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Post apocalyptic cannon fodder pampered everyday [Transmigration] Chapter 22

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That night, Ruan Ning had difficulty falling asleep.

The gas station was not huge and the construction was simple. Everyone spread cardboard on the ground and covered themselves with clothes or blankets and slept against the wall.

It was Ruan Ning’s first time spending the night outside and she was probably not used to it – which was why even after two or three hours had passed, she still wasn’t able to fall asleep. In the end, she simply gave up and looked out the window dazedly.

It was also a bit ironic that the night sky after the outbreak was far more beautiful than before.

The night was as black as ink and the stars dotting the sky was brilliant. After the industrial exhaust fumes that permeated the city all year round dissipated, the night sky of the city revealed their original truest and most beautiful appearance.

However, Ruan Ning did not forget that after this night, zombies would usher in their first evolution.

The zombies they would soon encounter would become more difficult to deal with and the chances of ordinary people surviving would reduce.

Ruan Ning was melancholic for a while as she thought about this. Thinking that she couldn’t sleep anyway, she simply put away the blanket and went out of the gas station.

There was a faint candlelight leaking out from their car and the person on watch was there tonight.

“Miss Ruan, why have you come out?” The person on the night watch was Captain Xue Chen.

Ruan Ning looked at him and smiled embarrassedly, her eyes shining brightly, “I can’t sleep so I came out to get some air.”

Xue Chen thought that it was a bit cold outside and considered that Ruan Ning’s weak body might catch a cold so he opened the car door and motioned for her to enter.

Ruan Ning politely thanked him and sat on the passenger seat.

“Miss Ruan, once you have gotten enough fresh air out here, go back in quickly. It’s not safe here.” Xue Chen said solemnly, “I feel that the zombies tonight are more active compared to a few days ago.”

Unlike Ruan Ning who had been staying in the apartment the whole time, Xue Chen’s team had travelled from the safe zone outside the city after receiving the rescue mission. It took almost five days to reach Ruan Ning’s community and since they had been on the road for several nights, they had a better understanding of the situation at night.

Ruan Ning was surprised by his acuity. After some thought, she said tentatively: “Captain Xue, have you ever thought that zombies will evolve too? Just like how your abilities can also be upgraded.”

As she was also a member of the team and since zombie evolution was imminent after midnight, Ruan Ning wanted to prompt Xue Chen so he could be prepared for it and not be caught off guard like the rest of the population. 

Xue Chen was silent for a while before saying, “I thought about it.”

But he didn’t dare to think too deeply about it as surviving at present was already tough enough. Numerous people had died in just the last few days and he couldn’t imagine what would happen if these zombies would evolve and become more powerful.

After a short chat, the two stayed quietly in the car and did not speak for a long time.

“We will definitely be able to survive.” These words were not only for Xue Chen, but also what Ruan Ning wanted to say to herself.

Ruan Ning didn’t want to die.

Even if she transmigrated to such a world with harsh conditions, all that was in her mind was how to survive in this apocalyptic world.

The evolution of zombies was not entirely without benefits to mankind. Humans would only discover how great their potential was after they were forced to the extreme.

The probability of someone possessing abilities was only one in tens of thousands but in the future, it could be one in a few hundreds. 

And soon, large and small safe havens would be established all over the country and together, everyone might have a greater chance of surviving.

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