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Quick Transmigration: Male God, Shine Bright! C21

Translated by IAllsIsAwe at foxaholic.com

Proofread by ZiarayZ

Chapter 21

It was a pity that by the time the red cloth fell, it was just a small white car that cost a million yuan.

And compared to Chu Zheng’s type of car, this type of car just didn’t look good enough.

Ji Tongtong was embarrassed and upset in the bottom of her heart. Yet, she still needed to smile and thank Papa Ji. However, her manner was obviously a little perfunctory.

How was it possible for Chu Zheng to have this type of car?

Did dad buy it for her too?

Why did the present arrive at this time and purposely to make her embarrassed?

Chu Zheng left after signing the bill. From the start, she didn’t give people a chance to speak while exuding natural and unrestrained elegance.

“Tongtong.” The stepmom pulled her aside to remind her: “Don’t think about it. Meng Ran is waiting for you now. Hurry up.”

As soon as Ji Tongtong heard Meng Ran was waiting for her, she quickly sorted out her mood and went to Meng Ran.

Papa Ji and other people exchanged greetings. Their eyes that lingering around were locked on Ji Tongtong talking next to Meng Ran, intimately.

“Old Man Ji, you take a look at these two children. They are talented and beautiful. The thing I have proposed before, what do you think?” Papa Meng said with a smile.

At this time, Papa Ji’s heart was in a complete mess. He originally  wanted to avoid it but stepmom who was standing beside him said: “If Tongtong and Meng Ran like each other, we as parents have no objection.”

Papa Ji frowned: “They are still young…”

Papa Meng said: “It’s all right. Meng Ran will graduate from high school soon. After graduation, they can get engaged first.”

Papa Meng seemed to be pleased with Ji Tongtong.

The sentence ‘even Momma Meng didn’t have a problem’ was immediately added.

Three people also say the same sentence. If Papa Ji is against it, he would be ignored.


“What do you all mean by Ji Chu Zheng? She was making so much commotion at Ji Tongtong’s birthday party? “

“What other meaning could there be? Regardless of what Ji Tongtong said, she is just a stepdaughter. The rightful heir of Ji’s family is Ji Chu Zheng. Isn’t this directly telling her that she is the rightful heir of Ji’s family a moment ago?”

“That makes sense. No matter how great Ji Tongtong’s effort is. Later, Ji’s family would still recognise Ji Chu Zheng.”

“Don’t say that. Maybe Ji Tongtong’s mother’s stomach won’t fall short. She might give birth to a son, the true heir.”

“Chu Zheng has changed a lot now. I almost couldn’t recognize her just now.”

Ji Tongtong stood outside these people’s line of sight and just listened to their words clearly.

She clenched her fist tightly. Stepdaughter… No matter how hard she tries, she was merely a stepdaughter.

“Tongtong, what are you doing standing here?” Yang Xixi ran over to her.

“Nothing.” Ji Tongtong dropped her head. She raised her head again with a gentle face: “To take a breather.”

“You, come with me.” Yang Xixi pulled Ji Tongtong upstairs and closed the door. “Tongtong, you actually let Ji Chu Zheng humiliate you?”

Ji Tongtong pretended to not understand it: “Xixi, she is my sister. What are you talking about?”

“What kind of sister is this. She didn’t treat you as a younger sister at all. So no need to speak for her.” Yang Xixi coldly snorted: “This time I need to make her embarrassed.”


“Oh, by the way, you don’t need to mind it. You just need to help me to spread the information later.”

Ji Tongtong’s birthday party focused on the evening. Ji Tongtong changed into a more grand formal attire and stood with Meng ran, just like a pair of Bi Jade[1].

{TN: [1] It is a metaphor. It means like a pair (a male and female) that compliment each other very well/perfect couple/beautiful couple}

Yang Xixi stood beside her. Her heart was running a river of grieving, but she still had to put a smile on her face.

The party went smoothly. Ji Tongtong wanted to find Yang Xixi, yet she couldn’t find the person she was searching for a long time. Wasn’t she going to take good care of Ji Chu Zheng?

How come she was nowhere to be found?

