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Quick Transmigration System: Pounce on Male Gods Which Family’s Stronger – Ch 5

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Quick Transmigration System: Pounce on Male Gods Which Family’s Stronger

Arc 1, Chapter 5: Film Emperor God, Please Have Mercy (5)

She saw that the camera turned towards another direction.

Gu Qing Ge thus sat down and swiftly ate the radish and chicken dish she made. Whilst eating, she also raised her hands to praise: “Film Emperor Li, whoever marries you in the future, will definitely be very happy.”

Film Emperor Li nodded, sitting indifferently on the side.

If it wasn’t for the sound of the system’s prompt, Gu Qing Ge would’ve thought that Li Xi Si didn’t like her at all.

Didn’t expect that Film Emperor Li really liked girls who were not pretentious.

No wonder why there hasn’t been any gossip with any female artists for such a long time.

Most likely, these female artists were not realistic and unpretentious in private.

Gu Qing Ge breathed a sigh of relief and worked harder to devour the cooked chicken.

After an episode of the show, Gu Qing Ge relied on her “true and unpretentious” expression in her imagination, which was also just the original owner’s original character, and won the favor of Film Emperor Li by 20%.

Before waiting for Gu Qing Ge to be happy, she received a system prompt.

[The favorability has yet to reach 80%. It can decline at any time, anywhere. In lieu of the excellent performance from the host today, rewarded system favorability by 2%. The current system favorability is -11%, hoping the host will not defame the system in the future. 】

After Gu Qing Ge finished listening, she quickly smiled and said, “Of course, of course.”

But who could guarantee that people would always say good moving words when they were excited or emotionally unstable!


Half a month later, Li Xi Si’s first reality show was broadcasted, attracting countless netizens to watch.

This reality show, that combined cooking and games, was very likely to show the authenticity of the guests.

While watching the show, many netizens said.

Fragrant Soft Li Flower Cake¹: I didn’t expect you to be like this Film Emperor Li, to actually have such an ability to cook.

¹TN: Play on homophones. The Li (黎) here is the same character as Film Emperor Li (黎). Li Hua Gao 梨花糕 – pear blossom cakes.

Li Si Nian is One Step Closer: Film Emperor Li, Film Emperor Li, the food you cook is so delicious, I want to give birth to your monkeys².

²TN: Kids

Film Emperor Li My dearest love: Upstairs, let go of Film Emperor Li and let me do it.

Half a lifetime of fireworks and half a lifetime of Li Flowers³: Originally entered this show’s pit due to Film Emperor Li. In the end, they became a fan of Gu Qing Ge.

³TN: Same play on homophones. Instead of the Li in pear, it’s the Li in Film Emperor Li’s name.

Following the Heart to Walk with Xi Si for the next ten years: 1+ upstairs.

Li style indifference: upstairs 10086+⁴

⁴TN: 10086 is what you first dial to long-distance call China.

Seven Seconds Li: Upstairs personal ID number +

Island Cave: This girl is really too cute, she is not pretentious at all.

Xi Si’s Little Darling: Upstairs true insight.

Qing Nian Jiu Li⁵: Everyone, don’t you think this girl is well-matched with Film Emperor Li?

⁵TN: If anyone can help with this, it’d be great. Aged wine Li doesn’t really make sense.

Wang Yangyu: Stand still upstairs, turns out I am not the only one who feels this way.

Male God Li One Step Further: Fiery trance, I am standing up for this pair’s CP.⁶

⁶TN: CP = couple

Looking for the Male God’s Li Cat: To tell the truth, this pair’s CP, even if you didn’t say that you’ll be standing for it, I will consciously stand by it.


There was a lot of discussion on the Internet regarding this, and many people began to comment on how much Gu Qing Ge and Li Xi Si have in common. For example, Gu Qingge once posted a photo of her drinking coffee on a social networking site. The paparazzi came out and found out that Li Xi Si also liked to drink this flavor of coffee.

Gu Qing Ge was particularly pleased when she saw this heated discussion. It represented that when the two of them would participate in the made-up marriage reality show in the future, no one would object.

After working for half a month, she received a notice from the team of the “Let’s Fall in Love” program.

As the star lover reality show created by Star TV, the broadcast of the first season attracted a lot of repercussions. Today, as their second season, they also spent great efforts when sending out their invitations to the program.

They invited men and women from the entertainment circle, three men and three women who had not married and were single, to form three groups of couples with different personalities and spent three months together as lovers.

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