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Rebirth After Being Abducted – Chapter 22.1

Translated by: Oinkoink

Names mentioned in this chapter:

– 苏秦 (Sū Qín) – Female Lead

– 黎川 (Lí Chuān) / 黎教授 (Lí jiàoshòu) – Male Lead

– 章程 (Zhāng Chéng) – Li Chuan’s childhood friend

– 林晓茵 (Lín Xiǎoyīn) – One of the support teacher / ML’s ardent pursuer

– 刘伟雄 (Liú Wěixióng) – Li Chuan’s fellow schoolmate (Panda)

– 张亚竹 (Zhāng Yàzhú) – Li Chuan’s fellow schoolmate (Old Zhu)

– 春春哥 (Chūnchūn gē) – Li Chuan’s fellow schoolmate

Chapter 22.1 – Exams

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Taller than her, Li Chuan bent and leaned over to keep his ear parallel with the girl’s mouth.

The girl leaned closer to the side of his ear and spoke in a slightly bashful tone, “Teacher Li, can you help me get some clothes, my … that thing is here.”

Li Chuan was still a virgin when he got married in his previous lifetime, and seemed quite blurred about matters of men and women. Now he is only 22 years old and has no girlfriend after all, hence Su Qin didn’t know … if he could comprehend.

Li Chuan reacted at once. Straightening up quickly, he spoke in a soft voice, “Wait for me.”

He turned to look at the other three men, who were discussing a difficult point of the project and had an argument on the side of the road, and simply didn’t notice Su Qin’s abnormality.

It was summer now and the nights were so stiflingly hot that no one wore coats.

Li Chuan said to his roommates, “You guys go back first. Su Qin is feeling a little unwell. I’ll go with her to get some medicine.”

“Is she okay? I’ve said I would drive her home.” Panda took out the keys and threw them to Li Chuan, “Here’s the car keys for you. You can take Little Sister home later.”

“En.” Li Chuan nodded to the other party.

The three engineering course guys went back to school together and bumped into Lin Xiaoyin under the dormitory building.

Chunchun patted Panda’s shoulder and spoke roguishly, “Panda, that girl is here again.”

Panda, “Dang! The girl is thick-skinned ah? Didn’t the Boss spared no effort to humiliate her in the fifth dining hall the last time, why is she here again today?”

Old Zhu lamented too, “The incident in the fifth dining hall last time was big enough that there were said people still collectively condemned Li Chuan on the school forum, saying he has no tender feelings for the fairer sex and is very uncouth. Those girls who intended to pursue him have now made a detour when they saw him. This Lin Xiaoyin truly loves Li Chuan.”

When the three of them walked to the dormitory building, Lin Xiaoyin saw them and went up to them to ask, “Is Li Chuan in the dormitory?”

“It’s you again? What are you looking for our Boss for?” Panda looked at her.

Lin Xiaoyin hesitated for a moment before saying, “Well … I’m here to apologize to him and there’s also something I want to talk to him about.”

“What’s the matter?” Old Zhu asked her.

Lin Xiaoyin’s approach was sincere, “About his family matters. It’s very important. Trouble you guys to tell him that I’ll wait for him downstairs.”

Seeing the girl’s sincerity, Panda called Li Chuan as he was afraid of delaying Li Chuan’s matters.

After hanging up the call, Panda said, “The Boss said, for you to go wait for him at the old sports field’s podium. He’ll be there in 10 minutes.”

Lin Xiaoyin’s knitted brows smoothened and she said “Thank you” to the three of them, before running happily towards the old sports field.


After Li Chuan hung up the phone, he took a pack of sanitary napkins from the supermarket shelf and the pair of girl’s pants to the counter to pay.

Coming out of the supermarket, Li Chuan found the girl sitting on the bench outside. He handed her the pants and the napkins, “Go change in the toilet at once and wait there, I’ll drive the car over.”

“En.” Su Qin took the pants and sanitary napkins from him, then quickly ran into the supermarket toilet.

The pants that Li Chuan bought fit her just right. Coming out of the toilet, Su Qin packed the old pants in a plastic bag and stuffed it into her bag before going out to wait for the man.

She didn’t expect Li Chuan to be quite adept in taking care of girls’ matters at this age. He actually didn’t have the slightest hesitation going to buy sanitary napkins at the supermarket; this ought not to be the first time he did this kind of thing.

It’s indeed true that a good person like him will meticulously and thoughtfully take care of anyone, not to mention, she is his tutored ‘student’.

Thinking of this, Su Qin actually shook her head and smiled wryly.

Soon, the man drove a black Santana over and stopped at the side of the road.

