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Quick Transmigration System: Pounce on Male Gods Which Family’s Stronger – Ch 1

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Quick Transmigration System: Pounce on Male Gods Which Family’s Stronger

Arc 1, Chapter 1: Film Emperor God, Please Have Mercy (1)


    【Determining identity——】

   【Identification successful, host identity, Qing Ge, confirmed, booting up system…】

    【The system has successfully booted, admission of the host identity is complete. 】

 【Welcome host Qing Ge in joining the ‘Pounce on male gods which family’s stronger’ system, our main idea is that as long as the male god needs you, you must appear beside the male god.】

Suddenly, a bout of drowsiness overcame her, and Qing Ge gradually fell asleep.


 Qing Ge opened her eyes again and found herself lying in a super luxurious car!

Holy Shit!!

That voice last night was not an illusion!

 After she slept, she was taken to an unfamiliar place by that so-called ‘Pounce on male gods which family’s stronger’ system!

What she had to do was to transform the original twisted story from BE (bad ending) into HE (good ending) through various roles such as the female lead, female support, villain, or cannon fodder, etc.

She also wanted to call out and did not want to accept the task, but every time she chose “no” when given the options to accept or not, the system would always pop-up the dialogue again.

Thus, she was taken to this first mission by this cheating pit.

In this task, the female lead Gu Qing Ge was chosen by a well-known director to shoot a movie at the age of 18, debuting as the “X girl”. The movie was released and everyone loved her as a pure female lead that she portrayed, quickly shooting her to fame within the country. As long as she maintained her image, she would always be renowned, with countless resources.

  However, she was too eager to make quick gains. She went to Fashion Week for a few years in a row but due to her ‘old-fashioned’ style, she lost a lot of fashion resources all at once, her popularity dropping like a rock.

Later on, in order to survive in the entertainment world, she went and got plastic surgery to expand the range of roles she could get. This caused her entire face to become extremely stiff. The image of the female star that was originally known as “pure and clean, sweet smile” immediately collapsed, instantly becoming a net famous poker face. In the end, she couldn’t survive in the entertainment circle.

 The target to conquer this time, Li Xi Si, won the international film emperor for his thriller film “The First Commandment”, which not only had good acting skills within it but also won numerous awards for the best male singers. Within reason, a lot of images of tough guys were created. So long as “Li Xi Si” is mentioned, the word “tough guy” would pop up in people’s minds.

  According to the original plot, the two participated in a reality show. As a result of a certain activity, the two disagreed and ended up having hostility with each other. After the broadcast, in order to generate more views, malicious edits were made. The variety show episode was broadcasted the next day bringing a barrage of vicious criticisms towards Gu Qing Ge. 

  Later, the original owner heard that she needed to shoot an ad with him, she didn’t even ask for a name before directly refusing. Afterward, upon hearing Li Xi Si’s name, whether it be a movie or a variety show, Gu Qing Ge refused to participate in it. Regardless of what it was, it was rejected whenever his name was mentioned. 

   Thus falling into the hands of another woman, they formed a CP (couple) with Li Xi Si and gained a lot of fans. The two eventually got married. As for Gu Qing Ge, having refused all opportunities with his involvement, she ended up withdrawing from the entertainment industry and found someone who did not despise her ugly looks to spend the rest of her life with.

Gu Qing Ge helplessly held her forehead, what kind of task is this?!

 [System]: Ding–The Host must not have resistance to the system, deducting system favorability of 10%, the current system favorability is -10%, Host please hurry up and complete the task, if the system favorability reaches -20%, then will enter the punishment task.

What the hell, there were even punishment tasks!

[System]: The punishment task has a slim chance of surviving, hope the Host will complete the task well, so as to not reduce the system favorability.

 At this time, Qing Ge didn’t even know that once she entered the system that was as deep as the sea, she was forevermore just a passerby until her return.

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