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Quick Transmigration: The Villain’s Sweet Wife (c001)

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“Hah, hah, hah…….”

Under the dim street lights, there were gasps coming from the dead corner of the alley.

Quan Nai’s slender body was leaning against the cold rough brick wall behind her and her long fingers were gripping the floral dress fabric in front of her fluctuating chest.

Under the dress were two long and slender legs shaking continuously, they had perfect lines and smooth skin.

She didn’t even have the strength to walk. Her forehead was covered with fine beads of sweat, her eyes were misty with tears, and her teeth were biting those crystal lips.  She exuded a type of beauty that made one want to abuse her.

A soft and feeble voice floated in the cool air, “H-Help me…….”

As soon as her voice fell, a handsome face with clear contours was reflected in Quan Nai’s dark eyes. It became increasingly obscure and blurry until everything went dark.

Quan Nai didn’t even know when she woke up.

“Miss Ji, you’re awake?”

“Miss Ji, your heart disease acted up. You’re in the hospital right now. Do you still feel any discomfort?” This was the man’s usual routine. (T/N: As a doctor, he has to ask these routine questions.)

Quan Nai shook her head and laid in bed, staring at the name tag on the man’s chest meaningfully, “Fu Qingyan.”

Fu Qingyan looked down at her again. “If you feel any discomfort, you can…….”

“Fu Qingyan, how did you recognize me?” Quan Nai asked as if she was very casual yet also with implications.

Fu Qingyan said nothing and a faint smile emerged, seeming bloodthirsty.

“Aiyo my dear daughter, why didn’t you tell dad that you came back home from abroad?” Ji Qinghe hurried over from home, so fast that his head was covered in sweat. He caressed Quan Nai’s forehead anxiously and the wrinkles on his face deepened.

“It’s okay, Dad. I’ve grown up.” Quan Nai smiled.

This topic was avoided just like this.

Quan Nai did not ask either.

“Nonsense, no matter how old you are, you are still a child in your dad’s eyes. You’ve badly frightened your dad. Do you feel any discomfort right now? How about you let Dr. Fu examine you for a bit?”

Quan Nai glanced at Fu Qingyan before looking at Ji Qinghe and shook her head.

“Father has gotten old and muddled. This is the new family doctor your father invited. The deputy director of Cardiology, Doctor Fu Qingyan, purposely here to help you recuperate.”

Quan Nai’s eyes drooped and said in a soft voice, “Oh, so it was like this.”

[Asking the host to actively complete the task, do not be negative.]

Quan Nai heard the cold prompt in her mind.

“Little Morality (T/N: System’s nickname given by FL), are you sure that this……. That this fucker really doesn’t want to kill me?”

Quan Nai clutched the blanket, trembling, and asked in a wretched tone that was completely different from the aloof tone she had earlier.

[Ding, if killed by the mission target, the mission fails, the host will be completely annihilated.]

Quan Nai: “……”

Dying twice?

Go fuck your uncle.

[Please accept the main plot of the storyline and the subplot.]

The original owner was Ji Jiaoyue, the eldest daughter of Ji’s family. She had a congenital heart disease, so she was raised overseas. After Ji Jiaoyue’s mother died, her father, Ji Qinghe, married a woman named Xu Jie who then gave birth to Ji’an.

Ji Jiaoyue is Chu Xuan’s, the male lead, white moonlight. After the original owner went abroad, Chu Xuan fell in love with Ji’an, who was somewhat similar to Ji Jiaoyue, due to his lovesickness.

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white moonlight = first love

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