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99) We Are――

After leaving Kurushu Magic Academy, together with Charlotte, we went through the forest with horses. It was quite a forced march, but it was most impressive that Charlotte was manipulating the horse easily.

I felt she’s better than me, so I asked the reason. She confidently said it was the result of education at the Dening family.

Hmm? How did I get the horse?

「I’m back, Charlotte. I just bought it all for the time being, but it really makes me penniless.」

In the middle the farewell greeting with the principal, I asked for it because there’s nothing to lose. To my surprise, I received two horses!

The principal gave me consent to take horses that I like. He also told me to leave it to him for the persuasion to Cardinal Maldini and my father about my running away from the Dening family. The Principal has the right to speak second to Cardinal Mardini even in the Daris Royal Palace. That was reassuring.

「Welcome back, Slow-sama. ……Eh, is it a shovel on your shoulder?」

「Unmistakable it’s a shovel. I’m thinking about treasure hunting in the imperial country.」

I leaned the shovel on the wall. And give Charlotte a package filled with long-lasting groceries bought in the village.

「Still, I’m surprised there is a village in such a place.」

「Common name, Hermits Village. It is a village made by people who live like a hermit. Only a few travelers that know about it, but it seems there are several villages like this in other countries. I only know this one though.」

We are inside an inn’s one room in a lonely village at the border with the imperial country. It’s a village that secretly told by travelers, even Daris doesn’t know it.

The villagers here have few words and live like a hermit who hates the hustle and bustle of the world. No matter who visits and for what purpose, they will keep their mouth shut.

I remembered that Shuya and others used it to infiltrate to the imperial country!

「…Ah. There were koma fruits too. This is an ideal emergency food.」

「I bought it properly. Let’s put those that can’t be brought into our stomach.」

「That’s right… Umm, Slow-sama. What kind of monster will I become?」

Charlotte speaks nervously.

A cute white blouse with a deep green skirt. A pretty silver hair with a light green hairclip with and a gentle smile. It feels like a high-class noble lady who doesn’t suit in hermit village.

We already share various secrets with each other. I can see the voice and figure of the spirit, my blood is the best offering for the spirit, and magic can be used without a wand. And Charlotte has become able to understand the nature of monsters and their feelings recently.

After talking about these things, I feel that Charlotte become often to shows a calm expression, and before going to bed, she began to talk as long as she remembered what country the imperial country used to be.

O-of course, we use different beds! Buhhiiiiii!!!

「It’s a secret Buhi. Look forward to it Buhi.」

「Eehh, why, Slow-sama!? Isn’t it okay to just tell me!? I’ll be surprised when I became a monster I had never imagined! Even I surprised too when Slow-sama said about quitting the nobility!」

We quarreled when I told about quitting the nobility on the way, but in the end, Charlotte gave in. It seemed that Charlotte understood what terrible thing is waiting in the future for me who did that.

So, in some towns I visited before reaching the hermit village, I tried to stay as much as possible in the inn. According to Charlotte who went out and bought food, it seems the town was in a fuss about the dragon slayer being born in Daris, but it seems the information about me running away is not announced.

If someone from Duke Dening household, number one great noble from Daris, is running away, It’ll become most of the talk material. And that person is ‘that’ Piggy Duke in addition to that. But it always about the story of the black dragon and the dragon slayer that appeared in the south. It seems Cardinal Maldini and those top brass hide it.

I can understand those feelings. I’m sure they want to use me to raise Daris authority in Southern Four Great Alliance.

It’s the same as Shuya that used as a southern flag in the anime.

Now, I wonder what kind of way that Cardinal Maldini and father will use to find me…… it’s terrifying by just imagine it…….

「Ah, come to think of it, there was an article about Freedom Federation Adventurer’s Guild Headquarters in the first floor…… err, ah that’s right, it was written that it seems that Nemesis will give a special A rank adventurer title as a medal to the dragon slayer, Slow-sama.」

I clench my fist. In the anime, Shuya played an active role and was ranked as a B rank adventurer in one go.

To live, you need to earn money. Being an adventurer is perfect for me among various jobs.

There are many dungeons that you can’t go in unless you are a high ranking adventurer, so a special A rank adventurer is the best title. The dragon slayer’s impact was so great that I was suddenly categorized right under the highest rank S rank adventurer.

I’m grateful, I really am grateful. Buhibuhi.

Inside my mind, I bow to the guild master in the Freedom Federation.

 Thank you very much.

「…My~, I’m glad that I was able to hide. If I stay in the academy, what waiting for me is a future where I’ll be busy that I can’t even take a breather.」

「That’s right… But, I was wondering what to do now because Slow-sama is no longer a noble, but I was relieved to know that you can still eat by becoming an adventurer when push comes to shove.」

Charlotte laughed while holding a jam with her both hands.

「It may be fun to conquer all the dungeons in the continent together with Charlotte. Moreover, being a special A rank adventurer means I have the right to challenge S rank dungeon in Sarkista.」

「……Waa! It’s a lie, I’m lying, I’m just joking! Being an adventurer is dangerous, so you can’t!」

「It’s an opportunity to meet an unknown monster, Charlotte.」

Dragon slayer born in the south. However, the adventurer’s guild headquarters in the Freedom Federation saying that it means they think it’ll profitable.

Perhaps as a restraint to the empire?

Shuya too, in anime he was praised as a hero in the adventurer’s guild and then terrible things happened.

It seems special A rank will receive good treatment from small countries that suffering from dungeon problems. It seems enjoyable to receive such treatment, but unfortunately there are many other things to do now. We’re going to achieve world peace right away.

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