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Rebirth After Being Abducted – Chapter 25.2

Translated by: Oinkoink

Names mentioned in this chapter:

– 苏秦 (Sū Qín) – Female Lead

– 黎川 (Lí Chuān) / 黎教授 (Lí jiàoshòu) – Male Lead

– 包包 (Bāo bāo) – daughter of the Female Lead with the Male Lead

– 非非 (Fēifēi) / 云非 (Yún fēi) – The Fool

– 林晓茵 (Lín Xiǎoyīn) – One of the support teacher / ML’s ardent pursuer

Chapter 25.2 – Modeling

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Li Chuan helped Su Qin carry the laptop on his back then walked side by side with her in front, and asked her how things were settled at home?

He remembered when Su Qin married him in his previous lifetime, like him, she had family members who she couldn’t invite. The two of them found a workday to get their marriage certificate then booked three tables in the hotel and subtly invited their friends for a meal and were done with it.

Since there was no wedding ceremony, Su Qin didn’t even wear a wedding dress. Later, after the birth of their daughter, Baobao, the family of three went for a family photo-shoot where Su Qin got to wear a wedding dress for the first time.

Thinking about this, Li Chuan suddenly realized he actually owed Su Qin a lot in his previous lifetime.

Su Qin nodded and said, “En, it’s settled. Anyway, having family members is the same as not having any. They are not even as reliable as all these friends.”

As the two walked and talked side by side in front, Yun Fei, who was walking coolly behind with hands in his jeans’ pockets, was in a slightly bad mood, thus he rushed forward to squeeze in between them and became their divider.

Once they arrived at the cafeteria, Panda and several of his buddies were there too.

When Su Qin kept putting food into Yun Fei’s bowl, Li Chuan looked on as usual but his heart was full of mixed feelings.

He then ‘accidentally’ spilled a bowl of soup and just as he stood up, Su Qin immediately took tissues out of her bag and walked around the table to wipe his pants as she asked him nervously, “Did you get scalded?”

Li Chuan shook his head with a gentle smile, “It’s alright.”

Nibbling the chopsticks, Panda watched his Boss’ ‘foul play’ and condemned him 10,000 times in his heart for being a beast. Wasn’t it too purposely obvious?

Keeping in mind that Su Qin was just a young girl, Panda suppressed the urge to mock. The young lad sitting across from him also knocked over his soup bowl and called out, “Aiya”.

Su Qin turned to look at Yun Fei and saw the big boy grasping his hands with brows knitted in pain. Su Qin left Li Chuan to sit back in place before grabbing Yun Fei’s hand to give him a blow and asked nervously, “Are you okay?”

“It hurts.”

Su Qin held his hand and gave it a few more blows, “Is it better?”

Yun Fei with a spoiled tone, “Blow two more times, it might get slightly better.”

Li Chuan, “ ….. “ Only then did he realize that the butterfly effect of being reborn would probably lead to him not being Su Qin’s husband in this lifetime.”

Yun Fei was burned to death in the previous lifetime and Su Qin tried to uphold justice for him. She never stopped looking for evidence to get legal sanction against the abductor villagers. Even after Su Qin married him later, she didn’t give up seeking justice for Yun Fei too.

He sometimes wondered, who after all weighed the most in her heart, himself or the dead Fool?

The answer was obvious, it was Yun Fei.     

Li Chuan continued to eat with his head down and the pressure around him lowered.

Panda and Chunchun, who were sitting on his left and right respectively, looked at each other and felt that a gale was about to blow.

They actually couldn’t understand why Li Chuan would have a crush on a minor.

Although Su Qin is self-reliant and mentally not a child, she is still a young girl. Apart from the unyielding qualities of poor children, she has no other merits. In all fairness, any girl in NJU is better than Su Qin.

Thinking so in their hearts, they dared not ask. After all, one is a minor while the other is a doctoral student. Although there is not much gap with their age, the grade jumps had more or less seemed absurdly breached the normal ethical standards.

Just at this moment, here came the thick-skinned Miss Lin again.

Lin Xiaoyin just got her meal from the window. When she saw Li Chuan, she walked straight over, put her tray on the table heavily and yelled at him, “Li Chuan, do you think it’s funny to fool people around? I waited for you in the sports ground all night, why didn’t you come? Do you know I had a fever for several days staying up all night to wait for you in the back sports ground? Last week your Grandma arranged for us to meet and you didn’t come either. What do you take me for? Do you feel it’s fulfilling to play with other’s feelings?”

Miss Lin was condescending, as if accusing Chen Shimei*. Su Qin was blowing on Yun Fei’s hand when she heard Lin Xiaoyin’s voice and frowned.

[T/N: 陈世美 (Chén Shìměi) – a notorious character in Chinese opera who now is a derisive title for a man who deserts his wife after successfully climbed the social ladder.]

Miss Lin’s stalking really lived up to her reputation.

