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Rebirth After Being Abducted – Chapter 26.2

Translated by: Oinkoink

Names mentioned in this chapter:

– 苏秦 (Sū Qín) – Female Lead

– 黎川 (Lí Chuān) / 黎教授 (Lí jiàoshòu) – Male Lead

– 王琳 (Wáng Lín) – FL’s mother

– 苏正国 (Sū Zhèngguó) – FL’s father

– 陈美心 (Chen Meixin) – Su Qin’s lady boss

Chapter 26.2 – Divorce

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Resting in bed at 6pm, Su Qin heard Grandma Liu’s voice outside the door.

“I see you’ve been standing in the corridor all afternoon. Are you looking for someone?”

“I … I … just stand for a while.”

“You’re Su Qin’s someone? That girl has been home all along. Try knocking on the door.” Before Wang Lin knocked on the door, Grandma Liu took the lead and shouted, “Su-su ah, someone is looking for you, are you home?”

Hearing the voices outside, Su Qin had a slight idea in her heart, thinking that it might be Wang Lin who was looking for her.

When she stuffed the money and slip of paper into Wang Lin’s apron last time, she left an address too. She was not afraid at all that Wang Lin would stick to her like plaster. She knew this woman, whose husband had been her focal point for too long and the more she detested her husband, the more she felt indebted to her daughter.

Either she will not come looking for Su Qin and continue to suffer in silence, else she has made up her mind to leave her husband and be obligated to come see her daughter.

Now that Wang Lin had come over and stood outside the door all afternoon, thus eighty percent had decided to leave her husband, Su Zhengguo.

Opening the door, Su Qin saw a woman with graying at the temples who had bruises around her eyes and lips that she felt a shred of distress. Wang Lin is only in her thirties, but already has gray hair and looks like a woman in her forties or fifties.

“Come in.” Su Qin stepped aside to make way and let her in.

Wang Lin entered her room that was full of clothes and found an empty seat beside the bed to sit down.

Su Qin poured her a glass of water and sat down beside her. Raising her hand to lift the hair around her ear, she found a noticeable scar under her ear.    

She sighed, “Beaten by that man?”

In Su Qin’s heart at this moment, Su Zhengguo no longer qualified to be a father and a husband.

Wang Lin nodded and said with a sigh, “Last night I proposed to divorce your father during dinner and he flew into a rage. Not only did he disagree, he even beat me up. Su-su, you are right. There’s no way to continue living like this. I plan to come out to work, washing or serving dishes is fine which eventually won’t starve myself to death. If he doesn’t agree to divorce, I’ll move out.”

“It’s troublesome if you delay getting divorced like this. Even if you file a lawsuit, you still need the process.” Su Qin was silent for a while and began to think of a way for her mother.

After about fifteen minutes, she said, “What about this, I will find someone to falsify a fake cancer diagnosis for you and you can stay with me for a week, then you will go home with the diagnosis. Tell him you don’t want to get divorced and you have cancer. When he finds out that you have cancer, he will definitely try to divorce you.”

Wang Lin asked, “Is that workable? But what if he doesn’t?”

“Then it means he still has a conscience. However, Mom, you know better than me what kind of person he is, so you don’t need to deceive yourself. If he learns that you have cancer, even if you don’t file for divorce, he will find an excuse to divorce you too.”

Wang Lin’s breast cancer in the previous lifetime was due to anger. If she divorced earlier in this lifetime, she might not get that illness.

She after all is her biological mother and also a pitiful person. In view of the ten months’ pregnancy and giving birth to her, Su Qin couldn’t ignore her.

Wang Lin stayed here with Su Qin for the time being.

In the evening, Wang Lin took the initiative to go out and buy food, planning to cook a delicious meal for her daughter.

She didn’t spend the one thousand yuan that her daughter gave her. Although she has no spunk, she still has a brain. When she left home, she only left one thousand yuan in cash for Su Zhengguo, taking away the family’s bankbook and the household register booklet.

There isn’t much money in the family’s bankbook but it is enough for her and her daughter’s living expenses these few months.

For dinner, Wang Lin fried five-spiced pork liver, double-cooked pork and stewed a pot of white radish old duck soup.

The pork liver was cooked deliciously tender with full-flavored sauce. The double-cooked pork complemented the stir fried watercress and even the noodles inside were quite tasty. With these two dishes, Su Qin ate five bowls of rice and drank three bowls of old duck soup.

She put down the tableware, held her belly, leaned against the white wall, burped and felt very satisfied.

Dropping the tableware, Su Qin ran to the computer to continue chatting with the customers. There are still 3 hours until 12 o’clock. More and more customers came to urge her to start the event earlier.

Wang Lin glanced at her daughter who was busy in front of the computer and wanted to ask where she got the computer from, but she swallowed the words she was about to say.

