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Post apocalyptic cannon fodder pampered everyday [Transmigration] Chapter 21 part 2

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Xue Chen, the captain of the team, was someone with gold-based abilities. Part of his body could be transformed into gold to block the attacks of zombies and even the nails of zombies couldn’t scratch his skin.

Although the rest were all ordinary people who had no abilities like Ruan Ning, they had trained everyday back in the army. It was nothing to them to run 5km while carrying dozens of kilos of heavy objects. 

Unlike Ruan Ning… just running 5km would tire her to death. Her physical strength was completely not on the same level as the team. 

The cars were all taken from the underground garage in the area. They were able to drive out smoothly thanks to a teammate called Li Bao. He had only used a wire to get it done. Although this person’s name was domineering, he was the most delicate-looking guy in the entire team, with beautiful facial features.

The team had already gained experience on the way here and the cars they chose were the ones with heightened chassis. Sometimes when they encountered zombies, they could just knock them away with force which saved a lot of bullets and time.

That night, they planned to rest for one night at a gas station before setting off.

The gas station was not big. Before they arrived, there were already several people settled there.

When Ruan Ning got out of the car, she had already put on her cap and wore a mask as she was very safety-conscious.

She gathered the masks when she was collecting supplies in the supermarket. There were a lot of them on the shelves. She put them into the storage dimension and it was enough for her to use for more than a year. When she collected it at that time, she was thinking that it could be used to cover her overly attractive face when needed.

Although she was not alone now and was unafraid of those who had bad intentions against her, less trouble was always a good thing. It was just a matter of convenience. It was also October and they were entering the autumn season so she wouldn’t feel warm in this get up.

Everyone in the team had seen Ruan Ning’s appearance and knew that anything could happen in such times so there was no objection to her get up.

The unconscious team member had already awakened when they arrived at the gas station. It was indeed as Ruan Ning thought; he had awakened his ability, which was a fire ability. However, he had no strength in his whole body and needed to rest for several days. 

There was a small convenience store in the gas station and there was food and drinks. The three men and three women who were staying here didn’t seem to be malnutritioned or sickly. They had just been frightened and dispirited for a few days and were all relatively silent.

After seeing them and their group coming from the outside, they couldn’t help but to come forward to ask about the situation out there.

Xue Chen roughly told them about situation outside.

“I want to find my father, I want to go home” A seven or eight-year-old girl said aggrievedly. She was brought here by a woman in her thirties. She was picking up her child from school and on the way home, the outbreak happened and they were trapped at the gas station.

The woman comforted the girl with a gentle voice on the side to prevent her from crying and attracting the zombies.

Some people also inquired about where they were heading and when they heard that they were going to the safe zone outside the city, they were all tempted. After all, the six people who came in except for Ruan Ning, looked very capable and it made them feel a sense of security.

The people in the team thought that since they were going to the safe zone anyway, so they didn’t refuse.

However, Ruan Ning found that Xue Chen was very logical in dealing with this matter and he did not make a big deal out of it. He was generous and kind but not overly kind.

He only agreed to let these people follow behind them and didn’t make any more arrangements.

Otherwise, after Ruan Ning arrived at the safe zone, she might have to reconsider whether to continue on the journey with them.

It was a good thing to be able to maintain your morals in the post apocalyptic times but being too kind would only harm others and yourself.

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