Queen’s Husband Ch 3

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“Emperor, that sl*t insulted this concubine as a fox spirit!” Lingfei fiercely stared at Lan Xiaoruo, and shook the emperor’s arm.

Jun Yilie pushed her away fiercely. Looking at down Lan Xiaoruo with his cold eyes, there was deep contempt and disdain “She’s not only insult you as a fox spirit, but also loathed me not as a human being.”

(Cause he have an affair with the fox spirit (shameless woman) so he said he’s not a human being, literally)

Emperor, you’re so smart! Lan Xiaoruo laughed and said it in her heart, but on her face she pretended to be terrified and said, “Emperor, please don’t misunderstood. This concubine just made a slip of the tongue for a while, but in fact I didn’t mean it like that.”

(The empress can be rephrase as imperial concubine, so in the conversation she call herself this concubine)

Lingfei snorted, “You don’t mean like that, but you are calling me a fox spirit. Humph, you b*tch! Don’t you have integrity as a woman, such water poplar, in the big wedding night you dare to collude with outsiders in front of the emperor? For the emperor to wear a green hat, and now you dare to insult me, don’t you know shame?”

(Water poplar: having disposition as changeable as water; green hat: being cheated by his wife )

The more she spoke, the more energetic she became. She didn’t notice that Jun Yilie’s complexion became darker and darker. His anger grew stronger and stronger when remember the incident. Meanwhile Lan Xiaoruo was still watching the play and drinking tea with a calm expression. She’s not scolding herself anyway, so let the woman keep speaking nonsense. Hey, this woman really has no eyes. Didn’t she notice that the emperor was going to be angry? What a man most hates is to mention things that are shaming their dignity. This Lingfei is so foolish that she can’t see it coming.

Sure enough, Jun Yilie was furious. Pushing away the chattering Lingfei and shouting angrily, “Shut up! If you say another word, I’ll cut your tongue right away! “Then he rushed out of bed and get dressed.

Lingfei wanted to make the emperor scold the queen by simply bringing up this matter. She coveted the empress position for a long time, and she’s the emperor favorite concubine. However, she did not realize that she had made a fool of herself, so she had to shut her mouth in anger and stare at Lan Xiaoruo hatefully.

Lan Xiaoruo had just drunk a cup of tea when she saw Jun Yilie getting out of bed and the blanket that cover his body was falling inch by inch. She immediately sprayed out a mouthful of tea when suddenly saw a naked beautiful man while drinking tea. This scene was really shocking.

Seeing the gentleman staring at him with fierce displeasure, Lan Xiaoruo continued to drink tea as if nothing had happened, to cover up her gaping mouth. But unexpectedly she heard a sentence: “Come here! Dress me!”

With a “pop”, Lan Xiaoruo sprayed the tea again in an extremely indecent manner.

Want her to dress him? Giving a hand to this wicked, shameless, inhuman and unconscious monarch? Over my dead body!

Nevertheless, it’s better for people to bow their heads for the time being under the eaves.

“Empress! Do you have any objections to me?” Seeing her hesitation, Jun Yilie’s face became more and more unhappy, and his two fierce eyes shot at her like murders.

“No, no, how dare this concubine have an objection towards the emperor!” Lan Xiaoruo quickly put down the tea cup, stared at his handsome face, ignored his beautiful body as much as possible, and said with a warm smile, “This concubine is only used to being served and do not know how to wear such clothes. If the emperor doesn’t mind, this concubine will try it.”

After she say so, Lan Xiaoruo come to Jun Yilie, picked up the clothes on the ground and began to try put on him one by one. From her clumsy movements, he could see that she was totally ignorant of wearing such a tedious palace gown, and Jun Yilie’s face became more and more ugly.

Lingfei hid in bed and peeped at Lan Xiaoruo secretly. Her beautiful face showed a slight sneer. She could not even serve the emperor’s clothes. What qualifications could she be an empress? See how the emperor will punish you later!

A quarter of an hour later, Lan Xiaoruo finally put all his clothes on Jun Yilie, clapped her hands with great success, and laughed with a sense of accomplishment: “Well, finally all dressed up, emperor, are you satisfied?”

Jun Yilie looked down, and the handsome face was as black as Bao Zheng’s. He gritted his teeth in anger and said, “The Empress is really smart! Do you think these clothes are a pile of rags? So casually stacked on my body? Re-dress me!

(Bao Zheng(包拯, 999-1062), an upright official known for his stressing the dignity of law)

Lan Xiaoruo blinked her watery eyes wittily and lovely, and said innocently, “Emperor, this is the masterpiece of this concubine. How can it be said that it is a pile of rags piled up on you? Didn’t the emperor know that fashionable underwear was worn outside and the middle garment was tied to the waist? Hey, although this kind of dress is a bit ragged like beggar on the street, if you wear it out, you will lead the fashion trend of a country and even the world. Your Majesty, do you think the idea of concubines is wonderful?”

Concubine Ling inside the blanket has covered her mouth with a quilt and laughed all over the place.

“This imbecile!” Jun Yilie was so angry that he gritted his teeth. How foolish he was, he knew that she was making fun of him! The emperor of the country was played by a woman who did not abide the women’s righteousness. How can he tolerate it?

Seeing that the emperor was furious, Lan Xiaoruo jumped a mile away from him and shook her head and sighed, “Oh, please don’t be angry, Emperor. If you don’t like this kind of dress, your concubine will ask someone to dress you again. It will hurt your body if you are moved too much. Hey, those little girls out there come in and dress the Emperor! “After that, Lan Xiaoruo fled out of the room as fast as she can.

Behind, she heard the fierce scolding of Jun Yilie and the sound of broken tea cups. Lan Xiaoruo was not afraid at all. On the contrary, her delicate little face showed a tricky smile. Since the emperor was so disgusted with the empress and was deliberately humiliating by her, it would be improper for the emperor to keep the empress by his side. While as the empress, she never being favored and in addition must stand the humiliation and being bullied by another concubines. Then the best way is to anger him and let him abolish her in a rage.

After listening to those two little girls, the empress dowager was very fond of the empress. The empress dowager was the real mother of the emperor. With the empress dowager’s support, the emperor should not kill his empress in a rage.

After waiting for a moment, Jun Yilie came out of the inner hall with fury expression and new clothes. Lan Xiaoruo blinked her eyes and hurried to greet him. She smiled and said, “Your clothes are perfect as usual, Emperor.”

Jun Yilie stared at her fiercely and said angrily, “I’m going to abolish you, Empress! Whatever you say this time I won’t care, I’ll scrap you out! One more look at you, I can’t stand it!”

Just what I really want! Lan Xiaoruo was so happy in her heart, but on her face she pretended to be hit hard. She looked at him with shocking expression, “What? Does the emperor really want to abolish this concubine? Why? Why?” she said meekly.

Jun Yilie gritted his teeth fiercely and said, “On the big wedding night, you and other men embraced each other in front of me and didn’t abide women’s morality. How can you afford to be the mother of this country? If it hadn’t been for Empress Dowager, I would have given you the death penalty.”


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