She silently got up to clean the dishes.

Coming back from the balcony, Wang Lin felt there was nothing for her to do. So she tidied up the clothes on the floor, making the original messy room look more spacious.

Her daughter sat in front of the computer until 12 am and so she stayed with her until twelve.

When Su Qin finished up and got up to get ready to wash up for bed, she found that the original messy room had changed beyond recognition and became tidiedly neat. Even the clothes she casually tossed in the simple wardrobe were neatly folded by Wang Lin.

Wang Lin sat on the bed and helped her sew her satchel.

The glue of the Mickey cloth sticker on Su Qin’s bag was a little off, so Wang Lin took the needle and thread to stitch it up for her. Wang Lin, after all, is a housewife and her workmanship is good. The stitches were neat and tidy, as if machine-sewn.

Su Qin went to wash her face and came back, but her mother still hadn’t slept yet, so she asked her, “Why are you still awake?”

She got into bed as she asked, and turned off the light in passing, leaving the room in total darkness.

In the dark, she merely heard Wang Lin sighed, “Su-su, do you hate Mom?”

“Hated before.” Su Qin rolled over to put her hand on her mother’s body and patted her, “But I can understand you. Okay, go to sleep. Good night.”

While her daughter was sleeping next to her, Wang Lin’s tears trickled down her cheeks.

She was determined to leave that devil. Instead of giving the rest of her life to that irresponsible man, it would be better to stake it all and take care of the daughter who she carried for ten months.

For the following week, besides looking for a job, Wang Lin would cook for her daughter and help her pack the clothes to post them by mail.

Su Qin originally thought it would take at least a month to sell all the clothes, but unexpectedly all were snatched up within three days.

Nearly 50 sets and 100 pieces of items, with not a single piece left.

This was much better than what Su Qin had first envisioned. The goods postage was borne by the customers and many of them would choose to buy more pieces in order to be more cost-effective.

In just three days, Chen Meixin earned an additional 5,500 yuan, which deducted 1,650 yuan for Su Qin; she still earned 3,850 yuan.

This batch of goods was precisely worthless clothes that could not be sold and intended for donation, but unexpectedly sold by Su Qin for additional income. Chen Meixin was certainly overjoyed.

After this Taobao store opened, she simply didn’t manage it at all and was entirely set up and run by Su Qin single-handedly. Chen Meixin just lay down and collected the money. She even felt a little embarrassed.

Every single item for the ‘Entire Store 55 yuan’ had gone, but other items in the store were still selling. The Taobao store’s credibility has increased and a lot more new customers have come to their store to buy clothes.

In order to improve the customers’ favorable impression, Su Qin would stuff a handwritten message into the package when she dispatched every shipment.

“Esteemed Customer, Hello ah ~ I’m Su-su from Yunyi Clothing House. Thank you for supporting my Taobao store. The original intention of doing this Taobao is just to sell goods. But many regular customers think Su-su has a pretty good matching vision, hence they encourage Su-su to continue the Taobao store.

In order not to let everyone down, Su-su will match you with better styles in the future. The quality of clothes will also be reviewed strictly for everyone. Please rest assured that Su-su will not let the esteemed customers suffer a loss. The profit of a small store is meager, so please don’t haggle, otherwise Su-su and her mother really will live on air. Thank you everyone ~”

At the end of the letter, Su Qin would draw a cute ‘kiss’ expression.

Customers who received this message felt that the store owner, Su-su, was particularly friendly. The clothes she matches are nice-looking and the person is so cute. This left them with a favorable impression on her and this Taobao store.

Two weeks later, Su Qin’s scumbag father and Wang Lin got divorced.

The couple has no property and only 1,500 yuan in the bankbook, so there was no such existence as dividing the family fortune. Days after the divorce, Su Zhengguo went missing with his son for a few days as he was afraid that his ex-wife, who was suffering from cancer, would look for him and ask him for money.

Su Qin had already guessed this would be the result, while Wang Lin cried all night because of this.

When Su Qin woke up the next day, she saw her mother with red and swollen eyes, ready to go out to look for a job, so she stopped her, “Mom, don’t look for a job for the time being.”

Hearing this, Wang Lin with tears in her eyes was about to cry again, “If Mom doesn’t go out to work, who will support you when you go to school?”

Su Qin pulled her to sit down at the dining table. She turned on the computer and said to her, “Starting today, I will teach you how to use the computer and you will help me manage the Taobao store in the future. This certainly makes more money than having you go out to serve dishes. Earning a fortune without leaving home.”

Wang Lin was skeptical, “Is there such a good thing?”

Su Qin immediately switched on the Taobao interface and gave her the previous days’ sales, “Mom, look. These are the goods I sold in the past 2 weeks. I get 30% commission for each order. You reckon, how much did I earn?”

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