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Post apocalyptic cannon fodder pampered everyday [Transmigration] Chapter 9

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From the start, Ruan Ning already felt that this face was too beautiful. It was like a light bulb in the dark that was impossible to miss.

She was becoming more dazzling as time went. In just one night, her skin had become so delicate that it turned red with just one touch.

Unless Ruan Ning disfigured herself, she wouldn’t be able to get out of this door.

However, who could bear to destroy such an exquisite face.

The main point was that this face was hers and Ruan Ning wouldn’t bear to destroy anyways. She wasn’t a masochist and it was not her fault that she possessed such good looks. Why should she be compromising by bringing harm to her body?

Ruan Ning stared in the mirror for a long time and couldn’t help sighing again. It would be nice if she had transmigrated into a novel of different genre. She might just be able to rely on her looks and live a good life.

Why did it have to be zombie apocalypse.

Ruan Ning wasn’t in the mood for running and exercising anymore. She just boiled an egg in the kitchen and brewed a cup of milk for her breakfast.

The sound insulation of the apartment was adequate. Ruan Ning had not heard any big movement since yesterday afternoon.

During this time, the people who survived should be staying in obediently. After all, they were all frightened for the whole night so there would probably be no one who would want to go out – for the next few days at least.

However, Ruan Ning didn’t have the heart to mind other people’s affairs. She didn’t even know how to get herself out of here.

There was no one to rely upon since the male lead didn’t want to bother with her and the male lead’s father was too far away. Furthermore, she was carrying such a charming face.

Since the start of the apocalypse, not one thing had gone smooth for her.

Just when Ruan Ning thought her life was going to continue being bleak, the god of luck finally favoured her in the afternoon when Ruan Ning opened the refrigerator.

It all started when Ruan Ning wanted to make something delicious for lunch to soothe her helpless little heart. The moment she had this idea, the can of caviar placed at the innermost part of the refrigerator disappeared.

Storage dimension?

Ruan Ning immediately thought of this possibility and even the distress caused by the events of that morning was instantly reduced by half.

If she had this storage dimension, then the chance of surviving in during this time would greatly increase.

Although this beautiful face couldn’t be changed, she could still search for a supermarket to stock up more food then hide in an uninhabited mountain village for three or five years. Living alone peacefully was also a good goal.

However, Ruan Ning didn’t know how big the storage dimension was so she began experimenting in the apartment tirelessly.

As for the result….

Ruan Ning didn’t know how to describe her conflicted feelings.

The storage dimension should be quite sizeable. After all, the three-piece sofa set along with the mahogany dining table at home had fit in. But there was a catch, her storage dimension seemed to be very picky.

Expensive items would be accepted into the storage dimension but there wasn’t any reaction for cheap items.

It didn’t respond to instant noodles or canned food which were affordable items. However, when it came to a small can of caviar which cost tens of thousands and a sofa that was worth hundreds of thousands, the speed in which there were accepted in was extremely fast.

With regards to this phenomenon, the owner of the storage dimension Ruan Ning didn’t know what to say.

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