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Post apocalyptic cannon fodder pampered everyday [Transmigration] Chapter 25

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“I don’t care, anyway, you’re responsible for this car situation. I think the car you’re currently sitting in is just fine. How about giving it to us? Also, the supplies on it, we should get at least half of it, consider it as our compensation.” The woman persisted.

Xie Fei was the youngest in the team, just in his early twenties. He had never seen such unreasonable people in his life and he was so infuriated to the point where his face turned red. “You… Dream on!”

The woman’s words were extremely ugly, even the most patient member of the team, Da Cheng, couldn’t stand it. But considering they were still on the streets and arguing loudly might not be a good idea, he had to step in as a peacemaker and advised, “Xie Fei, calm down a bit. Let’s leave this place first and discuss it later. We don’t want to attract more zombies with all this fuss.”

Xie Fei snorted, clearly infuriated, “They were the ones causing trouble in the first place. It’s really frustrating. If we hadn’t saved them just now, they would have been zombie food at the gas station.”

“Sorry, you can rest assured. We will find another car ourselves. Today, we’ve already caused you a lot of trouble,” the man standing beside the couple couldn’t help but express his embarrassment.

“Yes, we’re really sorry.”

No one expected this situation to escalate like this. Not everyone in this world enjoyed causing trouble, and the other people present understood very well that this group of people had already gone above and beyond by treating them this way, considering they were just strangers.

Although they had helped them out of goodwill, with this recent incident, they couldn’t bring themselves to ask these people to shelter them anymore. Therefore, they had decided to head to the safe zone on their own.

However, Liu Rou glanced at her young daughter in her arms. Unlike the other two men who could fend for themselves, she didn’t have the same capability and not to mention, she was still carrying a child.

As a mother, she had to be strong. After giving it some thought, she could only muster the courage to make a request to Xue Chen’s group. She said, “Young man, could you please take me and my child a little further? My daughter is still young, and I can’t bear to see her and me die at the hands of these monsters. You can rest assured that once we arrive at the safe zone, we won’t trouble you anymore.”

“Also, this…” The woman took off a necklace from her neck, “This is the necklace my husband and I bought when we got married. It should be worth some money, consider it as our payment for the travel.”

The woman’s child had just woken up from her nap due to the commotion but was still confused about what was happening around her. Her innocent face was filled with bewilderment until she saw her mother crying. Then, she became anxious, “Mom, don’t cry… Hua Hua will hug you, and you’ll feel better.”

Liu Rou wiped away her tears, “Hua Hua, it’s alright. Mommy didn’t cry; some sand just got into my eyes by accident.”

Ruan Ning and the members of Xue Chen’s team weren’t heartless. When they saw the mother and child pleading like this, they couldn’t bring themselves to refuse.

“We don’t need your necklace. Since we’re all heading to the safe zone, you and your child can come with us.”

There happened to be an empty seat in the car next to Ruan Ning. Earlier, when there were fewer people, she had been sitting there alone. However, since the child was still young and didn’t take up much space, squeezing two people into that seat wouldn’t be a problem.

Hearing that they were willing to take her and her child along, Liu Rou expressed her sincere gratitude, “Thank you! Thank you all!”

Seeing that she had been holding the child for a long time, Ruan Ning quickly ushered her and the child into the car.

As for that couple, they continued their unreasonable behaviour, but no one was willing to engage with them anymore.

Xie Fei couldn’t be bothered with them any longer. He brandished his machete which was still stained with zombie flesh and blood and the couple went silent immediately. They didn’t dare to say anything else, let alone make any other unreasonable demands. In plain terms, these people were bullies who backed down when faced with strength. They didn’t listen to reason until they were forced to.

The other two men from the gas station weren’t familiar with this couple either, and it was the couple’s unreasonable behavior that had cost them the opportunity to travel with a powerful group. It was already generous of them not to deal with them further; there was no way they would want to travel with such people any further.

Thus, the six people who left the gas station split into three groups to continue on their journey.

Without those people causing trouble, the rest of the team’s journey went much more smoothly.

Ruan Ning took out a few packs of biscuits and a bottle of Yakult from her bag, saying, “Sister Liu Rou, you and your child must be hungry since you didn’t have breakfast. Please have some food.”

The other five members of the team were all men and communicating with them was not easy. As the only woman in the team, Ruan Ning had to take care of this mother and child pair.

“Lady Ruan, it’s not necessary. We got some food from the gas station.” Liu Rou was a sensible person. She understood that this group of people didn’t have an obligation to take her and her child to the safe zone, so she didn’t want to trouble them further.

Hua Hua, however, glanced at the beautiful lady and the Yakult in her hand, tugging at Liu Rou’s clothes with a hopeful expression. “Mom…”

Ruan Ning smiled and handed the Yakult to the child. “This isn’t anything special. Since we’re traveling together now, Sister Liu Rou, you don’t have to be so polite.”

Liu Rou looked at her daughter’s eyes and finally didn’t refuse. “Hua Hua, thank the sister for the Yakult.”

Hua Hua obediently said, “Thank you, sister.”

In fact, Ruan Ning quite liked this mother and daughter pair. She had noticed at the gas station that Hua Hua was a very well-behaved child who didn’t cry when her mother told her not to. Moreover, Sister Liu Rou protected her child very well, always covering her eyes when the zombies approached to prevent her from seeing those things.

In comparison to the unreasonable couple, Ruan Ning liked them even more. Moreover, in the post-apocalyptic world, it wasn’t easy for a woman to take care of a child and there were people who abandoned their children for the sake of survival.

Before the apocalypse, there were cars strewn everywhere on the streets and not all roads were clear. Sometimes they had to take detours or get out of the car to clear obstacles.

Along the way, they encountered other people who came to their car seeking help, but they didn’t agree to lend a helping hand again. Not only was there no room in the car, but if they encountered a few more people like that couple, they would have a hard time handling the situation and might even bring more trouble upon themselves.

This continued for a few more days along with some surprises and dangers, the group finally arrived at the safe zone on the afternoon of the fifth day since leaving the residential area.

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