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Rebirth After Being Abducted – Chapter 28.2

Translated by: Oinkoink

Names mentioned in this chapter:

– 苏秦 (Sū Qín) – Female Lead

– 黎川 (Lí Chuān) / 黎教授 (Lí jiàoshòu) – Male Lead

– 非非 (Fēi fēi) / 云非 (Yún fēi) – The Fool

– 孟思思 (Mèng Sīsī) – Abductee

– 于雯 (Yú Wén) – Su Qin’s dorm mate/ classmate

– 言一晓 (Yán Yīxiǎo) – Su Qin’s dorm mate

Chapter 28.2- Instructor

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After her rebirth, she had also installed ‘Golden Shield Antivirus’ as she subconsciously felt that it was the best antivirus software.

But once she knew that Li Chuan had also developed an antivirus software, she installed the ‘31 Security Safeguard’ with the supportive approach and uninstalled the Golden Shield, yet unexpectedly realized that 31 has a better user interface compared to that of Golden Shield.

If ‘31 Security Safeguard’ can persistently maintain its reputation, then, in the next 10 years or so, the founder of Golden Shield will no longer be worth hundreds of billions, but Li Chuan.

Thinking of this, Su Qin suddenly felt the horror of the butterfly effect. As she has changed the fate of several people, even Li Chuan’s fate has changed and the future development of cyberspace trends has also changed.

The occasional fluttering wings of a South America rainforest butterfly could cause a tornado in Texas, USA after two weeks. Hence, it didn’t seem an exaggeration either that such changes now were the result from her alteration of several people’s fate.

Small butterflies, big effects. Perhaps there will be more unimaginable events happening in the future.

Envisaging Mr. Li might become a pivotal figure in the cyberspace area in the future, Su Qin felt she would really let him down if she didn’t study well.

After all, she is also considered the private disciple of a future billionaire mogul. Not to mention others, she must earn at least 10 million for her future annual salary to be worthy of the man’s tutoring, right?

Thinking as such, she began to wonder again if Li Chuan in this lifetime had ever thought of being a teacher.

Su Qin asked probingly, “Teacher Li, you are so responsible for your students, don’t you have the intention of becoming a teacher?”

Li Chuan shook his head, “No.”


“I have achieved a great sense of accomplishment teaching you as my student. Besides, my company has good development prospects, so why do I want to be a teacher?” Li Chuan put down his chopsticks with a face full of confidence, “I have confidence in this industry.”

Whew. Su Qin took a deep breath. She flatteringly used tea to replace the wine, “Don’t forget your friend when you become rich.”

With lips curled, Li Chuan clinked her cup, “I won’t forget.”

He understood that as long as he is wealthy enough; fame and power will naturally come to him.

The more powerful he is, there will be more power of discourse in this society and also more capable to protect his family, which naturally can give Su Qin and his future daughter a better safer life.

His annual salary was only a million in his previous lifetime. He was able to purchase a car and a villa in a common neighborhood, but had no discourse power in that society, nor could he afford to buy a deluxe villa with better security. In that society, even though he was a young talent, there were too many people richer than him.

He wants money, power and also absolute power of discourse. And all these are impossible for a professor, thus he can only give up his former career to start a business.

Su Qin was suddenly full of curiosity about the kind of woman Li Chuan likes in this lifetime.

With both hands propped under her chin, she looked at Li Chuan and asked him, “My esteemed master, your disciple is especially curious, what kind of woman does a man as outstanding as you like? Are there any girls who you like in school ah? What requirements would a genius like you have for your other half or sought after?”

“I was so focused on my studies when I was in school that I had no energy to have crooked thoughts.” Li Chuan answered her seriously, “As for the requirements … the notion is very vague, at least I don’t have a definite characterization now. When I meet the right person, the requirements for the other half will naturally depend on her.”

“Wow. Teacher Li, your answer makes me feel very romantic. Looking forward to the early appearance of my future master’s wife.”

Su Qin’s tone was like a young girl as she tried her best to act naive.

