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Quick Transmigration: The Villain’s Sweet Wife [c3]

Translator: ImmoralShan

Proofreader: Lynn & Lian

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Xu Jie’s face suddenly became serious and her tone turned strange. “Even if we can’t do it, we must. We have to play the good person role. You play the role of an obedient clever sister and I am the loving stepmother. The bad person……. We’ll let Ji Jiaoyue play that role. As time goes on… “

Ji’an lowered her eyes, darting them around before figuring out the meaning. “Dad will find out that I’m actually the best daughter.”

Taking his daughter’s mood into consideration, Ji Qinghe did not let Xu Jie and Ji’an come down for dinner so the father and daughter sat at the table together.

Quan Nai held her chopsticks, her bowl piled with a mountain of food, and smiled. “Dad, you eat. I can pick them myself.”

“Nothing. Dad isn’t hungry, hurry up and eat. Is it because you think dad’s cooking got worse? Hahaha, does Jiaoyue still remember the taste of my dishes?” Ji Qinghe put all the dishes in front of Quan Nai, for fear that she would not eat well enough.

Quan Nai said nothing and buried himself in the bowl of food.

She didn’t eat it before.

When Ji Qinghe saw that she didn’t speak, he felt flustered. He thought it was really his own cooking that wasn’t delicious. “I knew that I should have listened to your aunt Xu Jie, and we should’ve gone out to eat. Ai, this is all my fault. I just had to show off my skills.”

Ji Qinghe was going to take away all the dishes. “Let’s go. Let’s go out to eat now.”

Quan Nai took Ji Qinghe’s wrist and faintly shook her head while meeting his old eyes. “It’s delicious. I like it very much.”

“Really?” Ji Qinghe’s eyes shined.

Quan Nai put a chicken leg in her mouth and vaguely replied, “En.”

Ji Qinghe hugged Quan Nai excitedly with two trails of clear tears flowing, he moved his mouth yet no words came out.

Quan Nai went upstairs after eating. Ji Qinghe had kept the original owner’s room this whole time. He cleaned it up a bit this time but there were no major changes.

 [Host, I’m very curious. Why were you floating in the void world?]

The void world is not something a normal person can enter, only special people could. Even if her soul didn’t collapse, her cultivation should’ve at least dropped some levels. Yet this ** a mortal woman got off scott free. 

Quan Nai laid on the bed and put on a face mask, making an evil smile, “By running blindly.”  

[……] Who are you fooling?

[I remember that the Flower God had violated the rules of Heaven in the past and was demoted to the void space with all his bones broken. You wouldn’t be an old man, would you? ]

Quan Nai didn’t speak.

[Host, who are you really?]

“I’m just a big weakling.” Quan Nai tore off the mask, patted her face, got out of bed and looked in the mirror. Taking the high-grade skin care products prepared by Ji Qinghe, she daubed them slowly, “Aiya, didn’t you already say that I’m a ** mortal.”

“That’s not right. You couldn’t possibly be the Flower God right?!” After seeing many of quick transmigration novels and knowing their trends, I can get a sense of the actual truth behind these traps.  


Quan Nai slapped the eye cream on the dressing table. Her bare face was crystal clear and smooth. Her small and exquisite nose was matched with cherry red lips, giving her a beautiful look. Her smile was also just right.

“You are the Flower God, your whole family are Flower Gods.” Quan Nai said in displeasure.

Dong, dong, dong!

The door was knocked on.

Then it was pushed open.

Ji’an changed into a set of pink pajamas and tied her bangs with a hairband, appearing like she had just taken a bath.

Ji’an looked to be very careful. “Sister, did I disturb you?”

Quan Nai propped up her head with her arm, her hair was scattered upon her smooth jade shoulders and she had a pair of enchanting peach blossom eyes. Using a fine and soft tone, not as cold as before. “En, you’ve disturbed me.”

Ji’an froze, she never thought that Ji Jiaoyue would be so straightforward. She pulled at the corners of her mouth and said, “Sister, I’m here to give you a teddy bear. This is my favorite bear. I hope that sister can get used to the lifestyle here.”

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