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Quick Transmigration System: Pounce on Male Gods Which Family’s Stronger – Ch 11

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Quick Transmigration System: Pounce on Male Gods Which Family’s Stronger

Arc 1, Chapter 11: Film Emperor God, Please Have Mercy (11)

Someone on the Internet objectively assessed, “Old uncle matched with a loli. You never know, maybe a different kind of spark would appear.”

Seeing such comments, Gu Qingge didn’t know whether or not she should laugh.

Because of Li Xisi’s comments on her Weibo, the number of followers had skyrocketed and the number of fans also increased.

Others directly created a Weibo tag #Urging-Li-Xisi-and-Gu-Qingge-to-not-record-the-program-and-punch-in-their-time-card#. Immediately, many people flocked over to watch.

However, as an observing passer-by, they felt that this was a bit too much.

They said some fair words, but this group of fans had a shocking amount of fighting ability. They had their own eloquence, and directly spat at the passers-bys until nothing remained.

Gu Qingge looked at this Weibo and didn’t know whether she should be happy or sad.

“No need to care too much about the news on the Internet.” Li Xisi opened his lips. “They can’t change whether or not we record the program.”

Gu Qingge’s eyes abruptly widened. Looking at his resolute face, the corner of her mouth suddenly brimmed with a smile, “I’m thinking about how these people will be face-slapped after the show is broadcasted!”



“I feel that the script arranged by the program is very good…quite sweet!” Gu Qingge said.

Li Xisi, who was originally worried that she would be sad, immediately stopped talking.

He thought……

Even he felt like knives were stabbed into his heart when he looked at those harsh words on the Internet. He never thought that she would just go on as if it had nothing to do with her.

To still have the mood to talk to him about the reality TV show’s script.

“It really is quite good.”

Gu Qingge shook her head. When it came to this type of romantic-love reality show, if two stars were really put in it without any scripts, they certainly/definitely won’t be able to generate any chemistry.

If you really let the stars go on dates, and then filmed it on the side, the things that you end up capturing would definitely be able to hit the moe bullseye within the audience’s hearts.

Many people would still pay for the artificially created pink atmosphere and dog food that was being produced this way.

“Thinking about it, I feel particularly excited. I was actually able to create a facade of falling in love with Film Emperor Li Xisi; this is not the type of treatment that an average female star would get.”

Gu Qingge quickly took the chance to flatter him before they started filming.

Although her skills at fawning were not that high.

However, Lixi Si particularly enjoyed this remark.

【Ding—— Target male god’s male favorability has increased by 2%. The male god’s current favorability is 52%. Host, I have faith in you! 】

Li Xisi faintly narrowed his eyes and gave her a serious look, “Do you really like shooting with me, or are you just acting?”

He could really see through what the woman in front of him was exactly thinking.

Seemingly naive and romantic, but in actuality, a wall has long been constructed in that heart of hers, not allowing anyone to enter nor allowing herself out.

It should be out of politeness that a little woman with such a personality would say such things.

In order to pull their previous relations closer.

For some unknown reason, Li Xisi couldn’t help but generate a few points of tender loving feelings for her, that even he himself hadn’t realized.

“Film Emperor Li cooks so beautifully. I naturally like shooting with you!” Gu Qingge said very seriously.

Hearing her agent call for her, Gu Qingge then nodded apologetically and turned to leave.

Li Xisi raised his eyes lightly, watching the back of her leaving figure, and gently shook his head. He never expected someone like himself, who was clever for a lifetime but still had a short lapse in judgement, to actually harbor a different kind of feeling towards this girl just because of a few words. This wasn’t really like him!

【Ding——Target male god’s favorability has lowered 15%. Current male god’s favorability is 37%. Host, this is disastrous. The male god has realized that he can’t have feelings for you so he has repressed his emotions. 】

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