Although Santana in 2006 was not a luxury car, it was considered a mid-to-high range car.

Su Qin opened the car door and sat in the front passenger seat. Before she opened her mouth to ask about her bicycle, Li Chuan spoke first, “I’ve pushed the bicycle back to the school bicycle shed for you and I’ll ask Zhang Cheng to ride it over for you tomorrow.”

Zhang Cheng hadn’t come to visit her for a long time. A while ago, she heard Li Chuan said he was busy with a major case.

She assented, then asked, “Teacher Li, how much are the pants and those?”

“When you get into Yunzhong, treat me to a nice meal and I’ll pick what to eat, how about that?”

“Okay, by virtue of Teacher Li’s auspicious words.”

Li Chuan drove her to the outward district and also accompanied her all the way downstairs before driving away once seeing her go upstairs.

Returning to school, he went straight to the dormitory after he parked the car and didn’t keep the appointment. As for Lin Xiaoyin, she could wait however long she was willing to wait and it had nothing to do with him.

The next day, Zhang Cheng drove to send Su Qin’s small pink bicycle back to her.

Whenever Zhang Cheng came to visit her in the past, he would just bring some fruits but this time he actually brought a rabbit and threw it into her pot, “Little Sister, this rabbit was given by the victim’s family and I dislike rabbit meat. It’s a pity to throw it away, so I brought it over for you.”

Li Chuan had told Zhang Cheng that he must give the little girl some nourishment. Seeing live rabbits in the market, he bought one for Su Qin.

Having her period for the first time, Su Qin certainly knew the significance in taking care of her body. She had intended to go buy a chicken in the market and didn’t expect Zhang Cheng to buy her the rabbit meat first. 

Since there was no refrigerator at home and Su Qin couldn’t finish the whole rabbit, she worried that the meat would go bad, hence she salt-cured the meat and ate it for several days.

After that, Zhang Cheng would use the pretext of ‘given by the suspect’s family, the victim’s family, relatives’ or others to deliver meat to Su Qin’s home.

In half a month, Su Qin gained 6 pounds and her breasts began to develop too.

The scorching hot summer was spent busily. The lady boss gradually came out from the shadow of being jilted too and focused on her career.

At the end of May, their Taobao shop received their first order from other provinces. Although there wasn’t much profit, it was a small breakthrough for Su Qin and the lady boss.

Su Qin’s exam was on June 9, which was the first day after the university admission exam.

Su Qin took three days off from her lady boss on the day of the exam. She had been doing mock-up test papers every day in the NJU laboratory and cramming the questions frantically to prepare for Yunzhong’s exam.

On June 9, Su Qin specially wore the new clothes given by her lady boss while her satchel bag contained only the English notebook and a compilation of the junior high Chinese literature.

At six o’clock in the morning, she packed up and went out, planning to take the bus to Yunzhong. When she came downstairs, she saw that Li Chuan was already waiting for her downstairs on the bicycle.

The man was wearing a black tracksuit. There was a stick of youtiao, two eggs and a cup of soy milk hanging from the handlebars. Su Qin didn’t expect Li Chuan to be downstairs at this hour. She thought Li Chuan would be waiting for her at Yunzhong school’s entrance.

The man took off the breakfast hanging on the bicycle and handed it to her, “Get on, I’ll send you there.”

The girl took the breakfast from him, got on the back seat of the bicycle and heard the man explain, “A stick of youtiao and two eggs to wish you perfect scores on your exam today.”

Taking a bite of the youtiao, Su Qin vaguely said “Thank you” to the man.

In order for the girl to have her breakfast comfortably, Li Chuan rode his bicycle very steadily. When he saw any uneven grounds, he would rather spend more time going around than jolted Su Qin.

Half of Li Chuan’s funds were used to start a business while the other half had been used to purchase property on South Renmin Road.

Once the Metro Line 1 opens, South Renmin Road and East Street will be the core axis of the entire city’s development. This area will soon be redeveloped and the housing prices will skyrocket too. Although Li Chuan didn’t plan to live there, it was a pretty good investment.

Hence, he could only bring Su Qin on a bicycle now.

Yunyang High School is located in Donglin Hill. They could no longer ride the bicycle once they reached the bottom of the hill. Su Qin got off the bike and the two of them walked up the hill together.

Li Chuan pushed the bike and the girl walked alongside him silently with a book as she memorized the words. Graduated from a vocational college in her previous lifetime, her English was terrible.

Being reborn, in addition to mathematics and physics, she also focused on English. Since her English was terrible in her previous lifetime, she has to work hard to learn this language well in this lifetime.

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