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Quick Transmigration System: Pounce on Male Gods Which Family’s Stronger – Ch 6

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Quick Transmigration System: Pounce on Male Gods Which Family’s Stronger

Arc 1, Chapter 6: Film Emperor God, Please Have Mercy (6)

It didn’t ask for cohabitation but it would start shooting according to the script arranged by the program group.

In the original plot, Gu Qing Ge had only collaborated with Li Xisi once. For an unknown reason, she was actually arranged by the program team to have a fake love relationship with Li Xisi.

At that time, she made a spectacle of herself during the reality show and only felt that she was invited by the program crew to watch her make a joke of herself. At the same time, she didn’t want her private outlook to be shown to the public, thus she resolutely rejected it.

Even though the original owner never understood why she had received the invitation from the show crew, but now that the opportunity presented itself again, how could Gu Qing Ge let it go in vain?

Before the official announcements of who was paired with whom, a photo of Gu Qing Ge was already released on the program group’s Weibo. Many netizens saw her but initially did not object, expressing interest in seeing who she would be paired with for a fake love relationship.

At the same time, Li Xisi also received a notification from the program crew. He immediately refused as soon as he heard the name.

On the contrary, Li Xisi’s agent said to him with sincere and heartfelt words, “You can’t refuse this show. Many fans have suggested to us that since you rarely participate in variety shows, they say that you are not sufficiently grounded and wish to see your more realistic side. Furthermore, after entering the entertainment industry all these years, you have never had any type of gossip with any female star. There were, however, rumors of you being gay some time ago. Although those rumors have been dispersed, there are still many people who believe you are gay.”

“Furthermore, from the second half of the year to the next two years, you have to leave to shoot several important movies. If you do not take on any promotions or participate in any programs, no matter how reasonable your fans are, it is not possible for them to always just watch your previous movies and TV series.”

Just as Li Xisi wanted to say something, his agent said again: “The most important thing is that this show was created by your mother. They wanted you to come in the first season, but you refused. Your mother already told me earlier, whether you agree or not, to let me send you directly to the program group.”

Li Xisi shook his head helplessly, poured a cup of black tea, and drank it.

His agent even brought out his mother. He would appear unreasonable and if he refused again.

If he did not agree, maybe his mother would just introduce him to a man on a blind date.

In the past, his family had introduced blind dates to him before. Li Xisi would always use the pretext of being busy with his work and being abroad to escape many blind dates. The people in the family have long complained about this.

He also knew that his mother wanted him to get to know girls through this program, but…this program that introduced foreign copyrights*, and as an old-timer in the entertainment circle, he clearly understood in his heart.

Going on the show was just to increase your popularity.

With no other alternatives, Li Xisi had to agree.

“I have conditions, the girl who would be my partner can’t be too noisy, just a little cute would be fine.” As Li Xisi said this, Gu Qing Ge’s appearance, while she was recording a program with him, suddenly popped into his head. That look of her bulging cheeks while eating looked very cute.

If the person who starred with him was Gu Qing Ge, he might not hate it so much.

【System: male god favorability + 5%, current male god favorability 25%, please continue to work hard host, do not take it lightly. 】

Gu Qingge, who was applying a facial mask almost jumped up in joy.

Did this mean that Li Xisi promised to fake a marriage with her?

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