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Rebirth After Being Abducted – Chapter 28.1

Translated by: Oinkoink

Names mentioned in this chapter:

– 苏秦 (Sū Qín) – Female Lead

– 黎川 (Lí Chuān) / 黎教授 (Lí jiàoshòu) – Male Lead

– 孟思思 (Mèng Sīsī) – Abductee

– 非非 (Fēifēi) / 云非 (Yún fēi) – The Fool

– 王琳 (Wáng Lín) – FL’s mother

Chapter 28.1- Instructor

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As soon as Su Qin’s voice faltered, Meng Sisi embraced and spun her around the dormitory twice.

She felt a little dizzy once the girl put her down. Holding her forehead, she said, “Sisi, you are really super strong now. I am not light-weighted ah.”

Feeling a little embarrassed, Meng Sisi scratched the back of her head and spoke earnestly, “I have been training my stamina these few months as the fundamentals of entering the police academy in the future. After all, I am a woman who wants to protect and defend our country, so how can my stamina lose to a man. Am I right?”

The young girl’s physique has grown a lot after not seeing her for a few months and her temperament has significant changes too.

She is noticeably more sturdy than before and her dressing is also on the unisex side. With a casual ponytail, the girl wore a camo short-sleeved tucked into ripped jeans with slender and straight legs.

The temperament of an affluent pampered girl had totally disappeared and a lot more of the carefree heroic girl disposition.

Su Qin is clear that although the girl is doted on by her family in every possible way after returning home, she is unable to let go of the mountain village’s shadow. She subconsciously wants to become stronger, disgusted with her former weak self and hopes to be able to protect more people someday.

Su Qin knew Meng Sisi passed Yunzhong’s exam, but she didn’t expect it would be so coincidental.

Meng Sisi’s family driver was right behind her. The driver put the bedding and luggage on the table and asked her, “Sisi, you intend to sleep on which bed?”

The girl scanned around the remaining three vacant beds and pointed to the upper bunk opposite Su Qin and said, “Over there. Uncle Lin please help me make my bed. Mere thanks cannot express my gratitude.”

The girl heroically cupped her hands to the driver, with quite a jianghu’s dignified aura.

Su Qin, “ ….. “ It seems this girl is all set to develop in the direction of a ‘heroine’.

Hearing the conversation between the two girls, Wang Lin stuck her head out from the upper bunk and asked Su Qin, “Su-su, you know each other ah?”

“Old classmate.” Su Qin replied to her mother and turned to the girl, “Sisi, which class were you assigned to?”

Meng Sisi said regretfully, “The bottom Class 12, how about you?”

Su Qin said, “Class 1.”

Meng Sisi hooked her arm over her shoulder and punched her chest with her fist, “Sister Su Qin, you did it ah.”

“Ahem.” Getting punched on the chest by the girl, Su Qin felt a little pain and spoke as she rubbed her chest, “Dear Heroine Sisi, you, be gentle.”

Meng Sisi let her go, “Sorry, sorry.”

Teacher Tang was in-charge of both Class 1 and Class 12. The class division was according to the entrance exam result and except the Whiz Class, they were respectively placed in the first and last class.

In order to let the good students in Class 1 influence the ‘weak’ students in Class 12, Teacher Tang deliberately mixed the boys and girls from the two classes to live together. The dormitories were four-person rooms, so each dormitory has two students from Class 1 and two from Class 12.

With pouty lips, Meng Sisi took Su Qin’s hand and said, “I envy you. My entrance exam result is pretty bad. I was short of 5 points and my dad spent 50,000 just to get me a place. Class 12 is the bottom class which is a million miles apart from your Class 1.”

The two girls exchanged pleasantries for a while and half an hour later, Su Qin slapped her head and remembered, “Teacher Li is still waiting for me in the milk tea shop at the back street. I’ll go there first.”

“Teacher Li?” Meng Sisi threw her schoolbag on the table and grabbed her, “Wait, I’ll go with you!”

Sitting in the milk tea shop, Li Chuan waited 40 minutes patiently for Su Qin.

During this period, he kept taking out the gift he bought for Su Qin to check if the packaging was damaged.

After repeatedly checking a dozen times, Su Qin finally came.

He thought he could be alone with the young girl, but found another little tail behind Su Qin.

Fortunately, this little tail was not Yun Fei so he felt slightly comforted.

When Meng Sisi saw Li Chuan, she exclaimed excitedly, “Teacher Li, long time no see!”

“Long time no see.” The man got up to greet the two girls, pulled out the stools for them in a gentlemanly manner and beckoned the boss to bring the menu over.

Meng Sisi ordered a cup of pearl milk tea and Su Qin asked for a cup of honey yuzu tea.

“This is a gift I bought for you from the USA.” Li Chuan handed Su Qin an exquisite shopping bag, then turned to look at Meng Sisi and spoke apologetically, “I didn’t know you were here too, I’ll make it up for you next time.”

Meng Sisi waved her hand casually, “Aiya Teacher Li, you’re too courteous. There’s no need to make up any gift for me. I lack nothing.”

As Su Qin couldn’t unwrap the gift in front of Li Chuan and Sisi, she put the shopping bag aside.

Biting the straw, she took a sip of the sweet and sour yuzu tea, raised her gaze and asked the man, “Is Teacher Li free tonight? You have been abroad for half a month. I haven’t treated you to the ‘thank you meal’ which I owed you and you have now given me so many things, I don’t know when I can repay all the favors that I owed you.”

