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CH-45 Please leave me!

WARNING: Rape, physical assault, creep warning.


After they got the message that Fang Junjie had been successfully taken away? Mr. Bai heaved a sigh of relief as Mr. Zhao just smirked casually.

Mr. Zhao was Mr. Bai’s brother-in-law. It was Mr. Zhao’s foolproof plan that helped them make this happen without any troubles.

“Are you sure that Mr. Fang will marry my daughter if we collect their intimate photos with each other?” Mr Bai asked, a little bit intimidated by Fang Junjie’s power and influence.

“Don’t worry, he will have to do this to save himself and his company. After all, his father, Fang Lowei will be taking control of his company because of his scandal.” Mr. Zhao smiled like a fox. 

“And, what about this Major General Long You who came with him?” Mr. Bai asked uneasily.

“I heard that they are just casual friends. And Fang Lowei had also researched, there was really nothing between them.” Mr. Zhao spoke with narrowed eyes.


It was a dimly lit room, with orange light that gave off a strange vibe. Fang Junjie’s head was aching as he opened his eyes in slits. The bed under him was very soft but the cool air from the air conditioner gave him chills. 

Suddenly he realized what had happened before and opened his eyes wide.

He seemed to have lost the feeling of his hands and legs as for five minutes, he could only lay like this and stare at the ceiling of the room.

He felt for his clothes and realized that was still wearing his shirt and pants, but he could not remember putting his coat somewhere away. 

After ten minutes, when he felt that he had enough strength to move, he tried to get up from the place but he couldn’t. Wait, why were his hands tied?!

He craned his neck to get a view of the room but froze when his eyes fell on the sofa in front of the bed. There sat the strange girl – Bai Fangsu, staring at him with a glass of red wine in her hands. She did not do anything, and just stared at him all the time, leisurely taking sips from the glass of red wine 

Junjie guessed why he was tied to the bed like this. He could not help but feel disgusted by the thought of someone violating him. He wanted to find ways to escape from this situation, but the girl’s demeanor just made him feel uneasy.

He knew that saying something at this time would be foolish and there would also be chances of riling up this strange girl. He just hoped that Long You could come and save him.

Just then, the girl stood up with the glass of champagne in her hands. She swayed seductively and slowly sat on the bed, next to his head.

“You know what, Mr. Junjie, I had always dreamt of this moment. And today, I got the best birthday gift I could ever have. I got you.” 

Fang Junjie showed no reaction, he just silently looked at her. 

As if it was a romantic setting, the girl ‘walked’ her two fingers on the bed up to his face. Junjie couldn’t resist moving his face away from her touch. 

“You have always done this”, Bai Fangsu moved her fingers calmly away and took a sip of the red wine. She spoke again, “Three times, you rejected me.”

Junjie was still expressionless.

Bai Fangsu suddenly leapt up from her seat, and with full force, she threw the glass full of wine on the floor. 


This abrupt change of attitude shocked Junjie.

She was breathing heavily, staring at him with red eyes. 

Looking at his shocked face, Bai Fangsu suddenly seemed to have realized something, and her attitude switched again. 

She leaned on the bed, and with a smiley face, she stretched her hand and kept it on Junjie’s chest. 

“My admirers can line up to the end of this city, except you… Why Mr. Fang? Why didn’t you accept my advances when the hottest girl in the City M approached you? I think I need to show you what you were missing all along.” She whispered this to him like she was saying some words of love.

Like this, she impudently traced her hands on his chest slowly until his abdomen. Junjie could feel her hand roaming on his body as he felt utterly disgusted and repulsed. 

“Miss Bai, I think we need to talk properly. Please don’t do this. You can’t force me to do something I don’t want to do.”

This was the first sentence he said to her.

Bai Fangsu’s pupils dilated as her hands stopped. Strangely, she looked at him, “Dear Junjie, you want this. I know it, I can feel this. Feel yourself. You know you love this feeling right?” She again started roaming her hands and moved them down to his abdomen. 

“You will love it soon, and then you will beg me to never stop it. See, Junjie, feel it, no man can resist it.”

Fang Bai felt like we wanted to vomit. He couldn’t bear a foreign hand touching him like this. This situation was not right at all. He couldn’t help but hope that Long You could come and save him soon. He thought of an idea.

“No, Miss Bai, please don’t I really have no interest in this. Don’t do this forcefully, it will only make me hate you.”

Surely the girl stopped.

“I didn’t use any force at all Mr. Fang! How can you accuse me?” She seemed to have been triggered as she put her hands on his crotch. “Look, I’m so gentle.”

“NOO- don’t do this Ms. Bai!” Fang Junjie shook as he desperately tried for ways to flee. He hated this, he hated when this girl tried to touch him inappropriately. He just wanted Long You, his boyfriend.

Wait, if this girl took advantage of him, would Long You hate him for this? No… No, no, this can’t happen. He didn’t want Long You to leave him.

