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Quick Transmigration System: Pounce on Male Gods Which Family’s Stronger – Ch 9

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Quick Transmigration System: Pounce on Male Gods Which Family’s Stronger

Arc 1, Chapter 9: Film Emperor God, Please Have Mercy (9)

    Others had pictures and truth to express that the two of them, be it their age gap, height, figure, temperament, skin color, or even the movies and series they starred in, making an irrefutable all-round analysis.

    All said that Gu Qing Ge was not worthy of Li Xisi.

    And strongly urged the program crew to change the cast, to give an extraordinarily reliable woman to their Film Emperor Li as a replacement to continue this fake love.

   Gu Qing Ge, who had just finished shooting part of the show with Li Xisi, heard the agent say to her: “Why don’t we just not participate in this muddy water? My little ancestor, you haven’t seen how much and how miserably you’ve been scolded online! If you continue recording, once the program broadcasts, when the time comes … “

    Gu Qing Ge raised the corner of her lips, took the phone, and watched the news.

    In the original plot, the actress who originally starred with Li Xisi was also scolded badly at first.

    But as the program aired, their CP became the netizens’ heartfelt love.

   “Look, it even says that on another show, you threw your attitude around at a certain famous star, not respecting that star at all.”

   “Obviously it was that male star’s character that was too bad. I can’t be blamed, I don’t like men who have bad character.”

   Gu Qing Ge took the phone and looked at her Weibo.

    The latest news happened to be her swimming.

    Only to see that one of the comments, that was liked 30,000 times, was “Swim your sister (waving) really couldn’t help it, just wanted to say that.”

   It was followed by a comment with 28,000 likes, “Distressed for my Film Emperor Li.”

    There was another who immediately followed that comment with: “I just wanted to say that more and more people will come to slander you (pick nose). You don’t match the Film Emperor at all, okay?! (Spit)”

    All sorts of “Capitalized dissatisfaction”, and there was even someone who said: “XX, bastard!!!!!! Letting my family’s Film Emperor…sorry, letting him accidentally go to the wrong studio!”

 Many people said that she was not a match at all.

  Others said, “This is the first time I’ve seen the phrase “a good white choy was fed to a pig”¹ used to describe a female towards a male (LOL)”

¹TN: Phrase that means something precious was wasted on something/someone else. 

 The agent’s complexion grew even uglier after listening to her own artist saying it aloud word by word.

 Hurriedly taking her hand, she said, “Qing Ge, what kind of harassment have you gotten, if you feel sad then don’t look at it anymore.”

Gu Qing Ge shrugged her shoulders and saw that the hottest topic was just the two of their names.

 “What would I be sad about? I’m at the top of the hottest topic. There is nothing to be sad about.”

 In order to leave an exceptionally good impression in front of Li Xisi, Gu Qing Ge had never lowered her smile at the corner of her mouth.

 She began to think secretly.

 Why was her system so arrogant? It knew that this was a fiery pit, and yet it still pushed her into this fiery pit, completely without considering her feelings and tolerance.

 If she wasn’t able to withstand this, maybe she will be thrown into the punishment system by this evil heartache.

 When she thought of the punishment system, she felt extremely horrified. She didn’t want to go!

  [Ding-Detected that the host is full of maliciousness towards the system, the system favorability is reduced by 5%, the current system favorability is -17%, requesting host to no longer be hostile to the system, otherwise you’ll be directly kicked into the punishment system. 】


 Gu Qing Ge, who received this news from the system instantly grew unhappy. What exactly did she say? How could it be like this?!!!

 She didn’t say anything at all!

What the hell is with that system favorability drop!

 System sama (lord), don’t be so arrogant, OK!

But the system just responded back to her with cold air.

 #The system is too arrogant, the target mission can not be continued, how to break this stance, online, anxiously for an answer!#

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