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Queen’s Husband Ch 1

Translator: Frozenmirage (@desipfragrant)

Going home after work, Lan Xiaoruo push open the half-covered bedroom door only to see a pair of man and woman that sleep with an embarrassing posture on her newly bought Simmons bed. Look at this ambiguous scene, her mouth and eyes were twitching so hard, even her body was trembling. 

(Simmons : luxury brand, very expensive)

Only one thought in her heart. Damn! I was cheated again!

Lan Xiaoruo didn’t know the woman. But the man, even if he became a ghost she knew him very well. He is her new and only two months boyfriend, Bi Jian!

Was she cursed? She had four boyfriends, the four were cheated on her just within 3 months of their relationship, yet all of them were caught in bed by her! 

She is only 23 years old this year, want a good look? She was a beauty. Want a good figure? She had a nice body! Well, her father is the president of the famous Golden Eagle Group in the business world today. It is reasonable to say that she is beautiful, smart and good-tempered. Men who associate with her should be satisfied, but why is she so unlucky? Find one man and go off the rails! She refused to accept it. She just wants to find a man who treats herself wholeheartedly. Is it so difficult?

(go off the rails: have an affair with another woman)

She was so angry. A surge of anger rose from her chest and spread rapidly throughout the body. She clenched her fists, closed her eyes, took a deep breath, then opened her eyes, grabbed the precious antique vase on the ground and threw it hard into the bed.

“Ahhh…” The man let out a shrill scream. Bi Jian, was hit hard in the stomach by something. With a scream, he sat up on the bed. At first glance, when he saw Lan Xiaoruo, who was furious with anger, his handsome face turned white and he shuttered, “Xiaoruo, you… you are back.” Hurriedly grabbed the scattered clothes on the ground and put them on.

The woman beside him then awake, with a sleepy and bad face look at Lan Xiaoruo and shouted: “Who are you? How can you come to my house?”

Bi Jian quickly pushed her: “She’s my girlfriend! Hurry up, put on your clothes and go!”

The woman didn’t move and didn’t care about it. Her eyes full of provocation and said: “Your girlfriend? Oh, I know now. This is that rich and beautiful Lan Xiaoruo who is always being cheated by her man. So what if you have a great beauty and wealth? Beauty or money can’t capture a man’s heart!”

Her house? Lan Xiaoruo was full of anger, she sneered, this damn woman who occupy her house. She grabs the unfamiliar high heels on the floor and throws it at the woman. She shouted:” You b*tch, shameless fox spirit! Get the hell out of here!”

The woman was enraged. She dodged the high heels then grabbed the phone on the bed and threw it at Lan Xiaoruo. She said:”I’m not going! So what? What can you do to me?”

Lan Xiaoruo was so furious. She reaches her hand to catch the flying phone but she just catched nothing. Suddenly her forehead was heavily hit and her body staggered. She then held her hand on to the wall for support. With another hand, she touches her forehead when a surge of pain rushed up to her head.

“Lulu! Are you crazy?” Bi Jian shouting angrily, saw the woman attack Lan Xiaoruo, he immediately slapped her.

Lulu was irritated and screamed:” Bi Jian! You’re a little white face! It’s clearly you, you cheap man who seduced me in the first place, yet you still…”

(Little white face: good looking young man, rely on his face to achieve something)

Lan Xiaoruo felt very dizzy and her forehead was so painful, she stoked her forehead and slowly squatted down. The phone that hit her was the new Rose brand phone that she bought for Bi Jian. The phone was pure black, had a metal case, widescreen and super thick body. No wonder it hit her heavily.

(Rose: a name of phone brand)

She felt her surrounding darken and the sound around her seems to disappear…


The magnificent palace of Zijin Liu Cui. There was heard a sobbing sound.  

In the gorgeous and magnificent hall, on a soft and luxurious suede couch, lying a beautiful woman with some pearl hairpins on her hair. Her eyes closed and her forehead covered with a brocade pad soaked with blood.

Two maidservants of the palace knelt before her and wept sadly: “Niang Niang, you must not die! Even the lowly ant was still clinging to their live, let alone you who are the Empress!”

(Maidservant: maid in imperial palace, maid in honor; Niang Niang: empress, queen)

“Yes, Niang Niang, if you die, your maidservants will not live!”

The Empress was the distant niece of the Empress Dowager. The Empress Dowager dotes on her very much. If something happens to the Empress, none of the servant in Fengluan Palace will be survives.

(Empress Dowager:mother of the Emperor)

The two maidservants thought so, and their cries grew louder.

“What a noise! I’m not dead yet! What are you crying about?’ Just then, the beautiful woman on the couch suddenly whispered and sat up slowly, covering her forehead.

The crying sounds stopped immediately, and the two maids immediately looking at their master at the same time. First they were stunned, and then they face showed ecstasy. They knelt down and crawled over to hold one of her legs and wept with a great joy: “Niang, you are not dead! You’re still alive! That’s great! Neither do slaves have to die!”

That damn woman is really vigorous, Lan Xiaoruo thought. A cell phone knocked me unconscious. Next time I see her, I’ll make sure she doesn’t die peacefully. Lan Xiaoruo thought fiercely while covering her forehead. But when she looked up and saw two unfamiliar young girls in ancient palace costumes, one left and one right holding her thigh, she was stunned and confused: “Who are you?”

Looking around again at the strange room, she was even more surprised: “What’s this place?”

The two maids looked at each other. What happened to the Empress? Didn’t her head just hit the wall? Did it also damaged her brain?

“Empress, this is your bedroom in Fengluan Palace. These maidservants were sent by the Empress Dowager to serve you. This maidservant is called Xiaoli, and her name is Xinger”. A maid explained carefully.

What did you say? Empress? Empress Dowager? Who the hell is your empress? These words were going around Lan Xiaoruo’s mind, whose eyes twitch fiercely, and then she looked at this magnificent palace with antique fragrance. Where is actually this place? This unfamiliar room has the feeling of ancient china, with its gorgeous decoration. So different from her house. Is she died when being hit by cell phone and reincarnated? There is no doubt that she is Lan Xiaoruo, but how come she crossed in an ancient time?

Seeing Lan Xiaoruo’s blank appearance, Xinger asked timidly, “Niang Niang, what’s wrong with you? Are you still in pain? You just bled a lot on your head. Would you like this maidservant to call the imperial physician?”

After some time, Lan Xiaoruo came back to her senses. She now finally realized that she had passed through the time and become the Empress of some country. If not, then she wouldn’t be here in this room, with unfamiliar two maids before her in the first place. It’s really like a big pie falling from the sky, an empress must have a good life, right. Such a great opportunity after her boyfriend’s betrayal… A sly smile slowly appeared in her eyes, and her unhappiness was swept away. Go to hell shameless fox spirit! Goodbye you scum cheater! I’m not the same Lan Xiaoruo anymore!


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