Li Chuan, as usual, lowered his head and took a mouthful of rice. Looking up, he gave Su Qin the chicken drumstick from Panda’s tray as if Lin Xiaoyin did not exist.

Swallowing his saliva, Panda watched his chicken drumstick being taken away.

Lin Xiaoyin was slightly shocked to see Su Qin and Yun Fei too, “Su Qin?”

“Hello, Teacher Lin.” She flashed a smile at the other party.

In Lin Xiaoyin’s eyes, this smile was an eyesore. She remembered a while ago she heard someone say a young girl often came in and out of Li Chuan’s lab, so she must be Su Qin.

Seemingly noticing something, her gaze fell on Li Chuan’s face and she snorted coldly, “Li Chuan, I didn’t expect you to like this type. I asked you out and you stood me up. Your Grandma arranged our blind date and you went missing simply because of her?”

Li Chuan frowned severely.

“Li Chuan, are you a man? Is it amusing for you to keep avoiding me? You took all the letters and things that I gave you, yet ignore me? What the hell do you mean?”

Panda and Chunchun kept making the ‘stop’ and ‘shh’ gestures to her, but not only had she ignored them, her shrew haughtiness intensified.

Seeing that Li Chuan was still ignoring her and just putting food into Su Qin’s bowl as if nothing had happened, she was so angry that she knocked the chopsticks out of Li Chuan’s hand.

When Li Chuan’s chopsticks were knocked off, his hand stopped in mid-air then gradually clenched into a fist and he finally raised his gaze to look at her.

The man’s expression was ice-cold and his gaze was frigid, just like a swordsman who kills without batting an eyelid. His gaze could rapidly kill, making the others feel fearful.

Li Chuan’s words came out between his teeth, “First, I didn’t receive any letters or things from you. Secondly, you are the one who kept pestering me incessantly and even tried to use my family to pressurize me. Miss Lin, you are very competent, giving up your dignity to behave atrociously in front of me again and again. What? Do you feel that you didn’t publicly lose enough face the last time? Want to experience being taunted again?”

Glancing at Panda and Chunchun, Lin Xiaoyin questioned them, “I asked you guys to give him the things, didn’t you do it for me?”

Panda whispered, “Don’t blame me ah. I told you the Boss wouldn’t accept and I had already asked your dorm mate to take them back. Not handing back to you it’s their business which has nothing to do with me ah.”

Lin Xiaoyin bit her lips. She has always been at odds with those girls in the dormitory. They most likely had thrown away the things she gave to Li Chuan.

Glancing at the schoolmates around her, she was stuck in an embarrassing situation. She publicly lost face again and felt begrudged.

She looked at Li Chuan’s aloofness and her heart felt cold too, “Li Chuan, I’ll ask you one thing, you really have no good feelings towards me at all?”

“Have.” Li Chuan raised his gaze at her, “Minus one hundred of good feelings, does that count?”


“Miss Lin, I don’t know where you’ve got the courage to come and express your feelings to me again and again. I’m not a nice person, but there’s one thing I have to draw your attention to, your brashness as well as looking like this, frowning and biting your lips is like a toad which is not moving at all.”

Panda covered his heart, “ ….. “

Chunchun covered his heart, “ ….. “

Even Yun Fei and Su Qin looked increduly at Li Chuan, feeling that the man’s ruthlessness was a little scary. Unlike the gentle Teacher Li they usually knew, he was like a different person.

Yun Fei was frightened by Li Chuan’s ‘two faces’ as he tugged Su Qin’s sleeve.

Su Qin was evidently frightened by Li Chuan’s ‘two faces’ too and could not believe these words would come out of his mouth.

The person in front … was indeed not possessed by another soul? Is he really Li Chuan?

Lin Xiaoyin’s face turned pale. She instinctively raised her hand to touch her own eyebrows and cheeks with reddened eyes and overflowing tears.

Precisely at this moment, the corners of Li Chuan’s lips curled up mockingly, “Please also pay attention to your appearance when you cry, you have already spoiled our appetites.”

The crowd, “ ….. “

Usually when Li Chuan rejected the girls, he would merely criticize their studies and never condemned the girls’ appearance that destroyed the other party’s self-confidence.

But this time, Li Chuan however …

Everyone sucked in a breath of cold air. Perhaps geniuses are simply like this. Their eyes are on the crown of their heads and look down on everyone.

Lin Xiaoyin ran away crying.

Panda breathed a sigh of relief and whispered, “Boss, you won’t have any girlfriend being like this.”

Su Qin looked at him incredulously, “Teacher Li, you will really be single by your ability. So you are not afraid that no girl will dare to marry you in the future?”

The man’s character is simply exceedingly in contrast to the previous lifetime. The one in the previous lifetime was too gentle, while this lifetime’s one is too sharp-tongued.

Su Qin wasn’t sure why Li Chuan had such a change, either it was the butterfly effect, or Li Chuan was precisely possessed by a ‘vicious-tongue’s’ soul and the person in his body was not him, rather another person with a completely opposite personality.

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