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Post apocalyptic cannon fodder pampered everyday [Transmigration] Chapter 19

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Ruan Ning looked petrified and hesitated before saying “Brother, it was these people who smashed against the door and attracted those monsters…”

Standing next to Gu Yicheng, she seemed to have thought of something terrible and bit her lip. She didn’t continue but everyone present instantly understood what she meant.

Especially Gu Yicheng who had lived in the post apocalyptic world for two years. It was not uncommon for people to deliberately attract zombies and then take advantage of the situation to rob those under attack of the zombies.

Besides, the two team members in his previous life also wanted zombies to kill him so that they could takeover his belongings. 

Gu Yicheng thought of this and the hostility in his heart suddenly rose. His black eyes were cold as he said “Don’t they want to go in? Then as they wished, break their hands and legs and throw them into the house.”

Zombies were very sensitive to the smell of blood and one could only imagine the predicament of two paralysed people in the same space as the zombies. Even if they were not bitten to death by the zombies, they would starve to death.

Those two people obviously knew this and turned pale. However, these people had guns on them and they couldn’t escape even if they wanted to. So they kowtowed and begged for mercy “Hero, we won’t dare to do this anymore, we were overcome by greed and shouldn’t have coveted your belongings. Please have mercy on us and spare us this once. We are willing to surrender all our items if you let us go…”

In fact, neither of them were residents of this community. They were property maintenance personnels. When the apocalypse started, the two were conducting on-site repairs in the residents’ homes. The head of the household suddenly became a zombie and they finally managed to escape, but they didn’t expect it to be more dangerous outside. In the end, they went back into the house and jointly killed the zombie together. They took advantage of the situation and lived there until the food ran out and had to find food outside. In the end, they had twisted thoughts but didn’t expect to fail the first time they acted upon it.

“What a joke, will we need that little food you have?” Lin Yang used to be a troublemaker when he was still studying. He had never listened to anyone except Brother Gu. Now that he realised that these two people bullied the little beauty before they came, he didn’t think there was anything wrong with Brother Gu’s approach. 

When the apocalypse happened, these two big men didn’t want to deal with the zombies, so they came to bully a little girl and wanted to rob her. It would be too easy for them if they were just killed.

The two of them were still begging for mercy and Lin Yang was annoyed by the ruckus they were causing so he hurriedly dragged them in the direction of the house.

A few screams came from inside then there was no sound anymore. Those two most likely had fainted as there were not many people who could stay conscious after having their limbs broken.

Ruan Ning was slightly surprised. She didn’t expect things to develop like this. She thought that with the current relationship between the two fake siblings, he would most likely not stand up for her.

Gu Yicheng looked at the silent girl on his side and squinted his eyes.  His tone was cold and hard as he asked “Does Ning Ning think brother has gone too far?”

Ruan Ning’s intuition told her that if she didn’t answer well, she would never have a chance to approach the male lead again.

In fact, she could understand why the male lead was so cruel this time even though it was unrelated to him. He was probably reminded of what happened in his past life. The two people who calculated against her were only strangers but those who betrayed Gu Yi Cheng in his past life were his teammates for several years. How could he have felt nothing.

“No, Brother.” Ruan Ning looked up at him with a sincere expression, “They deserve it.”

Ruan Ning didn’t sympathize with these two people. She was not a person who repaid her grievances with virtue. When those two acted, why didn’t they think that if there were people in the house, what would have happen to them after the zombies broke through the door?

Gu Yi Cheng said nothing and retracted his gaze. This time, his walking speed slowed and Ruan Ning didn’t have to jog to catch up.  

So was he satisfied or not?

Ruan Ning couldn’t figure out the mind of the reborn male lead.

They walked all the way to the underground parking lot and occasionally, there were one or two zombies who blocked the path and they were all dealt with by the male lead before they could even get close.

Ruan Ning who didn’t have to avoid the zombies for the first time when she was outside became more determined to hug his thighs.

What marvellous protection!

“Young master Gu, you are back.”

The person guarding the car heard the sound of footsteps and looked over vigilantly. Seeing that it was Gu Yicheng, he put down his gun.

Ruan Ning who was following the male lead noticed this man who stood upright and knew at first glance that he had received special training.

This man should be a soldier?

Ruan Ning thought of the male lead’s family background and was not surprised that there would be such a person around him.

What she didn’t expect was the leader of the group also greeted her, “Miss Ruan, Chief Gu asked our team to pick you up and we will send you safely to the safe area outside the city.”

Everyone in their team had seen Ruan Ning’s picture, so they recognised her at once.

Ruan Ning was taken aback.

Among the people she knew, the only person who could be called Chief Gu was Gu Yicheng’s uncle. The male lead’s father was his younger brother. Of the two brothers, one entered the army and the other went into business.

Although the original owner was the adopted daughter of the Gu family, she had been staying in S City and had only met the person in power of the Gu family in the imperial capital once.

The imperial capital was a city with a large population before the apocalypse. Gu Yicheng’s uncle held an important position in the army. Presumably, he would have been very busy but he had still specially arranged for someone to pick her up. It was evident who this was for.

It seemed that the male lead’s father really cared for his adopted daughter.


Ruan Ning glanced at the man standing next to her. There was no change in his face and she felt that he didn’t care about her leaving.

No, it should be that he totally didn’t care.

He must have been delighted to get rid of her this burden.

She had only interacted with the male lead for a few minutes and even if she pretended to be well-behaved and pitiful, the results she had hoped for wouldn’t come into effect that quickly. Not to mention the years before the apocalypse, the original owner had always hid from him. In addition, there was also the male lead’s father in the middle, how could there be any emotional foundation between them?

She was an ordinary person who couldn’t lift heavy items or run fast. The male lead was not her real brother and had a bad relationship with her. There wasn’t any reason for him to take on more burden.

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