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Quick Transmigration: The Villain’s Sweet Wife [c4]

I have come back from the dead! Just so you know, Xercia is continuing this

Translator: ImmoralShan

Proofreader: Lynn

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T/N: I think I might’ve forgotten to add ‘big’ sister in the past chapters so let me just say that QN is the big sis.

Quan Nai blinked her beautiful eyes, gaze fixed on Ji’an as if she saw through her heart. “This is my home. The one who shouldn’t get used to it in the future should be you, no?”


The woman fiddled with the skincare products before her, applying a seductive shade of eyeshadow on her eyelids.


Ji’an hurriedly said, “Big sister, I said the wrong words. This is our home…”


Saying this, she went forward and grabbed Quan Nai’s shoulder and shook it. Her face looked pitiful and before long, even tears came streaming down. She yelled loudly, “Big sister, I know you don’t like me…”


Quan Nai stood there completely motionless, laughing at her acting, and couldn’t help but clap.


Suddenly, Ji’an fell to the ground on her own and hit her head on the bedpost, a large bruise blossoming on her forehead. Finally, she held out her right hand tremblingly. There was a new cut on it, and blood was flowing out.


“Big sister, why do you want to hurt me?”


Quan Nai played with a strand of her hair then slowly walked to Ji’an’s side and squatted down. Her slender long fingers pinch Ji’an’s sharp chin with her red lips close to her ear.


The hoarse voice was bewitching and dangerous. “Ji’an, you were wrong here. It’s too early to do this.”


After saying this, Quan Nai took the sharp fruit knife behind Ji’an with a smile. Taking her hand, she cut at the artery on the wrist in front of the girl’s frightened face……


From the beginning to the end, Quan Nai did not cry out in pain but her smile grew deeper. At first glance, she looked like a soul enchanting demon, seductive, and irresistible.


Before Ji’an screamed, Quan Nai stood back up and fell back on the sofa. Her face was calm and elegant. Learning from Ji’an’s grievance, she acted incisively and vividly.


“My good sister, I didn’t immediately accept you, but you couldn’t have wanted to kill me ba?”


The more Quan Nai said the more cries came along with it, but the corner of her lips only grew wider. “Wuwuwu, someone come ah, save me ah…… Ji’an you are so vicious……” 


Like a voice from hell, chillingly cold.


Ji’an was so scared that she couldn’t move. At last, she stood up in a panic and stumbled to Quan Nai step-by-step, wanting to cover her mouth and her bloody wrist. 


Before anything was said, Ji Qinghe broke in and saw Ji’an covering Quan Nai’s mouth, their hands full of blood, and the fruit knife falling near Ji’an’s feet.


At that moment, Ji’an let go of the barely alive Quan Nai while her legs trembled and couldn’t speak properly, “D-Dad, it’s not me… It was big sister……”  


“Dad……” Quan Nai wrapped her arms around the neck of Ji Qinghe who rushed over, “It really hurts…… Hurts……” 


Ji Qinghe pushed away the wooden Ji’an and hurriedly picked up Quan Nai and ran out shouting, “Quick, get the car ready to go to the hospital! Quick!”


He didn’t notice that, on his own daughter’s exquisite face, flashed a grim smile as she passed.


Ji’an, who was left behind trembling, stayed in the same place. She had not recovered from the shock yet. She stretched out her hands and stared in a daze at the upper part covered in blood which wasn’t hers.


It was like a flirtatious blossomed red spider lily, staring foolishly at her as if it was smiling.


After three days, Quan Nai is finally considered awake. The original owner’s body was not good in the first place and has been in a coma for a long time. Ji Qinghe stayed nearby as if guarding her; he never left her side.


Quan Nai looked at Ji Qinghe lying at the head of the hospital bed. She wanted to speak but found out her throat was as hot as a fire, and she couldn’t make a sound.


In the depths of her eyes, was a dark color.


It seemed that Ji Qinghe had sensed something, and he raised his head, his blurred eyes gradually became clear after he saw Quan Nai awake, “Jiaoyue you’re awake?”


Ji Qinghe rang the bedside bell.


Soon, the door of the ward was pushed open from outside.

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