the grassy place while waiting for the night.

“I have to practice orc language buhi. Because I’m a monster when trespassing to the imperial country.

It is written in the monster encyclopedia, it describes various monsters, their characteristics, habits or so. He’s estimating various monsters while turning up the page one by one.

“Of course I’m an orc, but Charlotte and the Great Wind Spirit…” he murmured so alone, and suddenly raised his face. He suddenly thought of something.

“…Come to think of it, when will he go to the southern buhi? I don’t know the time axis around there buhi.”

This time, a battle between a treasonous great phantom thief and empire’s three musketeers will happen in the Freedom Federation. This is another Shuya’s awakening event, but he has already come to a clean decision for such matters.

Shuya, if you are the protagonist, do your best.

“…I beg you―――”

The Wind Prodigy murmured so while thinking about one of the three musketeers, who were sent from the Empire to the Freedom Federation for a secret mission.

● ● ● ●

“―――I’m gonna shake you, Freedom Federation’s rebel. The one that your thief snatched, I’ll make your nation pay for it. My name is Dryvac Steibelt. With the resurrection of the Living Dead, it will be your country’s fall.”


“―――Please don’t rampage until I go there, Living Dead Dryvac Steibelt.”


The highest strength of the empire that you can hear around the world. The Living Dead held a brown-haired boy that lost consciousness, kicked off the luggage and got off from the wagon.

The destination is Freedom Federation, but he thought it would not be necessary to arrive in a hurry.

“Good grief… what a troublesome boy―――hey! Is there no hospital around here!? There’s an injured child! He was attacked by a troublesome monster and about to die! Can someone lend me a hand!?”




The stage moves from Daris to the ruins of the imperial country. The people waiting for them in the ruins of the imperial country are not humans, but many monsters.

But, she is no longer afraid. Because, no matter how many she’s being surrounded by monsters, there is a very reliable boy at her side.