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Post apocalyptic cannon fodder pampered everyday [Transmigration] Chapter 10

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To Ruan Ning’s surprise, the tear shaped mole under her eye disappeared after the appearance of the storage dimension.

Ruan Ning had a conjecture that perhaps the appearance of space dimension had something to do with the tear shaped mole, but she had no tangible evidence.

In any case, this was good news and she no longer brooded over why the tear shaped mole disappeared. She just hoped that it would never appear again. Her face was already charming enough and she really didn’t need it to be more beautiful.

The heavy feeling weighing on Ruan Ning’s heart was lifted off.

She pondered for a long moment and finally made up her mind. She planned to head to places like the supermarkets and pharmacies to collect supplies. She had already decided on the location and that was   in the area of the east gate.

The supplies that Ruan Ning bought before the apocalypse wouldn’t last very long – especially drinking water. When she was shopping for the items, she abandoned the bottled water as they were too heavy.

If she remembered the plot correctly, S City would be out of water and power on the fifth day of the apocalypse.

She could still deal with power outage but what should she do if there was a water outage? There were not many household items in the apartment that could hold water. Even if they were fully filled, they would probably be enough for only about a month.

If she didn’t have a storage dimension, Ruan Ning would definitely choose to stay in the apartment until her supplies were almost running out before going out to gather more.

With a storage dimension, things had changed. She could gather supplies without anyone noticing. She didn’t have to worry about carrying these things while running away from zombies or being found out and robbed by others.

In addition, the number of zombies in the community should be much fewer compared to the city. Other people in the community would also be hesitant to go out as they still had food at home so they would rather wait for rescue.

During this period, it was the best time for her to go out to gather supplies.

If she didn’t take advantage of this time to collect more supplies, it would be more difficult for her to do this under the watchful eyes of many in the future. Even if there was no one around, it was still difficult to find a place that still had plenty of supplies left for her to take in.

Although Ruan Ning was spoiled, weak-looking and soft-tempered, she was not an indecisive person.

Since she had decided on what to do, she wandered around the apartment and finally found a golf club as a weapon. Ruan Ning didn’t have the courage to use the kitchen knife although it was more effective against zombies as that would require her to be up close and personal with the zombies….

She was still a little afraid…

Therefore, she should attack from a distance. She could take advantage of the fact that the zombies were slow and had not evolved yet. If she couldn’t win, she could still run. There was no need to resist  too hard.

Anyway, her goal was to collect supplies and the apocalypse was not an online game where defeating a mob could gain experience.

Since Ruan Ning formed a goal, she was in a good mood. She was full of confidence for the future all of a sudden. She happily had her dinner, checked the doors and windows and just laid on the bed scrolling through social media and fell asleep early.

She would have to get up at dawn tomorrow to gather supplies and she had to recharge her energy.

In the early hours of the morning, most people must still be sleeping at this point in time. The fact that she possessed a storage dimension must not be discovered by anyone so she had to avoid other people when gathering supplies.

Moreover, although the zombies would not feel tired, they could take a break during the day after wandering aimlessly for a night.

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