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98) Prologue : The Orc Magician Saves the World

“Father! I heard that the ‘ghost’ headed to the southern! What are you thinking about!? That person himself can’t even control his power! Do you want to destroy the southern country again!?”

He can’t be stopped it anymore.

Our Dostol Empire has gained tremendous power in the founding history.

“…Guards, make him step back.”

“‘According to the Demon King’s words, the number of monsters that have been approved to relocate to the ruins of the imperial country has begun to increase! There’s no need for a conflict anymore! Our country is powerful! It’s a war we don’t need anymore! Getting ready to give the monster the ruins of the imperial country from the south! The goal has already been achieved and there is no need for more battles!’ Wasn’t that what you said to me!”

It can be stopped if only one person. However, three people have appeared. They have tremendous power and also moral. The citizens are just enthusiastic in front of their glorious heroes.

Above all, the Dark Great Spirit that gave blessings to the empire, Nanatrige feel like doing it.

“Oi, release me! I’m number one successor you know! ……Father! Just what in the world happened!?”

“…Well, I wonder what?”

To put it simply, what I want to say is It’s impossible for a happy ending.

【Unification! Unification! Unify the southern quickly! After we search this much in the north we still can’t find it, the Death Great Spirit’s egg must be in the south! That’s why, unification! Southern unification!】

With the birth of three heroes and Nanatrige power, the continent will be united soon. The shed of tears of blood can no longer be stopped even by me, the emperor. I reach my limit to put it off. I don’t know what the displeased Dark Great Spirit will do.

【Unify the continent quickly! Otherwise, I’ll destroy this useless country!】

If so, at least. I just keep an eye to this country so it doesn’t run wildly.

【Fufufu! Next, I wonder which great spirits should I tease! After all, that self-important Light Great Spirit? It’s also good to give a beating again to Art Ange that is hiding somewhere! Oh my, my country is already too strong! I’m troubled!】


Let’s ask the doctor for a headache medicine.

【Ah! Why did you become pale, young-looking old man! Fufufu, I’m joking about destroying the empire! This is my country that I’ve raised this far! I won’t be foolish to destroy it!! Fufufufu!!!】


Let’s double the sleeping pills.

【Let’s say it out loud! Southern unification!!】

● ● ● ●

“Excuse me, do you have a shovel buhi?”

Near the border between Daris and the imperial country. A young man appeared at a tool shop in a lonely village at the foot of a mountain.

Even though it isn’t raining, his head is covered with a black robe. It was suspicious to see, and the shopkeeper blinked twice.

“Uh, yes? A shovel? Have I misheard it or did you say shovel just now?”

The shopkeeper with a mixing gray hair that looks tired asked again. The traveler who visits such a remote place is basically a strange person who aims to trespass to the imperial country.

Because they trespass to the imperial country that has many monsters, the majority of visitors are seeking for medicinal herbs and potions. And yet, ‘Is there a scoop?’, it was the first time someone asked that.

Recently, the number has been considerably reduced, but the shopkeeper was surprised as it seems that a reckless person appears again.

“Yes, I want a shovel buhi.”

For some reason, he has a ridiculous ending of a sentence, but it’s troublesome to get caught up in troubles by asking that. The shop owner scratched his head while looking for a shovel, then disappeared into the back of the shop with a sluggish footstep.

“…Well then. I’ll meet with Aerith, and while at it, let’s dispel the Dark Great Spirit brainwashing on the emperor.”

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