In the previous lifetime, Li Chuan was a teacher and his actions conformed with the norms of society. While Li Chuan in this lifetime is a businessman, the person he chooses should also be someone who is evenly matched with him, not her anymore.

The two of them after all were a couple in their previous lifetime, and Li Chuan helped her so much that Su Qin sincerely hoped Li Chuan will have a good home.

Looking at her in silence for a moment, Li Chuan asked her too, “Why are you asking me this? You too have your own criteria for choosing a spouse?”

“Teacher Li, I’m not qualified to talk about this with my situation.” Shaking her head with her face cupped, Su Qin’s eyes were bright and she spoke with heartfelt emotion, “However, I … will either marry for love or marry my career. I will not blindly choose a spouse because of my age or customary view.”

Li Chuan put down the glass in his hand and nodded, “Such a young age and has thought quite far.”

Su Qin gave a beaming smile, “Of course, I also hope that Teacher Li will marry for love too.”

Li Chuan laughed, “Marry for love?”

Su Qin said, “Oh no, Teacher Li should get married to love!”

The man looked at the girl’s youthful face and suddenly froze for a moment.

After a while, he smiled at the girl and said, “Of course.”

Li Chuan sent Su Qin back to school after dinner.

At the school gate, the girl waved goodbye to him, “Goodbye Teacher Li, see you after the military training.”

“Okay.” Li Chuan nodded at the girl and watched her walk into the campus.

Watching the girl turn her head and her ponytail gently flicked in the air, Li Chuan had an indescribable feeling in his heart. He worried that the girl and Yun Fei would develop feelings for each other, and also worried about her future marriage, where the other half would no longer be him.

Due to the girl’s age, he could not express any feelings to her.

Fate has a way of messing with people.

He sighed silently.

Su-su, enjoy your youth. I’ll wait for you to become an adult. What I couldn’t give you in the previous lifetime, I will give it to you this lifetime and I will also try my best to let you marry for love.

Su Qin just arrived at the dormitory door when she heard voices of girls talking inside before entering the door.

“I went to eat in the canteen just now and saw many soldiers! They queued up neatly to get food and sat there to eat with their chests and back straight. OMG, so handsome!”

Meng Sisi said with a serious face, “Hope the instructor will be stern with us girls.”

Another girl’s voice was cold, “Classmate Sisi, this kind of thinking of yours is awful. Just because you want to be maltreated doesn’t mean everyone wants to suffer along with you.”

Stepping into the dormitory, Su Qin put the things in her hand on the table, smiled at the three girls and introduced herself, “Hello, I am Su Qin and hope to get more of your guidance in the future.”

Meng Sisi smiled at her, “Sus-su, how was your date with Teacher Li?”

Su Qin’s expression became serious suddenly, “Can’t make this kind of joke indiscriminately.”

Sticking her tongue out, Meng Sisi raised two fingers to swear, “Okay, promise not to make such a joke again.”

“Already dating in your first year of high school? You are in Class 1? I hope you won’t hold our class back in the future, I hate those who drag the class down.”

Su Qin’s gaze fell on the girl who spoke.

The girl’s name is Yu Wen, who is about 1.75 meter tall and the tallest girl in the dormitory. She has waist-length wavy hair with profound features. Although she is not the traditional oval face beauty, she is exquisitely refined with a kind of aloof temperament, who is an exceptional cold beauty.

Su Qin sighed with emotion, this kind of beauty, it doesn’t matter if she is a little bad-tempered as long as her behavior is not excessive and her core values are not crooked, right?

“Classmate Su Qin, why are you staring at Yu Wen like this? Your gaze is so love-struck.”

The one who spoke was another roommate, Yan Yixiao.

This girl is less than 1.6 meters tall, with two tied-up hair buns and was wearing an anime Lolita costume. Although she is a little chubby, her voice is very cute.

Lolita costumes are not popular in this era. Daring to wear like this, Yan Yixiao needs a lot of courage too?

The school had issued a circular that students must change into their camo uniforms by six o’clock then proceed as a unit per dormitory to the back sports ground to find their own classes and assemble as a team.

