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Post apocalyptic cannon fodder pampered everyday [Transmigration] Chapter 16

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Lin Yang and Jiang Jingchao walked over with guns in hand and met with Gu Yi Cheng. “Brother Gu, we cleared the the zombies.”

“There are so few zombies in this place that it wasn’t satisfying at all.” Lin Yang said casually while putting his gun away.

“By the way, is Ruan Ning really here?” He looked around, a little curious.

Gu Yicheng didn’t even look at the zombies on the ground. He turned around and glanced indifferently at the surveillance above.  “No, she has an unlucky fate.”

It was also a coincidence that Gu Yicheng and his party would come here.

Survivors who had lived in the early days of the apocalypse know that zombies ushered in their first evolution on the tenth day. Evolved zombies were more sensitive to human breath and needed flesh and blood to replenish energy. Therefore, during this period of time, the daily human mortality rate also greatly increased.

But what most ordinary people didn’t know was that in fact, some zombies would evolve their crystal nucleus on the ninth day of the apocalypse.

This kind of zombie that evolved in advance would grow faster in the future. Just like the zombie King in the previous life, it rose to the sixth level in two years. According to the information collected by many, the zombie king had mostly likely completed its evolution in the early morning of the ninth day of the apocalypse.

It was widely known that S City also had a psychic zombie that had evolved in advance.

In the last life, S City became a dead city in just three months, and people with low-level abilities would not dare to enter. It was most likely due to this psychic zombie. 

It was very hard to find this zombie as it had been manipulating a group of lower level zombies to deal with humans while hiding in the dark. It was very smart and cunning.

The leader of the Number 3 safe haven in S City once sent dozens of special ability users to rid this zombie once and for all. There were even 2 level 5 ability users but not a single one of them caught sight of the psychic zombie. Instead, they had lost a few team members on their end and could only return bitterly. 

At that time, Gu Yi Cheng was at the critical moment of levelling to the sixth level so he didn’t pay much attention to this news. Gu Yi Cheng only overheard one of his men talking about it with others that he had met this zombie not long after the start of the apocalypse. At that time, the zombie had just gone through a stage of evolution and was capturing many humans as food. He had only made it out alive because he managed to awakened his speed ability at the very last moment. 

The place where it appeared was on Shangyang Street near this community.

Gu Yi Cheng had already gone to Shangyang Street six days ago. He wanted to find this psychic zombie and remove this threat early. Unfortunately, he couldn’t find any leads and therefore, he simply found a place nearby to enhance his abilities to wait for the ninth day where the zombie would show itself.

In fact, the psychic zombie did indeed go through his first evolution at Shangyang Street.

The psychic zombie could control other low-level zombies but since it had only just completed its evolution, its abilities were still very weak. In addition, this psychic zombie was also fighting another group of people so it had to divide its attention.

Gu Yi Cheng’s thunder and lightning ability had already risen to the second level so he did not spend too much effort in dealing with the zombie. It was obviously much easier to kill it than to find it.

The other group was a five-person team who cooperated nicely together and although none of them wore military uniforms, Gu Yi Cheng was able to identify them as military personnel due to his family background. While pushing back against the group of zombies, he also rescued the five-person team.  

Unexpectedly, the man in charge turned out to recognise Gu Yi Cheng. The man informed him about their mission which was to save Ruan Ning.

Gu Yicheng was a little surprised as his “sister” was supposed to be at school. Since he had just dealt with a problem and was in good mood, he decided to tag along. 

As to whether she could be found, he wasn’t too bothered.

Lin Yang couldn’t comment on Gu Yi Cheng’s indifferent attitude but deep down, he hoped that she was there. 

Since the end of the world, Lin Yang had not seen a beauty pleasing to the eyes. He had been dealing with ugly zombies all day long, so much so that zombies’ appearance fatigued him.

Now that he could finally see a living little beauty, how could he contain his anticipation! Even if he couldn’t date her, she would still be a good eye candy.

In order to earn the favorability of the little beauty, Lin Yang volunteered to knock on the door. He shouted happily: “lil sis Ruan Ning, it’s us. This is Lin Yang, and Brother Gu is also here. Open the door quickly, we are here to save you.”

However, several minutes passed and there was still no movement at the door.

“… Lil sis Ruan Ning couldn’t have fainted from hunger, right?”Lin Yang thought of this possibility and was distressed.

“Not fainted.” Jiang Jingchao, who had been silent, interjected. “Someone in there just lifted the alarm.”

Just when Gu Yi Cheng ran out of patience and was about to forcibly open the door with his abilities, the door suddenly opened from the inside.

There was a petite girl standing at the door and she looked like a porcelain doll. Her eyes were red like she had just cried.

She looked across timidly and without saying a word, rushed straight into Gu Yi Cheng’s arms, “Brother.”

The girl’s movements were too sudden and since he didn’t expect her to have the courage to rush over, Gu Yi Cheng didn’t avoid in time.

Ruan Ning knew the male lead’s temper, so she hugged him tighter for fear that he would push her away. “Brother, you have finally come to pick me up.”

“Something hit the door just now. I, I was really scared… I thought I would never see brother again in my life.” Ruan Ning used all her acting skills to portray herself as a well-behaved and sensible sister who needed to rely on the male lead, and played the sympathy card.

Although, this reborn male lead himself does not have much of a sympathetic heart.

Grumbling aside, Ruan Ning had used chili water to make herself like this just to win his sympathy. It would be better if he could pity her and take care of a “poor, young and helpless” girl such as herself.

The plan to pretend to be pitiful was conceived when Ruan Ning saw in the surveillance camera how easily the male lead had dealt with the zombies.

It was a now or never opportunity.

Ruan Ning didn’t care why male lead was here to save her. It would be unforgivable if she didn’t use this opportunity to hug his big thighs.

As long as the male lead was willing to take her in as one of his own, her life would be guaranteed.

Although Ruan Ning felt that this idea was good, she wasn’t very confident when implementing it. After all, the man in front of her was not kind and his heart not easily moved.

To prove how determined she was, she rushed into the arms of the male lead desperately. How much psychological preparedness had she done! How much pressure had she been under!! Even now, she was still in fear.

Gu Yicheng didn’t like being in contact with others. He felt the warmth in his arms and was displeased. His fingers moved slightly and just when he was about to move, he heard a small whimper like that of a newborn cat and the person in his arms trembled.

For some reason, the hand that was going to pull her away from him changed direction to land on the top of her head. Her hair was soft and the feeling was unexpectedly good.

The displeasure in his heart had been reduced a lot. If one didn’t take into account his cold eyes, his voice was enough to give people the illusion that he was very gentle, “Don’t be afraid. Isn’t brother here to pick you up now…”

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