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Post apocalyptic cannon fodder pampered everyday [Transmigration] Chapter 20

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The male lead big boss refused to take her to play so it seemed that she was destined to leave with another group of people.

Towards this result, Ruan Ning didn’t feel any disappointment or sadness.

One of the biggest reasons she had decided to hug onto the male lead’s thigh was her zero combat skills. In the end times, she didn’t dare to confront the zombies alone head-on. If she was careless, she would be scratched by the zombies and maybe become one of them.

A person who loves to stay beautiful like Ruan Ning obviously didn’t want to end up like an ugly and mindless monster.

Following the male lead was at least much safer than being alone.

However, the male lead’s father had sent a team to rescue her. The military group was stronger than her and they carried guns. Even if this group didn’t have special abilities, as long as they didn’t encounter a horde of zombies, they could still deal with the zombies who had not levelled up.  

In addition, the soldiers had a sense of responsibility. If she were in danger, this group of people would not easily abandon her and would save her. Although the strength of this team was not as good as that of the male lead, it was still a very good choice. How many people would have dreamt of entering a team like this in the post apocalyptic times.  

Ruan Ning quickly analyzed the pros and cons and came to a decision.

However, Ruan Ning hadn’t forgotten her persona. Although she wanted to leave with the group of soldiers, she couldn’t be too obvious about it. Otherwise, it would contradict with her actions from earlier.

Her goal currently was to find another backer in the imperial Capital. But sooner or later, the male lead would return to the imperial capital as the person he wanted to take revenge on was there. It would be good to gain a bit more of his favourability here right?

“What about brother? Will you also follow us to the safe zone?”

She looked towards the male lead with a pair of expectant eyes.

The captain of the group also asked, “Young Master Gu, do you want to go to the safe zone with us?”

Although their main objective was to rescue Miss Ruan, Chief Gu actually had a hidden mission for them. If they have news of Young Master Gu, they had to try their best to find him and persuade him to go to the safe zone with them. They would then discuss on the returning to the imperial capital as it housed the base camp of the Gu family so it was natural for Chief Gu to want him back there. 

This team was sent to rescue Miss Ruan because they were all residents in the imperial capital. They had family and friends there and they would do their best to complete this mission.

“No need.” Gu Yicheng said, “I have some other things to deal with. I will trouble you guys to take care of Ning Ning.”

Ruan Ning was very reluctant on the surface but was unaffected emotionally.

She knew it!

“Brother, but I can’t bear to part with you.” She said softly but everyone around her could hear her clearly.

Gu Yicheng’s lips curled up and patted on her head. “Be good, Brother is going to a very dangerous place and can’t take you along.”  

Ruan Ning: … If you want to talk, just talk. Why did you have to touch my head?!

It wasn’t just boys who didn’t like being touched by others, girls didn’t like it too! 

Moreover, every time the male lead touched her head, Ruan Ning didn’t feel the warmth of the gesture but felt her scalp going numb instead.

Fortunately, the male lead retracted his hand quickly.

Ruan Ning didn’t want to act anymore so she lowered her head and said dejectedly “Then, then Brother, be careful on the road.”

After Lin Yang dealt with those two people, he also took the stairs down from the ninth floor. On the way, he met Jiang Jingchao and the two came to the underground parking lot together.

Lin Yang didn’t know that Gu Yicheng had already refused the other group to travel together. When he heard that Ruan Ning was going to follow the other team, he said carelessly: “Brother Gu, aren’t we going to City B to find Chaozi’s family? We have to pass through the safe zone outside the city, why not go together with lil sis Ruan Ning?”

Lin Yang’s family was in the S City, but the dynamics within his family was very complicated. His biological mother died a few years ago and his father had a lot of illegitimate children, so he didn’t want to go back to those so-called family members at all. Their lives and deaths had nothing to do with him.

But Jiang Jingchao’s younger brother was studying in an university in City B and his family was also there. Although Chaozi had contacted them through special means when the apocalypse happened and there was no danger for the time being, Chaozi was still not at ease and wanted to go to City B to find them.

Brother Gu and himself were also going with Chaozi.

If they didn’t meet this group of soldiers and come to this community to find Ruan Ning, they would have set off for City B immediately after the affairs of City S.

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