As the same teacher is in-charge of both Class 1 and Class 12, they were assigned into a big group for the military training and led by two instructors together.

Since one dormitory was a unit, Su Qin, Meng Sisi and Yan Yixiao, who had long changed their clothes, waited patiently at the door for Yu Wen, who took an hour to change her clothes.

Yu Wen disdained the ugly military uniform and struggled for a long time on how to wear it trendier.

Finally, she simply threw the cap away, tied the camo jacket around her waist and followed the other three roommates to the back sports ground.

However, the four girls were half an hour late.

On the sports ground, more than a dozen dense square arrays had lined up neatly and thousands of students stared at the four girls who were late.

When Su Qin and her three roommates were looking for their classes, they were stopped by the Chief Instructor.

“You four! Get over here!”

The Chief Instructor’s voice was so loud it shook the entire ground into dead silence. The four people led by Su Qin were so frightened by the voice that they leapt up.

The Chief Instructor looked no more than 25 or 26 years old, with a pair of ink-black eyebrows. His eyes were knife-like sharp with dark skin and sturdy physique, a tough man full of masculinity.

Standing there the man was not angry but compelling. Su Qin just stared at his eyes and shuddered.

The four girls lined up and stood neatly in a row.

The Chief Instructor glanced over. The four girls happened to stand from short to tall. The little plump girl at the end of the row looked at him timidly and spoke coquettishly, “Instructor, we are students of Class 12, may I ask where our class is ah?”

The young girl’s voice was so sweet that it was gooey. The Instructor glanced over, “Did I let you speak?”

This sound caused Su Qin’s shoulders to tremble.

Not to mention a young girl, even she, a woman possessing a grown-up’s soul, felt that this Chief Instructor was terrifyingly fierce.

The young girl pouted her small mouth and muttered unknowingly, “ … you didn’t tell me not to talk either.”

Su Qin tugged the hem of the young girl’s coat, motioning her not to talk.

The Chief Instructor saw Su Qin’s small movements and yelled at her, “You, step out.”

Su Qin looked around, pointed to the tip of her own nose and asked, “Me?”

“Step out!”

Su Qin took a step forward.

Chief Instructor, “Like to meddle? One hundred push-ups!”

Su Qin, “ ….. “

She was about to lie prone on the ground to do one hundred push-ups when a boy wandered casually into everyone’s field of vision to block in front of Su Qin and asked the Chief Instructor recklessly, “Why are you so fierce?”

All those present were in an uproar. Thousands pairs of eyes stared at that big boy who wasn’t wearing the camo uniform and who was as tall as the Chief Instructor.

While everyone admired him, they were also silently praying for him.

Su Qin took a deep breath too and stared at Yun Fei with wide eyes.

Young lad. You probably haven’t heard about the cruelty of military training instructors?

The Chief Instructor raised his gaze and looked face to face at Yun Fei for a long time before he laughed scornfully.

He turned around and said to the crowd of students, “For the next 12 days, I don’t care if you are the wealthy young master or pampered young miss, when you are here, you are simply my soldiers!”

His voice was resonantly loud. Holding their breaths, the students looked at him and no one dared to speak.

The Chief Instructor turned around unexpectedly and knocked the big boy over with a shoulder-throw.

All the students sucked in a cold breath.

The Chief Instructor pointed to Yun Fei on the ground and said, “This is what happens when you violate discipline and disobey orders! Don’t worry, in the next half a month, I absolutely will not let you die, I will make you feel worse than death!”

Su Qin looked at the stern Chief Instructor, swallowed a mouthful of saliva and then obediently lied prone to do push-ups.

She … would submit to this vicious big shot.

“Report to the Instructor!” Meng Sisi stepped forward too and said to the Chief Instructor, “I request to share half of her push-ups!”

Chief Instructor, “You, two hundred!”

Meng Sisi pursed the corners of her mouth.

Chief Instructor, “Unwilling to concede? Three hundred!”

Meng Sisi, “ ….. “

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