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Post apocalyptic cannon fodder pampered everyday [Transmigration] Chapter 13

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Ruan Ning didn’t dare make a sound as she was hiding in the supermarket. From time to time, she would stick out her head to observe the situation outside.

Only when the commotion outside fully subsided and the zombies were nowhere to be found did Ruan Ning dare run out of the supermarket.

“This won’t do, I can’t stay in this place anymore. I have to hurry back to the apartment.” There was nothing that would make Ruan Ning feel more secure than staying in the apartment. At least, for now.

Ruan Ning decisively gave up on the pharmacy. Her right eyelid had been jumping. It was said that if the left eye jumped, it was wealth-related and if it was the right eye, it was related to disaster. Although she didn’t use to be superstitious, she had a feeling that something huge would happen today.

In any case, it wasn’t safe to stay here and she didn’t want to feed the zombies.

Besides, it was not worth taking the risk just for some medicine. The medicine box in the apartment had been taken into the storage dimension and it was enough to deal with some common illnesses. 

If that didn’t work, she could also find a pharmacy in the future as she wasn’t currently in urgent need of the medicine. 

Ruan Ning didn’t want to be delayed in this place any longer so she turned around and speedwalk in the direction of the apartment as if something terrible was chasing her.

However, Ruan Ning wasn’t as lucky when she was returning.

She was held up for an extra hour and a half in the supermarket. At this time, the sky had totally lightened up. Perhaps because of the commotion previously, the zombies in the neighbourhood became more restless. It took Ruan Ning a lot of effort to avoid them cautiously. 

However, it wasn’t over yet. When Ruan Ning had finally avoided the zombies, she saw several people sticking out of the window on the upper floor of the apartment next to her. There were people in the buildings next to hers and they must have noticed her. Some people still shouted at her from above which almost attracted the zombies back here.

“Little girl, what’s the situation outside now? When will the people sent by the government come to rescue us?!”

“Girl, can you bring me something to eat? I’ll pay you double the money!” 

“Send it to our family first, I am willing to pay five times the money! ”

“I can pay ten times! ”

Ruan Ning looked at the zombies who had returned because of the shouting: “…”

She pulled down her cap to cover most of her face and ran away without a care of the complaints and curses of the people from the high-rise building.

Ruan Ning felt irritable that her plan was disrupted. Fortunately, the block she was living in was the high-rise apartment at the edge of the neighbourhood. Residents of other buildings couldn’t see which apartment she had entered. In addition, the cap she wore to hide her beautiful countenance helped to conceal her identity. Otherwise, it would be grim if someone came knocking on her door.

Until she returned home safely and locked the door, Ruan Ning’s gloominess still did not decrease one bit. Thinking of the encounters along the way, she was so frustrated.


She really couldn’t figure out why there were still people in this city seeking death. Even if they weren’t seeking death, they just had to pick the day she went out to collect supplies. Not only did they disrupted her plans, they also caused her so much trouble.

Fortunately, she had collected the supplies from the supermarket. Otherwise, she would definitely kill those people.

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