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Quick Transmigration: The Top Villainess Wants to Whitewash Ch 2

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Quick Transmigration: The Top Villainess Wants to Whitewash

Chapter 2 – The Little White Flower Became the Embodiment of a Psycho Big Boss

Five years later, the young man returned after he became a demon and destroyed the entire sect.

And what the transmigrated Liangyin needed to do this time was shortly after meeting with the young man, she was to take him to properly cultivate into an immortal; fulfilling the young man’s wish at the time of becoming the leader of those cultivating to be immortals.

After quickly recalling the task in her mind, Liang Yin hurriedly pointed to the villain whitewashing system in her sea of consciousness,

“Male God! Did you transfer me into the wrong location? This, this is entirely wrong?!”

When calling out the male god, Liang Yin also felt that it was super sarcastic.

Would you really say that it was appropriate for a cat, who was so fat that its eyes were squinting, to be named Male God?!

Seeing Liang Yin asking himself, the chubby big fat cat lying in her sea of consciousness, shook his fleshy buttocks and changed his posture, saying,

“Of course there was no transfer error. This clean young man named Qing Luo is the protagonist of your mission this time. He was completely sadistically killed by you in your previous life!”

“Clean? Are you messing with me?”

Liangyin looked at the man who was scrutinizing her carefully and couldn’t help swallowing nervously, “Male God, I keep feeling that in this case, it should be him who sadistically killed me!”

After listening to Liang Yin’s complaints, Male God took a closer look at the situation in the hall. His fat body shook in shock, saying,

“Holy sh–! This really was a transmission error! You’ve been transferred to the time after his death where he blackened!”

“…” Liangyin. “Since that’s the case, please hurry and resend me! I’m gonna die from the pain!”

Liang Yin glanced at her continuously bleeding wrist and wanted to cry without tears.

Male God dry coughed a little and said a little embarrassedly, “That… Because this time and space was the farthest away, this lord’s transmission power has been used up.

Possibly, it might take another year and half or so to recover. Ahahahahahaha! No worries! No worries!

Don’t be sad, it’s also good that you familiarize yourself more with the character of the mission’s male lead! Hahaha! This lord is tired so he’ll be resting first!

You must remember to carefully keep your life during this period of time. This lord doesn’t have any extra energy to shuttle you right now. You must wait for this lord to recover his strength!”

Male God was very clever. After he finished speaking with a laugh, he immediately ran away and disappeared without a trace.

No matter how much Liang Yin called out, there wasn’t any reply.



This stinkin unreliable fat cat!

Liang Yin grinded her teeth and swallowed back the spout of blood that would reach the heavens that almost sprayed out from her mouth.

After greeting Male God and his eighteen ancestors in her, Liang Yin gathered all her focus into her current thorny situation.

She violently exerted herself, trying to get up, but found that her body had absolutely no strength at all.

To the point where with the exception of her facial expressions, her body seemed to be paralyzed, with absolutely no movement at all.

Her expression stiffened and had a kind of feeling where a thunderbolt had struck her out of the blue.

She, she, she…Not only was her blood let out, but had all her body’s meridians shattered?!

She is now just a wastrel?!

The beautiful man leaning on the side of the pool of water looked at Liang Yin’s shocked expression as she laid on the side of the bath. The scarlet red corner of his mouth pulled up into a cold arc.

“Big sister, this really is getting more and more interesting. Clearly it’s been a long time since you’ve stopped breathing but you still woke up?”

When he said this, a cold light appeared in the depths of the man’s eyes.

Upon hearing those words, Liang Yin was suddenly startled.

Stopped breathing? Woke up? He…did he mean that her original self had already been tortured to death?

“Big sister, could it be that your soul was unable to rest and came back because you didn’t want to leave me?” The man seemed to be touched as he arched his eyes, “Big sister, you are so kind to me.”

As the man’s words fell, the corner of those dark red lips hooked up into a sinister smile.

Seeing this, Liang Ying couldn’t help but feel her scalp go numb.

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