Li Chuan paused for a while and spoke calmly in a preachy tone, “If you want to pay back those favors, please study hard. You adolescent girls are susceptible to all kinds of various temptations, so I hope you will not forget your original aspiration and be able to work hard in your three years of high school.”

Su Qin nodded, looking as if she had benefited from the advice.

However, in her heart, she started to complain about the tone of the old man who instilled in her ‘the idea of studying hard’, like an old father.

Ahem …

Li Chuan added, “You should work even harder and not slack off after school starts. Once school starts, come to my company every weekend morning for tutoring and I will send you back to school in the afternoon.”

“ ….. “ Choking on a mouthful of drink, Su Qin coughed, “No … that’s needless?”

Li Chuan frowned and his whole aura turned cold, “Afraid of hard work?”

After coughing for a while, Su Qin shook her head abruptly, “No, no, no, no … I’ve now been admitted to Yunzhong, it is okay to just study with everyone. Letting you tutor me again will hold up your time.”

Li Chuan took a sip of coffee, his throat bobbed and spoke in a low voice, “Su Qin, from the moment you accepted my tutoring, you are precisely my student. I don’t like giving up halfway. Before you get into the university, I am responsible for your studies, this is my ethical benchmark. Moreover, Yunzhong has gathered the province’s top students, do you think they are all geniuses? Many of them will intensify their studies through tutorials. So, you can’t fall behind either, understand?”

Meng Sisi, who was unable to interrupt, raised her hand to express, “I agree with this. You can’t slack off after getting admitted to Yunzhong and must work harder to intensify your studies. My dad has already helped me contact a good tutor. I will be tutored every weekend thereafter. In the next three years, I feel like I have no time to play. Haiz … “

Su Qin looked at the solemn-faced Li Chuan, compromised and cupped her hands at him, “Strict master produces brilliant disciples. This disciple admires the master’s persistence and will definitely live up to the master’s expectations.”

Although these were teasing words, Su Qin indeed admired Li Chuan heartily, a man who always carried things through.

If it was her, she might not be able to withstand the pressure of work to make time to tutor others. She doesn’t understand the world of geniuses, nor does she understand the way these geniuses think, who deserve to succeed.

Li Chuan was amused by her dead earnest flattering appearance. The man with a long-face a moment ago now has a gentle smile on his face, as if becoming quite a different person.

Meng Sisi lowered her head to sip two mouthfuls of milk tea, sizing up the expressions of the two people who smiled at each other and had already begun to visualize a 100,000 words romance novel.

Meng Sisi has long known about Li Chuan tutoring Su Qin.

She merely thought it was Li Chuan’s public service act. But after watching their interaction, she couldn’t help but suspect that Teacher Li has ulterior motives against Su Qin.

Li Chuan is good in every aspect and is the yearning object of many young girls’ romantic love.

Meng Sisi could feel that although Li Chuan was courteous to her, there was clearly a sense of alienation that he was unwilling to get close to. Yet he treats Su Qin differently. Under the seriousness, there clearly inhibited a sense of doting in his eyes.

Adolescent girls think differently from adult men. She thinks that as long as it is true love, it doesn’t matter even if there is an age gap. Sisi sized up the outstanding man in front of her and envied his different stance towards Su Qin.

An uncle and a Lolita … make her feel very loving.   

Thinking as such, Meng Sisi immediately left the milk tea shop with the pretext of ‘going back to catch up on sleep’ and no longer disturbing the two people’s ‘date’.

Su Qin can’t treat the man to eat roadside stalls as the ‘thank you meal’ since sincerity is still required. So she picked a Chinese restaurant not far from the school, with tasteful surroundings and a fair price.

After the two were seated, Su Qin handed the menu to Li Chuan but the man ordered all her favorite dishes.

Li Chuan ordered four dishes; mullet with pickled vegetables, stir-fried meat, five spice pork liver and pot-wrapped pork.

These are not only Su Qin’s favorites, but also the ones she cooks best. She said to Li Chuan, “These dishes that Teacher Li ordered happen to be what I am good at. If there is a chance, I will cook them for Teacher Li.”

“Really?” Li Chuan arched his eyebrows, “Coincidentally, I’m also good at cooking these dishes.”

Su Qin snorted, questioning the man’s words, “No way? Teacher Li is so busy with myriads of work that you can even cook?”

“Yes. I’ll give you a chance to validate it someday.”

Li Chuan put a piece of her favorite pork liver in her bowl.

Su Qin had gotten so used to Li Chuan serving her dishes that she didn’t feel anything amiss. Biting the chopsticks, she questioned again, “Teacher Li, you really know how to cook ah?”

“Yes. And good at it.”

Su Qin remembered Li Chuan didn’t know how to cook in the previous lifetime.

After they got married, the man was busy with work and Su Qin intuitively took over the household chores. Being married for many years, Li Chuan had never truly cooked before.

But in this lifetime, things are not quite the same.

Not only did Li Chuan know how to cook, even his career path was different too.

He didn’t opt to be a teacher but started a company and his company’s prospects are clearly seen.

Su Qin vaguely remembered there was no ‘31 Security Safeguard’ software in the previous lifetime and the security protection software that dominated Chinese computers’ users at that time was ‘Golden Shield Antivirus’.

In the previous lifetime, there was no security protection software that could surpass ‘Golden Shield Antivirus’ and the founder of Golden Shield would rely on this software to become a cyberspace mogul worth hundreds of billions.

However, in this lifetime, Li Chuan’s ‘31 Security Safeguard’ actually seized the ‘Golden Shield Antivirus’ market in 2006 and became the top one ranking ‘security protection software’.

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