Queen’s Husband Ch 4

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Lan Xiaoruo slowly lowered her head, a pair of small hands twisted a jade belt around her waist, shrug of lowered shoulders, that looks is extremely sad. Jun Yilie only looked at it a while and then turned his head to avoid his soft heart which shaking his decision on this distant cousin.

Xiaoli and Xinger felt so sad when they saw the empress. They couldn’t help but just accompanying the empress. If they think about it, this empress is actually so pitiful. Her parents are both dead, it is the Empress Dowager who gave her a big hand, and deliberately pointed out the emperor to make her his wife. But who had expected that at the wedding night the empress would be caught by an assassin who broke into the palace, and coincidently bump into the emperor. Although she was the empress, the emperor didn’t give her a favor. Those concubines in the harem all have eyes full of sarcasm, while the empress just quietly ignored it. If the two of them were not protected by the empress, they would have been eaten clean long ago in this ambitious palace .

Lingfei came out of the inner hall with her new clothes and saw Lan Xiaoruo’s mournful look. She couldn’t help but rejoice “Empress Madame, the emperor will suffer one breath every time he saw you. If he suffers one more breath, he will hurt his body more. The emperor’s body is a dragon’s body. If you thinking for the sake of the Emperor and the people of the whole country, you should be smart enough to disappear from the palace as soon as possible. Otherwise, the people of the whole world will not spare you.”

Lan Xiaoruo slowly raised her head, a small delicate face with a tear stain on the corner of her eyes, like a pear blossom bathed in the rain, makes everyone who see it feels pity. The tearful eyes looked at the emperor and said bitterly, “Since the emperor has been decided, then this concubine will do as you wish. Ask the emperor decree to abolish this concubine.” She said that and muttered a long sigh.

(Pear blossom bathed in the rain – a weeping beauty)

Looking at her delicate face with jealousy, Lingfei thought to herself that after close scrutiny, the normally dull and silent empress was still somewhat beautiful. Fortunately, she was dumb by nature. Otherwise, with her sweet mouth and appearance she would snatch the emperor’s favor just for herself.

Jun Yilie looked back at her and said coldly, “What are you talking about, are you kidding me? If I could abolish you, I would have done that a long time ago, no need to wait until now! “

Lan Xiaoruo was confused, she asked curiously, “What’s wrong with that, Emperor? Doesn’t the emperor have the right to abolish this concubine?”

When the Empress Dowager ordered him to marry Yu Xinruo, his distant cousin, her mother had issued a death order in front of him. Under no circumstances he would abandon the empress, otherwise his mother would go to heaven by herself and show him her determination. As for why this order was issued, it was entirely because of the intimate relationship between his mother and Yu Xinruo’s mother. After Yu Xinruo’s parents died, the Empress Dowager pitied her, fearing that she would be bullied in the palace, so she asked her son, Jun Yilie, to give her the position of the empress. The Empress Dowager knew that her son did not like her, but he was filial in nature and always obeyed her words. In this way, as long as she still alive, Yu Xinruo would not end up in a tragic situation.

Jun Yilie’s anger was stirred up again by of Lan Xiaoruo’s words. He squinted at her and sneered, “The Empress is so outstanding that she has forgotten such an important thing. Hmph, I don’t know how can you lost your mind and even hurt yourself earlier, threatening me not to abolish your position!”

When Lingfei saw the opportunity she hastened to add oil and vinegar to the side: “Emperor, concubines have said that this empress is the reincarnation of the fox spirit, don’t you see that she is usually silent but secretly causing problem for you. Isn’t it just because there is Empress Dowager supporting her? The life of Empress Dowager is hundreds and thousands of times more precious than that of this orphan daughter. It is a great ability for her to encourage the Empress Dowager and give her protection. Emperor, you have to think about the Empress Dowager. If this continues, this concubine is afraid what tricks she is going to use against you.”

(add oil and vinegar: exaggerating)

Lan Xiaoruo saw the greed and ambition in Lingfei’s eyes and sneers at herself. You dead fox spirit, just you wait. You give me one, I’ll give you back tenfold.

(she will retaliate for what she did ten times worse)

Lingfei’s words confirmed Jun Yilie’s determination to abolish her. But before he could open his mouth, he heard Lan Xiaoruo say sharply, “Sister Lingfei, don’t slander this concubine with your mouth full of nonsense! This concubine knows that you have long coveted the empress’s throne, but even if this concubine gives up the empress’s throne, it will not be your turn to sit back! Look at how you dress, what you look like and what you’re wearing, it’s just like a spring outpouring of clothes! Such shameless and disgraceful woman, not to mention the empress position, even a concubine is not fit for you to take! And this empress is still sitting upright on the throne, you a mere concubine dare to speak up to me, is the empress is really in nobody’s eyes! Emperor, even if this empress is not your favorite woman, in terms of relationship I’m still your distant cousin. Are you allowed your concubine to bully your cousin?”

(spring outpouring of clothes: dressing too much)

After she finish teach Lingfei a lesson, Lan Xiaoruo quickly looked at the emperor as fierce as she could, but on the outside it just show a pathetic and fragile look with pitiful watery eyes.

“You, you , you!” Lingfei didn’t expect the gloomy and quiet empress to be so powerful when angry that she couldn’t even refute for a moment.

Jun Yilie was also shocked by Lan Xiaoruo’s words and looked at her again with deep thought. Her appearance is still the same, the rouge powder is all over the face, pearl hairpins everywhere, and the dress is still rich and vulgar. The only difference is that the eyes suddenly seem to be fresh and lively. Those eyes are wondering around from time to time, as if they are paying attention to anything at any time. Such a woman makes him feel strange and feels a little mysterious.

Xiaoli and Xinger also looked at each other and thought it was incredible that the Empress was really abnormal today. She spoke in such a way. Was it her bumping against the wall that suddenly smartened her head? If so, they would regret not having asked the empress to hit the wall earlier.

After a long time of consideration, the emperor slowly opened his mouth: “Lingfei, what the empress said is very reasonable. Now that she is still the country empress, you dare to rely on my feelings for you to attack her. If someday you became the empress, I won’t allow such a person with no esteem to be by my side!”

When Lingfei listened, she was in a hurry to refute and was about to open her mouth, but Jun Yilie waved his sleeve robe and said, “I don’t want to listen to your nonsense anymore. You will go to the Court of Justice as punishment, ten times flogging and a month of confinement . You won’t be permitted to leave your palace without my order!”

Court of Justice is the place where the emperor’s court specializes to punishing imperial concubines and maid that commit wrong doing. There are female officers in it to execute the orders.

Lingfei was very anxious and angry, but the imperial decree couldn’t be violated. She had to be blessed it’s just ten times of flogging and confinement. She said sadly, “The concubine obeys your order.” With a fierce stare at the satisfied Lan Xiaoruo, she reluctantly retreated.


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