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Post apocalyptic cannon fodder pampered everyday [Transmigration] Chapter 15

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The ninth day of the apocalypse.

As usual, Ruan Ning did her routine one-hour exercise in the living room.

Without electricity, the treadmill couldn’t be used so she did yoga instead. Exercise and self-cultivation; maybe she could come up with a good solution.

Ruan Ning had just warmed up when the doorbell suddenly rang.

Who was ringing the doorbell?

Ruan Ning wiped the sweat on her forehead with a towel and walked towards the door. She checked the peephole and saw two unknown men standing outside. 

She frowned and retrieved the laptop from the storage dimension. She turned it on and connected it to the surveillance camera to check the situation outside.

The security system installed was made with the most expensive equipment. Even if there was a power outage, the recording and surveillance could still continue for a period of time.

Through the camera, she could tell these two men were in cahoots. They arrived on the ninth floor twenty minutes ago but they first went to the next door apartment. They stayed there for more than ten minutes for god knows why and then came to her unit.

It was very likely that these two people were intending to go door-to-door to ‘borrow’ food.

Ruan Ning wasn’t stupid enough to open the door. It wasn’t that she was reluctant to share some of her food but once she set this precedent, it would be never-ending. Not only would these two people continue to ‘borrow’, others might also come if they caught wind of it. By that time, should she still give?

Ruan Ning would rather not do such a noble act.

She thought these two people would leave soon so she didn’t take them too seriously. Who would have thought that even before Ruan Ning put the computer away, there was a heavy thud against the door.

Ruan Ning was taken aback for a moment, then realised how dire the situation became. There was an alarm device on her door lock and if someone forcibly broke in, the alarm would go off immediately.

Once the alarm went off, the volume was enough to attract all the zombies on the upper and lower floors.

No one knew how many zombies were hidden in the whole building. If the anti-theft door were to be wrecked in these few days, the situation would be even more unimaginable.

“What’s going on? Are these two people outside crazy? ! ”

Only then did Ruan Ning came to a realisation that she missed out a security aspect. She should have removed the alarm in advance.

If Ruan Ning thought about it, she probably would have understood the sinister intentions of the two people outside. If they smashed the door too loudly, they would attract zombies. With just them, they might not be able to break through so they wanted the zombies to damage the door first.

When the alarm went off, they could run away immediately and find a place to hide. The zombies would be attracted here and start to thrash against the door. The zombies were not interested in human food, so they could wait for the zombies to disperse before coming back. Ruan Ning could also turn off the alarm before this but these people would come to know that there was someone in this house. When the time comes, they could use some means to achieve what they wanted. No matter what, they would only benefit.

What a good move!

Sure enough, the surveillance camera showed those people running away the moment the alarm went off.  

Ruan Ning was so angry that she wanted to curse.

The sirens were harsh and sharp that Ruan Ning couldn’t concentrate on finding a way to resolve this emergency.

No matter how expensive her door was, there was no way it could block the impact of a group of zombies!!

If the zombies really managed to forcefully knock down this door, she would be trapped as she was an ordinary person without special abilities.

See, it had only been a minute since the alarm rang and two zombies with missing arms and legs already staggered over. They didn’t hesitate to slam against the door hard.

The zombies were never tired and as long as the siren did not stop, they could continue pounding the door.

Ruan Ning hurriedly stepped forward to switch off the alarm. As for the rest, she could only think of other solutions.

She would rather let outsiders know that she was at home than allowing the zombies break into her apartment. Anyway, all her important supplies are already in her storage dimension so it wasn’t a big deal that these people steal the rest of the items. However, she would definitely return this “gift” to those people!

Unexpectedly, the pounding ceased as soon as the siren was turned off. 

The surveillance software on the computer hadn’t been turned off yet and all she could see was 2 burnt dead zombies. 

And the one who killed them was a young man with black hair and black eyes.

Hmm? Why did this person look so familiar?

……Wasn’t this the male lead, Gu Yi Cheng who turned off his phone so as to not save her?

What was happening?

The male lead had come to save her?

Since the first time Ruan Ning called the male lead and realised that his phone was turned off, she had never thought that this person would come to save her.

But now, the male lead suddenly appeared and killed the zombies when she was just feeling hopeless. 

So she was saved? !

Ruan Ning was just feeling joyful when she thought of something and that feeling quickly turned bitter and conflicted. 

Hmm… her skin looked vibrant so she obviously looked well nourished. How could she explain this to the male lead later? ?

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