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Rebirth After Being Abducted – Chapter 29

Translated by: Oinkoink

Names mentioned in this chapter:

– 苏秦 (Sū Qín) – Female Lead

– 黎川 (Lí Chuān) / 黎教授 (Lí jiàoshòu) – Male Lead

– 非非 (Fēifēi) / 云非 (Yún fēi) – The Fool

– 徐航 (Xú Háng) – Military Training Chief Instructor

– 孟思思 (Mèng Sīsī) – Abductee

– 张新川 (Zhāng Xīnchuān) – Military Training Instructor

– 言一晓 (Yán Yīxiǎo) – Su Qin’s dorm mate

– 于雯 (Yú Wén) – Su Qin’s dorm mate/ classmate

– 吴杨 (Wú Yáng) – Military Training Instructor

Chapter 28 – Military Training

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Su Qin could still feign the first ten push-ups, and simply lay prone on the ground after that or just propped her body up with her hands but not moving, yet her mouth was still counting. She barely did a hundred bogus push-ups, which was already her limit.

The Chief Instructor, Xu Hang, appeared stern, but he was actually lenient to the girls. If one really counted, Su Qin probably did only twenty.

However, Meng Sisi did every single push-up quite conforming. Once she reached the 100th, Xu Hang called out stop and let her return to the team.

Classmate Meng Sisi spoke gaspingly, “Report to the Instructor! I can still do a 100 more!”

After all, her months of intense physical training was not for nothing and the muscles on her arms did not develop in vain.

Chief Instructor Xu Hang, “ ….. “

The male students below: Wow … a tough woman.

Su Qin also thought that Sisi was crazy. She had lived for more than thirty years and this was the first time seeing such a tough girl.

Able to transform a pampered girl of an affluent family into a tough girl, it could be seen how very provoking that incident was to her.

The number of students for Class 1 and Class 12 was a lot. Beside the typical instructor named Zhang Xinchuan, there was also Chief Instructor, Xu Hang. The students of Class 1 and Class 12 were about to cry, they had the most fierce Chief Instructor leading them and they would lose half of their lives if they didn’t die in the next half month.

On the first night of military training, the instructors didn’t drill them, rather let the students sit down and taught them to sing army songs.

While the Chief Instructor, Xu Hang, went to the toilet, Instructor Zhang Xinchuan quietly told the students, “Fellow schoolmates ah, you all must behave well these two weeks ah. Do you know what Instructor Xu does?”

In the crowd, Yun Fei snorted coldly, “Fly the rocket?”

“Unlikely that exaggerate as flying a rocket.” Instructor Zhang pointed at him and said, “You kid offended him as soon as you are here, you will have a hard time later. Instructor Xu and Instructor Wu next door are both members of the Elite Special Forces, one codenamed Flying Wolf and the other Falcon. Do you all know the Elite Special Forces?”

A boy asked, “So remarkable, then why are they here being our instructors? Don’t Special Forces officers have special tasks and are very busy?”

Instructor Zhang explained, “Instructor Xu and Instructor Wu were injured during a mission and they are both recuperating from their injuries. Neither of them wished to take leave, so they were given the task to come here and take charge of the students’ military training. You are all outstanding students of Yunzhong and are all pillars of the country. The leader said if the youth is strong then the country will be strong and let us train you well. How about that? Having the Special Forces leading you, don’t you guys feel twice as lucky?”

Meng Sisi felt that Xu Hang was exceptional when they joined the team and was sure enough. She tugged at Su Qin’s sleeve and whispered, “Sister Su Qin, I’ve decided.”


“In the future, I will go to the military academy and try to get into the Special Forces. Only then can I show my value.”

Su Qin, “ ….. Don’t you want to be a police officer?”

Meng Sisi waved her hand, “It’s all the same, it’s all for the country and the people. Female Special Forces sound more impressive, don’t you think so?”

“Eiks … female special forces will have their heads shaved and also will get tanned.” Yan Yixiao imagined the life of a female Special Forces officer and found it unacceptable.

Playing with the tip of her hair, Yu Wen said, “Yeah, I’d rather die if I were to cut my hair.”


The team immediately fell silent once Instructor Xu returned from the toilet.

He swept over the students and said, “I’ll let you all relax tonight. Are there any schoolmates here who want to show off their talents? To liven up the atmosphere?”

One after another students in the crowd raised their hands and went up to sing and break-dancing.

Looking at the schoolmate who break-dance awkwardly, Yun Fei tugged Su Qin’s ponytail and whispered, “Su-su, I can dance better than him.”

Ponytail tugged by the boy, Su Qin turned around and slapped him on his knee, “Don’t pull my hair.”

Yu Wen particularly hated boys who pulled others’ hair, also turned around to assist her roommate to glare at Yun Fei and admonished, “Little white face, don’t you feel ashamed tugging girl’s hair?”

Yun Fei glared back at the girl but didn’t speak.

