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Post apocalyptic cannon fodder pampered everyday [Transmigration] Chapter 23

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Ruan Ning was awakened by a sudden and hurried sound of footsteps.

She struggled to fall asleep until around midnight last night. However, her sleep quality wasn’t good; she tossed and turned over the course of the night and thus she couldn’t muster any energy at the moment.

Ruan Ning, with her slightly misty apricot eyes from just waking up, glanced at the time on her watch, and it was only 5:30 AM.

Didn’t they agree to leave at seven o’clock yesterday?

The team members responsible for the night watch for the second half of the night exchanged a few words with Xue Chen and Ruan Ning noticed that Xue Chen’s expression suddenly became serious.

Her heart skipped a beat, and she suddenly had a bad premonition.

Could it be…

Xue Chen hesitated for a moment, then loudly said to everyone, “Everyone, pack up quickly and get ready to leave. It’s not safe to stay here any longer. Little Xie says he saw a group of zombies heading towards the gas station. I estimate there are at least twenty to thirty of them.”

To see this gas station, you had to take a detour from the main road onto a smaller path, which was a bit out of the way. However, there were relatively fewer zombies there, which was one of the reasons they chose to stay there overnight.

Ruan Ning only knew that in the novel, zombies became more dangerous on this day, but she forgot that evolved zombies would be more sensitive to human scents. There were now over a dozen people squeezed into the small gas station and attracting zombies was to be expected.

She understood the gravity of the situation better than the rest, so she didn’t waste any more time looking around. After picking up the blanket covering her, she quickly got into the car with everyone else.

However, not everyone moved at the same speed.

Things happened suddenly and if they had too many cars or made themselves too conspicuous, it wouldn’t be easy to move.

Xue Chen arranged for the original six people from the gas station to take the car they had left over.

Originally, this car was used to transport the team member who had been injured by the zombies, but now that he was fine and back with the team, they naturally didn’t need that car anymore.

This car was smaller than the one they were sitting in and it barely had space for six people, not to mention space for the food supplies.

At this point, everyone gradually understood the importance of food. Among the six people, there was a couple who insisted on taking their own car to carry more food. They even had a heated argument with another man who tried to dissuade them.

In the end, Xue Chen couldn’t stand it anymore and said with a stern face that if anyone didn’t follow the arrangements, he wouldn’t take them with the group. The couple reluctantly returned to their car.

“Captain, it’s too late to leave. The zombies have already blocked the way out. Our cars can’t get through unless we abandon them and walk, or we have clear a path to leave from here.”

“We can’t abandon the cars!” Xue Chen said decisively.

Not to mention the supplies in the cars, it wouldn’t be easy to find a suitable means of transportation from the chaotic streets again. They couldn’t walk such a long distance on foot. The few of them could manage a few kilometers at once, but what about the others?

When the three men in the other car heard that they had to get out of the car to kill zombies, they hesitated for a moment. For a while, no one got out of the car.

But they didn’t have time to hesitate anymore because at this moment, the zombies had already reached the gas station entrance and were approaching their car.

There were too many zombies coming over. If they didn’t deal with some of them, they wouldn’t be able to leave this place today.

This was the first time Ruan Ning had observed zombies from such a close distance. Through the car window, she could see their stiff, purplish-blue faces with sunken eye sockets and grotesque features.

One female zombie, pushed by the others, pressed herself against the car window, and her eyes met Ruan Ning’s.

Instinctively, Ruan Ning moved back and the hand that was holding the gun was trembling.

Actually, she didn’t need to deal with the zombies from her position. The other members of the team had protected her very securely and the zombies couldn’t get close to her.

However, Ruan Ning couldn’t help but feel frightened, and only by holding the gun in her hand could she feel a little safer.

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