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Quick Transmigration System: Pounce on Male Gods Which Family’s Stronger – Ch 10

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Quick Transmigration System: Pounce on Male Gods Which Family’s Stronger

Arc 1, Chapter 10: Film Emperor God, Please Have Mercy (10)

She suddenly felt a burst of anger in her heart, not knowing where to vent.

It also let her understand one thing.

 When doing things, not only would you need to think twice before doing but to also think twice before thinking as well!

 The system favorability had brought her close to the punishment system, when would it be…

 【Ding-rest assured, I am still very kind and will not kick you into the punishment system that quickly. 】

Gu Qing Ge, who just wanted to curse out, could only clench her fists, pretending to have no opinions.

Hold back!

Hold back!

Definitely can’t get angry!

Definitely can’t curse at people!

When the agent saw her appearance, she thought she wanted to refuse, but she just didn’t know how to request it. Thus she said beside her, “Qing Ge, don’t be sad. The reality show just started shooting. We can just quit.”

 Gu Qing Ge immediately snapped back.


 How can that be possible?

She doesn’t want to at all, okay?

 Gu Qingge said, “Relax. It just means that the more people that don’t like us now, the more they would like us in the end. It doesn’t matter. It’s just some bad comments, nothing more.”


“You don’t want to believe me?”

The agent gave Gu Qingge a thoughtful look. She was originally still a little hesitant at first but finally decided to give up especially after seeing her sincere eyes.

 After all, being able to cooperate with Film Emperor Li was the dream of many young female stars.

No matter how many fans were attracted, or how many people cursed at her, it still meant that Gu Qing Ge’s recognition among the people had increased after cooperating with Film Emperor Li.

So long as someone recognized Gu Qing Ge, just based on her face in the future, would there be a time when she won’t be famous?

Naturally, that was impossible.


It should have been from having heard the commotion on the Internet.

Li Xisi came over, wrapped his arms around her shoulders, and took a selfie with her without saying a word.

 He even showed it to her, “Do you see any problems with this?”

 Gu Qing Ge, who had not yet responded, blinked. What was this situation?

 “Seems like there’s no opinion.”

He lowered his head and operated his phone a bit, then nudged his elbow against her shoulder, “I followed you, you should also follow me back. Then forward it to Weibo at the same time.”

Gu Qing Ge froze and quickly opened Li Xisi’s Weibo.

Inside was their photo matched with just the text of the program name #Let’s Fall in Love#.

 Her hands suddenly stiffened.

 The male god was really enthusiastic.

 In other words, was the male god really pursuing her?

  When Li Xisi saw her in a daze, he found her particularly cute as her entire person was in a trance-like manner.

 The smile in the corner of his mouth became more and more obvious.

  He directly took Gu Qing Ge’s cell phone, followed and forwarded in one go without beating around the bush.

 When Gu Qing Ge snapped out of her stupor, she saw that she had already forwarded the same picture with the same words #Let’s Fall in Love# on Weibo.

 Suddenly, she didn’t know what to do.

She just heard his gentle male voice come from above, “Don’t care about it too much, it’s all for the sake of work.”

  【Ding- target male god’s favorability increased by 20%, current favorability of the male god is 50%, you can do it host, I had underestimated you before, I did not expect you to be so good! 】

 If Gu Qing Ge didn’t hear the system sound out, she would’ve really thought that Li Xisi’s actions were purely for business.

 She quickly got up and bowed, “Sorry, Film Emperor Li, I’ve caused you trouble this time.”

 Li Xisi reached out and pet her hair, “Not a bother.”


  Even so, that group of netizens, who were crying and yelling that they were not a match, did not buy into this couple photo.

Saying that they were even less of a match.

However, compared to the previous sarcastic remarks, there were still many people who were rather fair.

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