Ji Tongtong asked the person next to her. Someone told her that Yang Xixi had gone upstairs.

Ji Tongtong went upstairs to find her. When she was passing a room, the door suddenly opened and someone pulled her in.

The room was so dark that she couldn’t see anything.

Her chin was pinched by a person. He fiercely poured a few mouthfuls of water in, the cold liquid with alcohol slipped into the stomach.

Cough cough cough cough…” Ji Tongtong choked heavily. The darkness brought her fear, causing her voice tremble questioning: “Who… Who are you? What do you want to do? “

The person who grabbed her pushed her back afterwards. Ji Tongtong’s head was spinning and she fell down to the bedside. She heard the sound of the door being opened.

After that the room fell into darkness.

Chu Zheng stood outside the door. She turned the glass in her hand and went back to her room.

About half an hour later, Chu Zheng heard commotion and the corridor was full of people.

Chu Zheng went over to see. Perhaps the cold on her body was too strong. So, when she stood in the crowd, people around her gave way automatically.

The room was somewhat disordered. Furthermore, there was a strange smell. Ji Tongtong was in Meng Ran’s embrace. Yang Xixi was wrapped in the bedsheet. She was curled on the bed while shaking and trembling, not daring to see anyone.

“Dang! It was unbelievable ah…”

“I didn’t expect these two people were in this relationship, but they would do it in the guest room…”

“Unfortunately, I’m late. I didn’t see the erotic spectacle.”

“Isn’t it nauseating?”

“Exactly. How did you not see that they are in this relationship before?”

“They don’t go in and out together all the time. Previously, their relationship was too good and not normal…”

Papa Ji and others rushed over after hearing the news. Stepmom almost fainted. Papa Ji hurriedly sent away the guests to control the situation.

It was the business community and Ji Tongtong’s classmates who came today.

There were many people who saw. Even if Papa Ji intended to seal their mouth, it was also impossible.

Papa Meng and Momma Meng were also there to see this scene. Their complexion was quite complicated. They both looked at each other.

Ji Tongtong and Yang Xixi unexpectedly…

Although the acceptance of such things was much better now than before.

But when it happened to them, it still made some people feel uncomfortable and unable to accept it.

“Umm… Old Man Ji, we will go first. ” When Momma Meng pulled on Meng Ran, Papa Ji and Stepmom had no time to deal with them.

“Mom…” Meng Ran really didn’t want to leave.

“Go.” Meng’s mother gave a low rebuke. She, together with Papa Meng pulled Meng Ran away by force.

Chu Zheng stood outside the door. Her expression looked indifferent. When Meng Ran came out, she happened to meet eyes with him. Meng Ran then got an indescribable cold feeling.

“Let’s go quickly.” Momma Meng pulled Meng Ran away hastily.

“Mom…” Ji Tongtong cried hoarsely.

“Tongtong, Tongtong… What’s going on? “

How could Ji Tong know what’s going on? She was poured with a glass of wine after that. Her whole body was hot and parched. Then…

Yang Xixi also couldn’t tell what’s going on. She could only cry.

Papa Ji said: “You both are really…”

“Dad, Xixi and I are just friends. I really don’t know what’s going on. There must be someone who wants to harm Xixi and me…”

Ji Tongtong told her bitter experience before.

Especially on the part where she was dragged into the room.

Ji Tongtong was crying. She suddenly looked up and pointed at Chu Zheng: “Sister… It was sister… It was sister who dragged me into the room. “

Stepmom could not believe it: “Tongtong, what are you talking about?”

Papa Ji also looked at his daughter at the door.

Facing Ji Tongtong’s pointing finger, Chu Zheng was still calm and indifferent.

Papa Ji: “Chu Zheng… What’s all this about? “

How did a perfectly fine birthday party become like this?

Stepdaughter also pointing the finger at his own daughter, saying she hurt her?

“I don’t know.”

Chu Zheng answered it coldly.

Awe Hidden Corner: Okay… I messed up. since I call Tongtong’s father is Papa Ji.. So I will call Meng Ran’s father, Papa Meng and his mother, Momma Meng. I actually wanted to make it easier to remember. 

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