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Post apocalyptic cannon fodder pampered everyday [Transmigration] Chapter 21 part 1

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“Brother said he won’t go with us.” Ruan Ning answered.

Lin Yang acknowledged and didn’t think much about it as he thought that Brother Gu had any other plans. However, he was really reluctant to part with the little beauty and couldn’t help but persuade “Brother Gu, in fact, it would be the same if we are the ones to bring lil sis Ruan Ning along. Why let her go with these people?”

Lin Yang had no other ideas, but simply thought that it would be better for Brother Gu’s sister to follow them than to be with a group of strangers. They were not short of supplies and could afford to feed even a few more Ruan Ning.

Gu Yicheng did not change his decision and said “It’s safer for Ning Ning and Captain Xue to go together.”

Part of Gu Yicheng’s unwillingness to take Ruan Ning along was not wanting to intervene in matters related to Gu Huasheng and it being safer for her to follow this group of people was not empty words too.

There were roughly two routes from here to the safe zone outside the city. The team would choose to return the same way, taking the route from the city government building. The road was spacious, away from the crowded business district and there were fewer zombies on the road. Basically, anybody with brains would choose this route if they want to go to the suburbs of the city.

However, Gu Yicheng had something important to do and could not go from that route. Although it was closer to the safe zone with this route, on the afternoon of the outbreak, a large-scale exhibition was held there and there were people everywhere on the streets. It went without saying that after the outbreak, there was plenty of zombies at the scene.  

Those with abilities would not become zombies after being scratched by zombies of the same level. Even if they were accidentally scratched by a zombie higher than their level, they could still produce a certain immunity.

However, ordinary people did not have this immunity.

If Gu Yicheng brought Ruan Ning along, even if the three of them had special abilities, they might not be able to fully protect her who had no ability.

If something were to happen to this person under his care, his protective father might be so infuriated that he would be bedridden again.

Although Gu Yicheng didn’t care if there were multiple people around him, he still felt that bringing Ruan Ning would make things very troublesome after some thought.

The present Gu Yicheng had never thought that one day he would fall for this girl he considered a big trouble and would still be glad about it.

In the end, Ruan <troublesome> ning followed the group of 5.

The two groups parted ways at the entrance of the neighbourhood.

When they parted, Ruan Ning acted very reluctant but the male lead still didn’t change his mind to take her with him.

On the way here, the team’s car had already broke down on the road. Furthermore, zombies encircled them at the time so they could only abandon the supplies in the car.

The male lead was very generous and unhesitantly gave them half of the supplies in his car, many of which were good things like canned meat.

The most surprising thing was Gu Yi Cheng giving Ruan Ning his gun which still had dozens of bullet for self defence purposes. 

When Ruan Ning received this loaded object, she was a little moved.

Ruan Ning began to wonder if she should reflect on herself. Maybe she shouldn’t be prejudiced against the male lead because of the plot and the memory of the original owner?

Maybe the place he was going was really dangerous? It was not completely due to disliking her?

The original novel already had five million words and was still not completed. Ruan Ning usually had no patience when reading such a long novel so she didn’t seriously read the novel and had been selective on the chapters to read the plot.

If she had known that she was going to transmigrate into this novel, she would have read the novel fully with dedication! Twice!!

However, there was no medicine for regret in this world and Ruan Ning could only face reality with the fragmented plot that she knew. Anyway, she still knew stuff that even the male lead didn’t know.

The five-person team plus Ruan Ning drove a total of two cars.

Due to a previous confrontation with the zombies, someone in the team was accidentally scratched and he had originally planned to kill himself as he didn’t want to turn into a zombie. The male lead told them that not everyone who was scratched would become a zombie and a small number of them could also become people with abilities.

As a result, the team tied the injured teammate to the backseat of the car with a rope. As soon as he showed signs of becoming a zombie, the driver would immediately shoot him with a gun and give him a decent death.

Fortunately, an hour or two had passed and although this teammate fainted halfway through, he still did not become a zombie.

Ruan Ning knew that this person had already stimulated his abilities. It was just that after the ability was triggered through this abnormal method, the body would become very weak for a period of time. Unlike those who were born with abilities, they only needed to sleep to feel alive again.

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