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Post apocalyptic cannon fodder pampered everyday [Transmigration] Chapter 24

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“Captain, what should we do? The movements of these zombies are faster than yesterday!”

After several rounds of battling with the zombies, several members of the team noticed the problem.

Xue Chen recalled the conversation he had with Ruan Ning last night and couldn’t help but wonder, could these zombies have really evolved?

If the zombies they encountered before were like stumbling toddlers, the zombies in front of them seemed to have reached their teenage years. Not only that, their defence and attack capabilities had also improved significantly. Sometimes, if they missed their aim slightly, they wouldn’t be able to bring the zombie down with one shot.

After studying the zombies for some time, Ruan Ning who had initially been scared and fearful, gradually regained some colour on her petite face. She had now overcome her fear and could calmly observe the bizarre and grotesque creatures around her, whether they had missing limbs or large holes in their chests, they still approached their group tenaciously.

In the real world, Ruan Ning actually knew how to use a gun. However, her skill level was just average. She could shoot for fun, but shooting zombies required more accuracy. Especially since the zombies had evolved, she could probably make the hit two or three times out of ten if she was lucky.

Ruan Ning didn’t want to just hide behind others and tremble in fear. She wanted to help too. However, she knew that in this chaotic and confined space, with her current skill level, she would probably be more of a hindrance than assistance. She might even accidentally hit her own teammates. Thus, it was better for her to stay quietly in the car. Even if she couldn’t be of help, at least she wouldn’t slow them down.

With limited ammunition and the possibility of using up their special abilities, the team members used machetes to physically sever the zombies’ heads. This method had been discovered by a survivor in their safe zone and was the only way to completely incapacitate the zombies.

Even the weakened Xie Fei joined the fight. Following the captain’s orders, he activated special ability and forcefully pushed the zombies surrounding the car several meters away.

Taking advantage of this moment, several members of the team quickly climbed into the car. Xue Chen, with his metallic hand, grabbed the car door and threw a hand grenade towards the front.

Firearms were still effective against the early-stage zombies of the apocalypse. After blowing up several zombies, a noticeable gap appeared in the encirclement.

“Quick, let’s go!”

Finally, their car successfully drove out of the gas station. Although the zombies were faster than a few days ago, they couldn’t catch up with a speeding car.

Thus, they distanced themselves from the zombies fairly quickly.

However, due to Xue Chen’s right arm not being retracted in time, he was scratched by the shrapnel when the hand grenade exploded. Fortunately, it wasn’t a serious injury, and after a simple bandage to ensure the blood scent wouldn’t attract more zombies, he continued to lead everyone away from the zombie infested area.

But they hadn’t driven far when the car following them suddenly stopped.

It turned out that when their car was at the gas station, the zombies had punctured the gas tank and the tires with their sharp nails. Now, after driving for a while, the car finally couldn’t hold up any longer and completely stalled.

Moreover, their car windows had shattered on two sides. Although there were no casualties, the car was definitely beyond repair.

“Why didn’t you take out the hand grenades earlier when you had them! Our car is now useless because of you, and we were in fear this whole time” A woman, one of the couples who had insisted on taking their own car, couldn’t help but complain when they got off the car. This woman had been sitting in the car and refusing to move during their time at the gas station. She even squeezed the mother and daughter outside to get a seat. In comparison, the other two men in the car, although hesitant at first, had mustered the courage to fight against the zombies with sticks and other weapons during the critical moment.

Seeing the woman’s complaints, her husband also chimed in and occasionally glanced at the guns at their waists.

Ruan Ning had been in the car before, so she saw everything clearly. While at the gas station, this woman had been pulling her husband and refusing to get off the car, even forcing the mother and daughter to sit outside. In contrast, the two men in the car, while initially hesitant, had ultimately shown courage by fighting the zombies when it mattered.

And now, for her to say such things, it was really a case of not knowing when to be grateful.

“Since you’re not satisfied with us, let’s part ways here. Everyone goes their own way!” Fire-elemental abilities user Xie Fei, who had a hot temper, couldn’t tolerate their accusations.

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