Piggy Duke 99.2

「……Slow-sama has been reading a lot of monster books even when still a child. ……Haa, I wonder what kind of monster will I become.」

Charlotte takes a glance at me and faces the gray bag again. It seems that she’s examining whether to take a water bottle or a lunch box that she held with both hands.

By the way, I said that she doesn’t need to attach ‘sama’ because I’m no longer a noble, but she insisted that she’s an attendant so she keeps it as it is.

「Charlotte is a princess and I’m thinking of a monster that suits it. It’s me, who memorizes all encyclopedia monsters in my head, that choose it. Rest assured buhi!」

「……Slow-sama. You become better in orc language. Although I feel that you already speaking orc language from the beginning.」


We’ll become a monster and infiltrate the imperial country.

Along the border, there are a lot of Demon King’s clique flying monsters that flying around, so if a human enters, you will be found out immediately.

That’s why I asked Silva to steal a treasured magic tool from the mercenary.

「Now, are you ready, Charlotte?」

The scoop on the wall draws near to me with meaningful self-assertion. That’s to find the eggs of the Great Death Spirit buried under a large tree in the imperial country.

The main cause of everything in the empire. An item that Nanatrige, Tsundere Great Spirit-san wants even after unifying the continent. I will find it quickly and use it for bargaining with the Great Darkness Spirit-san.

The empire is fabricating a reason for the monsters in the north to be expelled to the south, but the main reason is that the Great Darkness Spirit seeks the Great Death Spirit’s egg.

She will come to my place immediately if I tell her that I find it!

「Slow-sama, you meanie! But, I’m ready! I am an attendant that received Dening’s training! Bring it on!」

The destination we are going to is the ruins of the imperial country where the grassland continues to the end.

The prairie that the pixie, Aerith manages, the northern monster with peace clique.

In the anime, there are monsters that occasionally get out of from the imperial territory and causing trouble. Because of that, several months later the Southern Four Great Alliance is retaliating.

It’s commonly known as the Glass Tears Incident.

First of all, when Aerith dies the Demon King will fall to the dark side, so that must be stopped! Buhii!

「A~lright! Thanks for waiting, it’s time to transform buhii!」

If I can get along with Aerith, I can ask the Demon King’s whereabouts!

So, make the Great Darkness Spirit’s mood better with the Great Death Spirit’s egg, solve the problems of the monsters, solve the problems of the three musketeers and various countries using all-purpose knowledge cheat, and with that the world will be peaceful!

Yeah, I’ll die. It’s so hard that I’ll die, so I should have some right to enjoy myself buhi.

「Now! I think I want to transform into a monster!!」

Charlotte applauds.

The Great Wind Spirit also behaves well on Charlotte’s head.

「It’s a magic tool loaded with the Great Darkness Spirit’s power.」

I used my right hand thumb to flip a black button into the air.

「Even though the shadow of darkness dwells in this body, the heart remains unchanged——」

The dark magic tool that handed down to the Baron Windle is spinning in the air. I, who not the official successor, can only use it once.

「――Therefore, I’m sure that I’m here, Change!」

Well, then.

The overserious pixie who lost her life to protect her brethren.

The character that got the first place in the ranking “I want her to be my older sister” in the popular anime “Shuya Marionette”.

To save you who going to die―――

「It’s Orc Magician time, buhhiiiiiiiiiiiii!!」

――――We change our appearance into a monster!