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Post apocalyptic cannon fodder pampered everyday [Transmigration] Chapter 17

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Hearing Gu Yicheng referring himself as brother, not only did it not lift Ruan Ning’s spirits, it made her fear for her life.

Based on her memory, the impression left by the male lead on the original owner was so deep that it made her instinctively want to flee from the male lead.

The male lead suddenly looked like a good brother and he comforted her in a gentle voice, which made her feel more fearful compared to the nasty, grumpy, domineering seventeen-year-old boy in her memories.

Mamma Mia, she never thought that the reborn male lead would become so difficult to deal with!!

Ruan Ning would rather the male lead’s attitude towards her was slightly worser or more casual so that she could still feel a little safe. Now that he treats her so abnormally, she was scared to death!

Ruan Ning had mixed feelings but she still wanted to hug the male lead’s thigh so she didn’t dare to reveal her emotions for fear that others might notice. She could only bite the bullet and stay well-behaved in his arms, letting him touch her hair.

In fact, only she knew how much she wanted to leave this embrace.

Gu Yicheng looked at the ruffled hair on Ruan Ning’s head because of his actions, and said in a gentle voice: “Ning Ning, we have to leave this neighbourhood today and find a safer place to spend the night. Go back to the house and pack up your things. We will wait for you here.”

Ruan Ning seemed to only just realised that she was still in his arms and quickly let go. She smiled a little embarrassedly, showing her 2 dimples and replied with a sweet voice, “Brother, you are such a nice person.”

“Sister Ruan Ning, you can’t be biased. The zombies downstairs are cleared by Chaozi and I.” Lin Yang leaned over when he heard the words and said with a smile on his face.

Ruan Ning raised her head and revealed a pair of watery apricot eyes, “Thank you.”


This little beauty looked even more and more beautiful by the second!

Lin Yang, who had always been thick-skinned and shameless, suddenly became embarrassed after being stared at by a pair of sincere eyes. “…of course, of course. Brother Gu’s younger sister is also my younger sister. If you need anything in the future, just say it, I will help you.”

If he knew that the little beauty who would always hide from them in the past would become so obedient and cute, he would have insisted in coming to her even if Brother Gu stopped him a few days ago. 

How helpless and scared was she to be alone in this house before they arrived!

The more Lin Yang thought about it, the more he felt pity for Ruan Ning so he volunteered: “Sister Ruan Ning, let me help you pack your bags together.”

Ruan Ning shook her head: “No need to be so troublesome, I can do it by myself.” How could she keep the things into her space dimension if someone were to follow her.

Lin Yang thought she was being considerate of him and didn’t want to trouble others too much, so he persuaded: “Sister Ruan Ning, you don’t have to be so polite. I would be happy to serve a beautiful girl like you. How could I think it’s troublesome!”

Before Ruan Ning could refuse, Gu Yicheng glanced towards Lin Yang and said, “Lin Yang, go to the entrance of the passage and guard it. Don’t let the zombies come up again.”

Lin Yang was taken aback for a moment, a little puzzled, “Brother Gu, wasn’t this task always done by Chaozi?”

Chaozi had a psychic ability and was more reliable than him in dealing with security. Brother Gu had always asked him to be responsible for safety and security. All Lin Yang had to do was to help out here and there.

Gu Yicheng lifted his eyes, “Chaozi used too much of his abilities just now and needs to rest.”

Lin Yang thought for a while and agreed. Chaozi had spent a lot of effort to help Brother Gu hold off the zombie who could manipulate other zombies for three seconds and he saw that Choazi’s face had become pale. Chaozi hadn’t used his abilities again along the way and only used his gun to kill zombies.

Although Lin Yang felt that the zombies in this building had already been cleared by them, he didn’t dare to hold things up now that Brother Gu had spoken. He could only reluctantly glanced at Ruan Ning and then went to guard the entrance bitterly.

Ruan Ning looked at the person who turned and left and was secretly relieved. If this person had insisted in following her, she would have to abandon the things that she didn’t have time to keep in her space dimension due to the current emergency.

Gu Yicheng stretched out his hand with an inconspicuous smile and helped her press down her disobedient hair and looked into her watery eyes, “Go pack your things.”

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