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Post apocalyptic cannon fodder pampered everyday [Transmigration] Chapter 4

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At current times, the landline in the apartment could still be accessed?

Ruan Ning remembered that in the novel it was mentioned that not long after the outbreak, telecommunications became unstable and no matter how many times someone made a call, the line was always busy. Later on, a call could not even be made anymore.

Only those that are specially equipped could make telephone calls via the satellite.

Unexpectedly, the landline in the apartment was able to receive calls. It was really fortunate.

Ruan Ning picked up the phone, “Hello, may I know who is this?”

“Ning Ning–“ Hearing someone answering the phone, a powerful and excited male voice sounded “It’s great that you are okay.”

“Uncle Gu?”

That’s right, the person on the other end of the phone was Gu Hua Sheng, the male lead’s father. Ruan Ning had planned to take refuge in his place. 

Ning Ning didn’t sound flustered which meant nothing had happened at her place yet. Realising this, Gu Hua Sheng began to relax and calmed his tone as he asked about the situation: “Ning Ning, why are you in the apartment now?”

Ruan Ning’s mobile phone couldn’t get through and Gu Hua Sheng was almost certain that she had gone to school and lost contact. He was trying his luck by calling the apartment’s phone, but he didn’t expect it to be picked up.

This made Gu Hua Sheng surprised and delighted.

It had become chaotic outside so it was better that she was at the apartment rather than being at the school.

Ruan Ning explained, “I was unwell this afternoon, so I asked for leave and went home. Uncle Gu, what’s the matter? Did something happen?”

Since Ruan Ning didn’t want the fact that she had transmigrated to be discovered by others, she could only pretend like she didn’t know anything. The sick leave was only an excuse.

Gu Hua Sheng didn’t suspect anything. “This matter is too complicated to explain over the phone. You just have to remember that it is very dangerous outside. Stay at home for the next few days and do not step out of the house. By the way, Ning Ning, how much food is there in the apartment? ”

Ruan Ning hesitated for a moment before saying, “Auntie Sun came here the day before yesterday.”

Auntie Sun was the nanny from the villa who would replenish the supplies that would normally last for at least a week at the apartment. 

As long as there was food, Gu Hua Sheng was relieved. “The landline at home should still be able to make calls. Uncle will tell you a number later. It belongs to your brother Yi Cheng. Call this number and tell him your location. Your brother is also in S City now and he will come to pick you up. ”

Was her wishes heard?

Ruan Ning tightened her grip on the phone, “Uncle Gu, will brother really come to pick me up?” There was a trace of worry and fear in her tone.

In the novel, when Ruan Ning was first taken to Gu’s house, she was pushed to ground by Gu Yi Cheng.

He issued her a warning and from then on, Ruan Ning always avoided him.

Gu Hua Sheng also knew about this.

“That rascal has to! You are his sister!”Gu Hua Sheng said heatedly. Considering that it was Ruan Ning on the other end of the phone, he softened his voice. “Ning Ning, don’t worry. Uncle has already spoken to your brother, he will definitely come to pick you up. Remember, do not open the door for anybody except your brother. ”

Ruan Ning was introverted and timid since she was a child due to the death of her parents. Gu Hua Sheng sincerely loves her and if it weren’t for him being in the imperial Capital at the moment, he would never entrust her to his unreliable son. 

But fortunately, Gu Yi Cheng was currently in S City. If it was someone else, Gu Hua Sheng would be even more uneasy about entrusting her to that person.

After getting the male lead’s number, Ruan Ning’s became slightly more delighted “I got it Uncle Gu, I will take good care of myself. ”

Gu Hua Sheng worriedly left a few more reminders before hanging up the call.

It seemed that there was hope for the future.

Ruan Ning stared at the phone number on the paper joyfully. She was just worried about what to do and a chance to get close to the male lead had come. Taking his father into account, he should help her right?

Nervously, Ruan Ning dialed the phone number Gu Hua Sheng gave her but the male lead’s phone had been turned off! 

Ruan Ning: “……” 

She shouldn’t have believed in him. 

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