The boy’s gaze made Yu Wen unhappy and the two of them just stared at each other like that, no one gave in to anyone.

Finally it was Su Qin who mediated and said, “Feifei, don’t stare at girls so fiercely, like a little rascal.”

Yun Fei, “ ….. “ Him? Who is a rascal?

Soon, the surrounding students discovered Yun Fei’s peculiarity. This male student refused to talk to anyone except Su Qin.

Su Qin noticed this problem and felt that it was not a good sign. She had long worried that Yun Fei might have a social disorder and now, seeing that there was almost no interaction between him and his classmates, she started to worry again.

Turning sideways, Su Qin whispered to Yun Fei who was behind her, “Feifei, Su-su wants to see you dance, why don’t you go and try?”

Hearing her say so, the boy’s eyes lit up immediately and nodded seriously as he responded “En.”

When Xu Hang asked who else would like to come up and perform their talent, Yu Fei raised his hand high. Seeing that it was the prick who he just dealt with, Xu Hang let him on stage with great interest.

This was the first time Yun Fei danced in front of so many people, but he automatically blocked out everyone’s presence and his gaze was fixed on Su Qin.

Taking out the handphone in his pocket and holding it in his hand, Yun Fei’s body twisted, turned and swayed along with the beat of the dynamic music.

His moonwalk was as smooth and natural akin to sliding on a skateboard.

The students off the stage clapped and applauded, Su Qin also started to clap her hands.

Yun Fei flipped a somersault and used his hand as support to make several turns in a row. These virtuosic movements caused the students to cheer more loudly and the young girls were subjugated by Yun Fei’s handsomeness as they too cheered and applauded.

Clapping her hands, Meng Sisi spoke ruefully, “Sister Su, isn’t Feifei too amazing? In just a few months, he has transformed into a cool and handsome youth? Too amazing ah.”

Su Qin coughly lightly, “It shows that he has the talent to dance.”

Yan Yixiao hugged Su Qin’s arm with starry-eyes, “Classmate Su Qin, tell me honestly, what is the relationship between the two of you?”

“Younger brother.”

Yan Yixiao, “Ahhhhh, so lucky to have such a handsome younger brother? Classmate Su Qin, what do you think about me being your sister-in-law?”

Yu Wen, who was sitting on Su Qin’s right hand side, snorted, “Little love-struck fool, you were subjugated by just a dance? Are you here to study or here to date? No wonder you are in Class 12, not doing your duties well.”

Yan Yixiao pursed the corners of her mouth, “I was just joking and didn’t really intend to court puppy love. I’m actually a good student. Hmph.”

Yun Fei became the most dazzling presence in class, but he was labeled as ‘aloof’ by his classmates due to his fear to interact with his classmates.  

The following few days of military training, no one dared to challenge Instructor Xu’s strictness. The students all hated this Instructor Xu, and the boys often grumbled Xu Hang as the ‘old devil’ inaudibly when they came down.

Under the scorching sun, the students, who had been standing-at-attention for forty minutes, were somewhat unable to endure it anymore.

Standing in front of Su Qin, Yu Wen had passed out and Xu Hang fixed his gaze on the tallest Yun Fei, “Yun Fei, carry this female student to the infirmary.”

Yun Fei stood still and refused the instructor’s request.

Xu Hang yelled, “Didn’t you hear?”

Yun Fei’s mouth pursed, “Even if you kill me, I won’t carry other girls.”

Without doubt, classmate Yun Fei, who blatantly defied the military order, was not killed, but was sent to run ten laps in the field. Xu Hang ordered him to shout “Cherish the female classmates of Team 1” as he ran laps.

The assembly of Class 1 and Class 12 was known as Team 1.

Later, some male students asked him, “Yun Fei, why? You’ve wasted such a good opportunity to carry the class beauty, aren’t you stupid?”

There is no class beauty in Yun Fei’s eyes, he only has Su Qin in his eyes.

A female classmate had passed out. Xu Hang led the team to the trees’ shade, but his face remained expressionless, “Attention! Sit – .”

The whole group ‘collapsed’ and the students sat down in relief. They looked at Yun Fei running in circles on the field and they all felt rather amusing.

As Yun Fei ran, he shouted, “Cherish the female classmates of Team 1.”

When Xu Hang took the students of Team 1 to eat in the canteen every afternoon, he would ask the male students to show consideration and let the female students entered first, and also ask the male students to shout out the slogan “Cherish the female classmates of Team 1 and request the female students to eat first.”

Due to this, the female students had a special fondness for Xu hang, the iron-clad instructor.

He appeared strict, but when the female students couldn’t hold out anymore, he would also lead the team to rest under the trees’ shade.

The seventh day of military training, at dusk.

Su Qin was folding up the military quilts with Meng Sisi, getting ready to be inspected by the school leaders and instructors when Yan Yixiao ran in suddenly and said gaspingly, “Not good, Su Qin. Yun Fei was taken away by Instructor Wu of Team 2!”