He had just started his relationship with Long You, and he desperately hoped that nothing would go wrong. What would he do if Long You thought he was dirty?

Long is such a proud person, he would never like a used thing. 

“No, no, please don’t do this! Please!” He twisted crazily but the girl didn’t budge at all. She even started unbuttoning his clothes. 

Fang Junjie could feel his mind spinning as he felt the world around him was burning. Tears trickled down from the corner of his eyes without his knowing.

Bai Fangsu was having a nice time roaming her hand on Mr. Fang’s body. It was the dream of countless women in City M, and even in other cities. Slowly and sensually, she started unbuttoning the shirt to get the view of how this man looked under his shirt.

She did what others could imagine- she had the famous ice king under her. 

She came out of her daze when she heard sobbing sounds. Fang Junjie was crying. 

Why? Did he not like a hot girl touching his body? 

No man in this country would ever sob like this on her touch!

“Leave me, Miss Bai. Please! I beg you to leave me.”

“You don’t like it, Mr. Fang?” Bai Fangsu asked, as if she was sad.

Fang Junjie replied robotically; he had closed his eyes, as if he didn’t want to see anything. But tears still escaped from the corner of his eyes.

The room was quiet for a few seconds. Junjie could feel the snake-like creepy gaze on him as he did not react.

Then he heard the most eerie voice he had ever heard in his life.

“Then would you like it if your brother also had someone entertain him like this?” Bai Fangsu asked airily as if she was talking about the weather, but her lips revealed an elegant, winning curve. 

She knew this man’s only weakness was his brother.

Fang Junjie’s closed eyes opened wide as he looked at the girl with a mixture of dread and real anger.

“You dare that day again?!!!” He struggled hard and exerted his all might to get up from the bed. Full of anger, he tried to kick the girl away even though his legs were really weak, maybe because of the drug.

“You dare! Don’t mess with my brother or I will destroy you and your whole family.”

Bai Fangsu was already standing far away as she looked at him teasingly. 

She picked up the remote from a nearby coffee table and switched on the screen, which showed the view of a camera from the familiar supermarket in his neighborhood. The camera was moving, that meant it was on a person.

Almost immediately, Fang Junjie identified his little brother buying groceries from the supermarket. 

Junjie’s eyes widened as he looked at the girl.

“Say, Mr. Fang, would you like your brother to be tied like this and pounded from behind by three men? Five of my Father’s men are there and they can abduct your brother any time.” 

Red with anger, Fang Junjie tried to leap from the bed again, but it was futile. 

“I think you really like this idea. I should call my father’s men right away.” Fear finally appeared on Fang Junjie’s face.

Fang Junjie’s heart was thumping as he looked at the phone in the girls’ hand, and then at the camera footage on the screen. 

‘Long You, Xiao-Bai… Long You, Xiao-Bai… Long You, Xiao-Bai…’ This was all that was chanting in his brain.

‘Xiao-Bai, Xiao-Bai…’ Fang Bai’s innocent face, his mischievous face, his childhood, his grown, everything flashed in front of his eyes.

Junjie let his tears fall down as he spoke with a trembling voice. “Okay, I will do as you say.”

A smile of victory flashed on Bai Fangsu’s face, but she again pouted when she saw the tears. 

Turning off the distracting television, she spoke, “You said you agree, right? So you better put up a happy face and thank me while I make you feel good. Don’t think I’ll listen to your tantrums all the time.”

Fang Junjie laid powerlessly on the bed as he slowly curved his lips into an ugly smile. He bit the inside of his cheek hard as the girl’s hands again started to trail over his chest.


Little did they know what happened in the supermarket after that.

There were actually only two men who had been trailing Fang Bai for some time. 

The two men were standing there in the dark, some distance away from the supermarket. They saw Fang Bai say something to the lady at the counter as disappeared behind the shelves to get something. 

One man was about to follow him when the other stopped him. “Don’t follow him. He must be there to get something. Will be back there soon.”

The other quietly listened to him as they took a drag of the cigarette they were holding.

They put the camera back in the car after listening to a signal from the headset.

After 2 minutes, while both of them were wondering what was taking the boy so long, when both of them felt a tap on their shoulders. They looked back and were shocked to see the familiar boy.

Before they could react, both of them felt life flashing in front of their eyes and they fainted.

Fang Bai dumped the two of them into their car. He didn’t notice the camera that had fallen down from the seat, and proceeded to call his men.

“’Take care’ of them.” 

After finishing the call, went back to the supermarket to get the basket of groceries since he still had to cook for the two hungry ghosts at home.

While walking, he muttered. ‘Such stupid and untrained men, must be from a newly rich family. These people are getting too bold in taking advantage of gege. Seems like I need to increase the number of bodyguards near him. Forget it, he would hate it. What about I tell Long You to do something? Hmm… he should be fulfilling his duty, for sure.’

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