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Quick Transmigration System: Pounce on Male Gods Which Family’s Stronger – Ch 2

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Quick Transmigration System: Pounce on Male Gods Which Family’s Stronger

Arc 1, Chapter 2: Film Emperor God, Please Have Mercy (2)

Gu Qing Ge was on her way to film a variety show.

This was also the place where she and Li Xi Si had met for the first time.

According to the original plot, as the first variety show for Film Emperor Li, he had wanted to form a team with his friends, but when the combinations were assigned, it just happened to be in the same group with Gu Qing Ge.

As a reality show program, they selected the card of killing and cooking a chicken. Since Gu Qing Ge had Vasovagal syncope¹, when she heard this topic, she immediately yelled to switch it, leaving a bad impression with Film Emperor Li.

¹TN: Faint at the sight of blood

Li Xi Si was originally a person who was very serious when it came to doing things. The thing he hated most was seeing someone immediately yelling defeat over something once they saw it, no matter how difficult that thing might be. He was very disgusted with Gu Qing Ge’s irresponsible approach, giving him an overall bad impression of Gu Qing Ge.

Later on in the recorded program, they covertly highlighted how pretentious and hypocritical of a girl Gu Qing Ge was.

When she arrived at the reality show, there were already a lot of staff and stars gathered.

The male god Li Xi Si was talking to the host.

Gu Qing Ge realized that she was late, bowing very politely and apologizing: “I’m very sorry, it was because of work and traffic on the road that caused me to be this late.”

The hostess of this show quickly greeted her: “Qing Ge, I heard your agent say that you were stuck halfway en route, I thought you would be half an hour late?”

Gu Qing Ge stuck out her tongue embarrassedly: “We met with a motorcycle on the road. Both of us, me and my assistant, brought our bag and took the motorcycle. We only switched to a taxi when the road was more spacious. I was afraid that we would be delaying everyone’s time for too long.”

She paused for a bit before saying, “Seniors, I am very sorry because I am late due to traffic. Today, I hope everyone can do me a favor and have dinner together. My treat.”

The hostess peevishly glanced at Gu Qing Ge, and patted her shoulder: “Hurry up and go change your clothes and makeup!”

“Give me two minutes then we can record.”

After finishing, Gu Qing Ge took off her jacket, revealing the clothes she had prepared before for the show.

Immediately, she took out her air cushion BB, blush, and lipstick to fix her makeup. Her movements were fluid like running water, all in one go, making people gasp in amazement.

“I’m ready.”

“That’s it?”

Gu Qing Ge reacted and immediately removed the rubber band tied to her hair. Wavy curly hair fell on both sides of her shoulder instantly, giving off a pure impression that was also a bit enchanting. Yet, a bit of youthfulness in her charm, with a trace of naivety.

“Sister Hostess, I’m all ready. I can just fix-up my makeup later when recording the air.²”

²TN: When the camera is recording the background/scenery and not recording her.

Li Xi Si naturally noticed the disturbance here, unconsciously gazing at her for a few seconds.

[System]: Proximity close to the target male god. Male god’s favor: -20%. Host, please continue to work hard; the male god is just around the corner!

What the hell!

At the very start, the target’s favorability was -20%, not some 20%. System are you playing me?

[System]: Detecting the host’s dissatisfaction with the system. System favorability drops by 2%. The current system favorability is -12%.

She couldn’t even grumble complaints. Could she no longer finish this task happily anymore?

Five minutes after the recording officially started, Gu Qing Ge and her assistant agent were casually chatting, only to find out that this variety show was aquired after much difficulty and effort.

Hearing someone call her, Gu Qing Ge hurried over to record the show.

Progressing just like the original plot, Gu Qing Ge was particularly fortunate to be divided into Li Xi Si’s group. When the host asked what it was like.

Gu Qing Ge quipped: “Naturally I hope that the elder sister screen writer, for Film Emperor Li’s sake, will show mercy to us and not let us encounter any particularly difficult problems.”

The host and the other guests instantly laughed, immediately following: “Will our program team give out such simple tasks?”

The answer was particularly obvious…

Absolutely not!

TN: Would it be more preferable to change ‘Film Emperor’ to ‘Ying Di’ and leave future said titles as they were in the original (I’ll put up a glossary link or leave notes) or leave it as its English equivalent? Let me know what you’d all like! Thank you for reading!

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