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Post apocalyptic cannon fodder pampered everyday [Transmigration] Chapter 8

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Ruan Ning took several sips of hot water before she could suppress the nausea.

In order to learn more about the situation outside, Ruan Ning had to continue reading on. However, she did not open another picture that would test her level of tolerance.

Among the 5000 replies that the post had accumulated, the author had never replied to anybody and disappeared without a trace.

There were mixed opinions with regards to the disappearance of the author. Some guessed that the author was initially spouting lies and when the end of the world really happened, he didn’t dare to appear anymore. Others felt that the author was actually a hidden master or a prophet and wanted him to save everyone.

Perhaps as this world was based on a novel, there weren’t many people who guessed that the author of the post was reborn or transmigrated. Everyone seemed to have subconsciously ignored this possibility.

Ruan Ning thought differently. She felt that there was a high possibility that the author of the post was reborn or transmigrated.

Even the male lead has reborn, what was not possible in this world.

After nightfall, Ruan Ning only turned on a small bedside lamp after drawing the curtains tightly shut for fear that the light would leak out and others would know that she was at home.

Taking advantage of the fact that the water still had not stopped today, Ruan Ning took a rose bath before going to bed.

However, it was a restless night.

She first dreamed that she had become a hamster and her hobby was hoarding food. She enjoyed using her two fluffy little claws to move things from one place to another every day.

Following that, she dreamed of her dead parents. They stood in a pure white space with gentle expressions on their face and told her to take good care of herself in the future. Ruan Ning wanted to get closer but no matter how much she ran, she couldn’t catch up to them.

“Dad, Mom, don’t go…”

Ruan Ning jolted awake.

She unconsciously touched the tears in the corners of her eyes and she stayed dazed for a long time.

She could understand that she dreamt of her parents but what was it with dreaming of herself becoming a hamster?

Was the dream caused by what she had thought of during the day?

The dream was too real. Although it was only a little after six o’clock, Ruan Ning was completely awake and she decided to do some physical training. It would be too unjustly if she were to be attacked by zombies just because of a lack of stamina and poor fitness.

“This… What’s going on!?”

Ruan Ning looked at herself in the mirror in shock. She didn’t know how a tear-shaped mole appeared under the corner of her right eye.

If the temperament of Ruan Ning and the original owner belonged to the innocent type, the materialisation of this tear mole added charm and sensuality to her appearance.

Ruan Ning seriously thought that she hadn’t woken up and was having hallucinations. She tried to rub off the tear mole several times till her skin had turned red but it only made her looked as if she was about to cry.

And more seductive…


Since when did she become so delicate?!

Ruan Ning had never been through tough times since she was a child but it wasn’t to the point where her skin would turn red with just a touch.

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