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Quick Transmigration: The Villain’s Sweet Wife [c2]

Translator: ImmoralShan

Proofreaders: Lian & Lynn

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When Ji Jiaoyue came back from abroad, she was too heartbroken to stay in the city any longer after congratulating them. Unexpectedly, due to a heart attack, Chu Xuan abandoned Ji’an and went to the hospital to see Ji Jiaoyue. Ji’an refused to accept it. She used tricks to win Chu Xuan’s heart and deliberately stimulated Ji Jiaoyue, destroying her face, leaving her ill without treatment and eventually passing away

Shortly after Ji Jiaoyue’s death, Ji Qinghe fell ill. Xu Jie took the opportunity to transfer all of his properties and secretly poisoned him with a drug.

The villain of the world was Fu Qingyan, at 25 years old, he was the youngest Deputy Chief physician from the cardiac surgery department of City A’s hospital. He was the Ji family’s doctor and was once chased by Ji’an. Chu Xuan was jealous (T/N: ate vinegar) so he beat him thoroughly, even his hands were damaged, which destroyed his future as a doctor, eventually leading to Fu Qingyan blackening. He then destroyed the male and female leads, causing the world to collapse.

(T/N: What happened) Before was when the original owner had just returned home from abroad. Quan Nai changed her walking route, purposely causing a heart attack and coming across Fu Qingyan.

[Ding, the host’s main task is to achieve 100% for the villain’s purification value. Do you wish to activate the subplot’s task?]

Quan Nai refused, “No need.”

[Okay, the subplot’s task has been deactivated.]

Quan Nai: The fuck, it’s so obedient? This happiness came too fast.

After being released from the hospital and arriving at the Ji family’s house, Xu Jie appeared at the front door dressed up and looking very serious. She was wearing all black, smiling while standing at the door to welcome Ji Jiaoyue. With a voice full of loving-kindness, she said “Jiaoyue, how many years has mom not seen you? Come over, let mom have a look.”

Quan Nai turned away from Xu Jie and put on a hypocritical smile as she casually leaned back against the gate. “Dad, is this aunt the new nanny?”

Ji Qinghe’s expression stiffened, but when he thought of his daughter’s who was still recovering from a serious illness, he gave Xu Jie a meaningful look and patted Quan Nai on the back. “Jiaoyue, this is your mother Xu Jie. You saw her before you went abroad as a child.”

“Isn’t my mother buried in the cemetery? What, did this aunt just climb out from the grave? Dressed like it’s a funeral, I’m not dead yet.”

Quan Nai laughed very beautifully. She changed her slippers by herself and walked past Ji’an, who was standing next to her in a white dress. She didn’t even give her a glance, completely ignoring her.

Ji’an’s fists were tightly clenched under the folds of her dress. The expression on her face was controlled very well, she was like the perfect model of a lovely sister.

“Sister.” Ji’an took the initiative to go next to Quan Nai, smiling very purely.

But just as Ji’an’s hand was about to reach out and touch Quan Nai’s hand, the latter suddenly sat down, picked up the remote and watched TV.

Ji Qinghe saw that Ji Jiaoyue was unwilling to accept this mother and daughter pair, so he told Xu Jie and Ji’an to go upstairs first.

Ji Qinghe put on an apron and rubbed Quan Nai’s head. “My dear daughter, are you starving? Hasn’t it been a long time since you’ve tasted dad’s cooking? Dad will cook for you right away. Wait, it’ll be quick. You can watch TV or play with your cell phone in the meantime.”


Ji’an vented all her anger on the ragdolls in the room, her face was completely red, “What right does she have?! Mom! Ji Jiaoyue is just a disabled person, what right does she have to do this to me, to you?!”

Xu Jie hugged her daughter in distress as she gently patted her back. Her eyes were filled with a malicious light, “Keep your voice down, don’t let dad hear you, be obedient.”


Ji’an growled impatiently.

“Ji Jiaoyue won’t last for long. She is nothing but a person with heart disease, she could die any day. We should bear with it first. At the very least, we should not fight or argue back at Ji Jiaoyue. Understood?”

Ji’an’s head came out of Xu Jie’s arms. “Mom, I can’t do it!”

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