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Post apocalyptic cannon fodder pampered everyday [Transmigration] Chapter 18

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Ruan Ning returned to her room and quickly closed the bedroom door. She leaned against the door and patted her chest while taking several deep breaths before she recovered her senses.

Did the male lead eat wrong medicine today? Otherwise, why was he so nice to her all of a sudden?

Was this still the person who turned off his phone and ignored her no matter how she tried to contact him?

If it weren’t for the original owner’s memory and the fact that Ruan Ning knew parts of the original story plot thereby knowing the male lead’s real temperament, she would have believed that the male lead was someone who cared for his sister.

Ruan Ning frowned slightly and couldn’t figure out what were the male lead’s real motive.

Forget it, she would deal with it when the time comes. Anyway, before she could independently protect herself, she could only rely on the male lead.

He couldn’t be so psychotic that he would kill her for being a burden?

Ruan Ning could only comfort herself this way.

After all, there was actually no irreconcilable dispute between her current identity and the male lead.

The only issue between them was the male lead’s father. However, the tense relationship between father and son was not a matter of a day or two already. The pitiful original owner was a cannon fodder who had been implicated, her existence would not affect their relationship.

It was impossible for the male lead to be unaware of this.

As long as Ruan Ning didn’t provoke him, the worst case scenario of staying by the male lead’s side was him ignoring her when she was in danger. However, by following the male lead, it could bring her some benefits too.

Although Gu Yicheng didn’t have much of a sympathetic heart, he was not a completely cold-blooded and ruthless person who didn’t care for his relatives.

He was betrayed in his previous life and now that he had reborn, his personality had become more unpredicatable and temperamental. It was understandable.

If she were to experience the previous life of the male lead, she would also be in a foul mood and the desire to retaliate against the whole society might even be more than him.

Besides, she was a nobody so it was unlikely for the male lead to have ulterior motives on her. 

Futhermore, he had also saved her just now.

Whether he rescued her out of convenience or good mood, she might have been a goner if he hadn’t arrived in time.

Thinking like this, Ruan Ning’s heart suddenly felt much better. Even her feelings towards the male lead were not as resistant or fearful as before. 

Ten minutes later.

Ruan Ning kept most of the things in the storage dimension and casually packed some daily necessities into the backpack. After doing so, she hurriedly ran to the door. A pair of apricot eyes eagerly looking at the man who was smoking and leaning against the wall with his leg bent, “Brother, I’ve packed up.”

Not sure where Jiang Jingchao had gone off to as Gu Yicheng was the only one at the door.

Ruan Ning had to admit that the male lead’s was really blessed in terms of appearance. The contours of one side of his face were so beautiful and the image of him smoking was even sexier.

Even as someone beautiful, she was enchanted the moment she first saw him.

Noticing Ruan Ning coming out, Gu Yicheng was slightly surprised as he didn’t expect her to pack so quickly.

He put out the cigarette in his hand and approached with a faint smell of tobacco, “You finished packing so quickly?”

He was very tall and had a strong presence, making others feel pressured. When he suddenly approached, Ruan Ning was a little uncomfortable, “En. I, I don’t have many things.”

Gu Yicheng only asked casually, and didn’t really care. Anyway, someone would soon take care of the person in front of him.

He raised his foot and turned to leave, “Then let’s go.”

Ruan Ning glanced at the cigarette butts in the corner and plucked up the courage to say, “Brother, the teacher said that smoking is not good for health… Can you smoke less in the future?”

The first step to hugging the male lead’s thigh was to show concern.

Gu Yi Cheng stopped in his tracks and with an ambiguous tone, “En? Ning Ning is starting to supervise her brother now?”

Gu Yicheng’s dark eyes were bottomless. When he looked at a person, it would make that person feel oppressed. Ruan Ning trembled and pursed her lips.  

Just when she was wondering if she had made a mistake, the person next to her suddenly chuckled.

“Brother will consider your suggestion.” He said while holding her hand with his. “Then I will leave this pack of cigarettes to you for safekeeping first.”

Ruan Ning was taken aback by the sudden gesture. 

Why did he pass the pack of cigarettes to her?

Her original plan was to let the male lead know that she cares of him. Whether he listened or not was beyond her and she didn’t dare to care.

Now that he was so decisive, it couldn’t be that he thought she was nosy and got angry, right?

Ruan Ning raised her eyes and glanced at the man secretly. Seeing that there was no sign of annoyance on his face, she breathed a sigh of relief.

Perhaps the male lead felt that it was unnecessary to entangle with an irrelevant person like her, so he simply wanted to block her mouth. Anyways, as there was no shortage of supplies in the male lead’s space dimension, it was perfect to dismiss her with it. 

Ruan Ning figured things out and thus, her tight nerves relaxed.

Just as the two of them were about to reach the safe passage, Lin Yang dragged two suspicious men with swollen faces over.

He threw the men aside and said, “Brother Gu, these two men have been sneakily hiding at the entrance of the stairs and monitoring this place. I found them. What should we do with them?”

After Ruan Ning saw these two people, her eyes flashed and she suddenly hid behind Gu Yicheng. She reached out and clutched at his sleeves tightly.

Sensing his sleeves tightened, Gu Yicheng narrowed his eyes and leaned over asking, “What’s the matter?”

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