“What’s the situation?” Su Qin was startled, thinking that Yun Fei had gotten into some big trouble.

Team 2 was the assembly of Class 2 and Class 3. Their Instructor Wu Yang often leads the team and mutually ‘resent’ their team.

For instance, when Team 1 trained military boxing, Team 2 would also do that and even wanted to train more vigorously than them.

For instance, when Team 1 sang the army song, Team 2 would sing too and their voices were louder than them until they overpowered them.

Although Xu Hang is the Chief Instructor, Team 2’s instructor’s background seems to be not simple too and he mutually resents Xu Hang.

Xu Hang has long warned his students that they should detour when they see Team 2’s instructors.  

Su Qin wondered, how did … Yun Fei provoked Team 2’s instructor? When she and her roommates found Yun Fei, there were already quite a few students around and Yun Fei had been punished by running fifteen laps with sandbags tied on him.

Yun Fei obviously could not hold out anymore, his legs went limp and fell prone to the ground to catch his breath.

Wu Yang asked him, “Apologize or not!”


Instructor Wu picked the big boy up and threw him onto the track, “Keep running!”

Yun Fei got up and continued to run with eyes full of stubbornness. Only two steps away, he retched and vomited a mouthful of white bile.

Looking at the pale-faced Yun Fei, Su Qin rushed onto the track to help him despite her roommates’ obtrusion and spoke with distress, “Feifei, don’t run anymore.”

With no physical strength left, the big boy fell limply on top of Su Qin and rested his chin on her shoulder like a well-behaved big golden retriever.

Hugging Yun Fei, Su Qin scowled at Instructor Wu, “Instructor Wu, what did our team’s Yun Fei do wrong, why are you punishing him like this?”

“Beating up our team’s students and you still want me to treat him kindly? Since your Instructor Xu doesn’t know how to teach his students I’ll do it for him.” Wu Yang raised his eyebrows and said coldly.

Yun Fei rubbed the tip of his nose on Su Qin’s neck and spoke in a very aggrieved tone, “Su-su, they called me a fool.”

Eyes widened, Su Qin’s temperament was no less than any man’s, “Instructor Wu, did you hear that? It was your student who verbally vilified my younger brother first, if you want to punish, your team’s students must also be punished together!”

Both sides were at each other’s throat and the arrows were drawn.

There is a credit system for military training. If any student fails to meet the standard or is reported by an instructor, he or she will be at risk of being reported on the school’s bulletin or would be expelled.

This is Yunzhong and this school has strict rules, attaches importance to morality, intellectuals and students’ physique.

Romantic courtship and fighting are forbidden in this school. Once found, one will be expelled with no room for negotiation. If Yun Fei’s action of beating up others was brought to the Academic Affairs office, he will certainly be expelled and Su Qin will also face punishment for publicly criticizing the instructor.

Seeing that the situation was bad, Yu Wen quickly turned her head to instruct Yan Yixiao and Meng Sisi, “You guys quickly go find Instructor Xu, I’ll go help Su Qin.”

The two girls turned and ran towards the instructors’ dormitory building as soon as the words faltered.

Yu Wen stepped forward to pull Su Qin and asked her to speak less. If this matter gets to the Academic Affairs office, it will be she who suffers.

Su Qin also knew it was not easy for her to get the special quota to be admitted to Yunzhong, but she really couldn’t bear to see Yun Fei being bullied.

Heaving her chest and looking straight at Wu Yang, Su Qin’s aura did not vanquish at all, “Instructor Wu, your team’s students insulted my younger brother as a fool, why couldn’t he retorted? He is in the wrong, weren’t your team’s students wrong too? I have nothing to say if you want to train the students, but wasn’t your partially too obvious? It was your students who caused trouble first, and even if you imposed punishment, your students must also be severely punished.”

The Team 2’s students who were beaten up by Yun Fei stepped forward to quibble, “No matter what, it was him who started first!”

The surrounding students of Team 1 couldn’t stand it anymore and came up to speak for Yun Fei, “Is it still justifiable for your Team 2’s students to bully others? And you guys have the courtesy to scold others?”

Students of both sides argued. Wu Yang frowned, bringing out the instructor’s aura and yelled, “You all want to fail the military training? Team 1, Attention – “

All the students of Team 1 reflexively stood still in place.

Wu Yang, “50 push-ups!”

Team 1’s students looked at each other and felt that it was not fair at all. Team 2 students even watched the fun smugly.

Su Qin was gritting her teeth with anger. The instructors during her university military training in her previous lifetime were amiable. It was the first time she had seen such an instructor.

Just when Team 1 students were doing push-ups aggrievedly, Xu Hang’s loud voice came from behind.

“All the babies of Team 1, Attention –.”

The voice was stern, and the last syllable was elongated, “Get up!”

Hearing Xu Hang’s voice, the students were all moved to tears.

– It’s still their own instructor who is the dearest ah.      

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